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Dec. 12th, 2008

... okay so maybe I'm smiling.


Mistletoe Shenanigans [Asuka, Kureno] [rp log]

With the holidays swiftly approaching, pretty much everything was getting busier in the civilian sector - stores hastily serving their customers as quickly as possible, restaurants struggling to keep tables empty for possible patronage. Even the yakiniku joint was busy this time of year, and for a place that was pretty dang laid back, that was saying something.

So to have their typical (or what had become typical) spot at the bar counter taken wasn't really such a low blow; it would have just been harder to work with if they'd shown up at separate times. But they'd shown up together, out on a date, walking in quiet company to the restaurant and bar they'd frequented a couple times a week for going on six years now (well... excluding a few notable months here and there), to be greeted at the door by one of the servers who pretty much knew them by first name at this point.

"Happy holidays!" Etsuko said cheerfully as she greeted them, a twig of mistletoe in her dark hair to match the Christmas decor of the White Birch. "C'mon, guys, let me get you a table."

Asuka gave Kureno a wry look before following after the girl, who was heading straight to the smoking section without even asking. Oh, the holidays.Collapse )

Nov. 28th, 2008

they are twins you know


[log] Looking Glass [Hizashiko and Hinaji]

It was interesting, what medical care and good food could do to a person. Though she was still thin (and its possible, would always be) Hizashiko looked far better then she had just a few short months ago. She no longer looked like a diseased, ratty mess or like her bones were in danger of poking out of her skin. Her hair was well kept and looked much more like the typical, shiny, dark Hyuuga hair and she was far more alert then she had ever been. She could even move about her room for extender periods of time as she tried to work her strength back up.

The twin to the clan head had been walking a circuit around her small room, reading a book, when she heard footsteps down the hall. They weren't Nejiko's, or Hiashiko's, so she paid little attention. But it suddenly became apparent that the steps were slowing, and eventually stopped in front of her door. There was another moment longer, and then the door softly clicked and pushed open slightly. The face that met her was actually familiar- for a second, Hizashiko was sure that Hiroshi was staring back at her. But the face was much too young, with baby fat still in it's cheeks and as she snapped her book shut, she realized exactly who it was.

White eyes regarded the boy, and then she bowed a touch. "Hinaji. It's good to see you again. You're a bit taller now, though."

Nov. 29th, 2008

hi there


[Log] Don't Lie [Hinaji, Hiashiko]

When his mother finally gave him a date to come meet her, Hinaji had felt more confident than he'd thought possible. The news he'd come home to had shaken him badly, and the only way to prove it for himself was to confront Hiashiko. But as the time drew closer, the confidence he'd first had had seemed to wane and be replaced with uncertainty and anger. Everywhere around him he heard whispers, caught furtive glances among the Branch.

Was he really the only one who hadn't known?

Hinaji was bad at hiding his own emotions, but around his family--especially his mother--he tried more than ever. He thought that maybe, by now, he'd managed to become a better Hyuuga in that respect. But the closer he came to his mother's door, the more he couldn't keep his feelings in check. The whispers and rumors wouldn't stop, and it hurt knowing he hadn't been told the truth. He'd been home for days now, surely...

He knocked, harder than he could ever remember doing, and stood staring at the wood of the door with his hands clenched tightly at his sides.

May I come in?Collapse )

Nov. 28th, 2008

head tilt


Snake, snake, ohhh it's a snake~ [Sachiko, Kakami, Aki]

[backdated to October]

When Asuka-taichou finally released them for the day, Sachiko made sure to put away the hard-to-move-in-padding back in the general supply area. Any new deep tears she made note of and left a message with the supply desk that a few of the holes were rather deep and would need mending. Konohako and Moegi weren't throwing toy weapons after all, and Sachiko was still learning to compensate adequately for the lack of mobility because the padding didn't allow her to bend as she wanted. (The weight was negligible.)

It'd been a long day and she was grateful for how the weather was starting to change. The sun could still cook some you but in the shade and in the wind, the air hinted more of autumn. May the cold come quick, she thought as she pushed her hitae-ate up to wipe her brow. She had a minor self-assigned trash detail to attend to (as the continuing saga of proving she was a part of the village plodded on, though at a much slower pace considering Asuka-taichou'd been assigned as her latest jounin sensei) before she went on a run. A small lot between apartments that was frequently littered with crap as it was convenient was a place she simply couldn't leave to go to crap. It was right by her building, after all. And she did have some pride. She sighed internally as she readjusted her hitae-ate on her way to grab a trash bag. A senbon could be utilized for stabbing refuse. ...or not. Tentsuke'd kill her if he found out. Trash pole it is, then.

Ten minutes later she was scowling at a pile of scrap wood, natural rocks, paper food containers, plastic bags of varying size and shape, and lots of aluminum cans. A mixture of soda and beer, so harder to tell if the culprits were adults or kids. How did whoever it was manage to pile up the junk so high? She came by here every two weeks, and it was almost always the same. Idiots, she thought as she began spearing the cans that lay in the tallish grass.

And then nearly jumped out of her skin when she saw something green and scaled slither quickly into the dark beneath a wooden plank.Collapse )

Nov. 24th, 2008

knit hat


Not in trouble, yet. [Sachiko, Hinaji]

[backdated to October]

He would definitely master the fuuton, no matter what it took.Collapse )

Nov. 22nd, 2008



Change in the Air [Nejiko, Hiashiko]

[takes place the morning immediately after Reckoning]

The long sleep at headquarters had been surprisingly restful, and someone (she had a very good idea of whom) had lain a blanket over her at some point during the night. She didn't know what it said that she hadn't noticed a new presence in the otherwise empty room, except that the mental numbness was becoming a familiar presence that she didn't like. Nothing to be really done about that, unfortunately.

She didn't think about her mother on the way back to the compound. Nor did she think about whatever future punishment Tsurude-sama would hand her for impersonating an on-duty ANBU, or about the run-in with Yuugao. Truthfully, she was thinking about nothing. She might not be tired in body anymore, but she was still reeling mentally and especially emotionally about the latest turn of events. She would go see Hizashiko again (and pray that meeting would go better), but not immediately. She still needed time to accept this, and doubtless her mother did as well.

The change in the air of the compound was subtle, but it definitely grasped her attention. She headed towards the Main House, intent on seeing Hiashiko and letting her know the report was delivered and divulging as little else as possible. And to find out what had happened now.

Oct. 24th, 2008

shut up.


[backdated] The Inquisition (sorta) [Sarutobiiiz]

[[backdated immediately prior to The Date]]

It was just getting dark as Konohako settled on the living room couch, a bowl of popcorn in her lap. It would do for a snack at the moment and after a busy day running around the village on her own errands missions, she was definitely ready for her self proclaimed TV time. The channel surfing paused and the sounds of only slightly canned laughter rang out as she focused on her snack for a couple of minutes and then got up to trot to the kitchen for a drink, making sure to give Mister a look that said to stay away from her snack.

Rummaging around in the fridge, she heard Asuka's door open and close. Grabbing some juice, Konohako strolled out again and then paused, staring at her aunt. Confusion knotted her face for a few moments before she outright asked, "...Where are you going?" in an incredulous tone.

Read more...Collapse )

Oct. 19th, 2008



[backdated] Being sick sucks [Sachiko, Rin]

Sachiko opened eyes, stared blankly at the dimly-glowing curtains blocking out the sun, and rolled over into a tight ball. She was exhausted, she could feel all four bloated sinuses in her face, her throat burned, and she wondered why the hell she was so cold when it was June. It certainly had been hot the day before when she was training; hot enough that when it had started pouring she had welcomed the relief the cold rain had brought. The rain had also provided her with a new vigor, encouraging her to keep training until she was ready to drop.

When she had finally trudged her way home, soaked through and shivering, she'd managed to peel off her clothes and shoes and toss them into the corner before crawling beneath her covers. Neko had meowed loudly at her, grumbling for her dinner Sachiko supposed, but the human had simply shoved the cat away when she began walking up and down on Sachiko's back. And then, finally, she had fallen asleep.

But she was awake now, and the cat realized it. The cat was also curled up in a ball by Sachiko's shoulder, green eyes intent. Sachiko regarded Neko unthinkingly for an indeterminable amount of time before thirst made her pull herself to her feet. Her apartment was freezing, so she grabbed the coverlet and wrapped it around her before slowly making her way to the kitchen. Neko followed, ignoring her human's grumbles to shut the hell up.

The first thing Sachiko did was gulp down several glasses of water.Collapse )

Oct. 14th, 2008

charming; suave


[log] His First Suit [Kotetsu, Yuugao]

With the card from Nejiko safely set on his desk, Yuugao had the itching urge to move. So, at first he cleaned up his apartment. But since it wasn't all that large and he was generally a clean person, that task was over sooner than his surge of energy. He sat down on his dilapidated couch and twiddled his thumbs for a few moments before his eyes settled on the bolt of cloth that was leaned against the far wall. The cloth that he had been intending on using on a project. ...one that might make him a little money. He had offered to make some things for the Paper Dolls to sell in their boutique after all...

And so it was, forty-eight hours later (the work being done in twelve hours stints over two days), that he finished the jacket and pant suit set. And still had the urge to be up, out, and about.

Stupid nervous energy.

He paced the apartment, taking slow breathes, and failing at keeping all of his mantras straight. So, he gave in and did what he should have done a while before. He went downtown.Collapse )

Oct. 13th, 2008

hyuugas know drama


Just heard the news [Nejiko, Hanabi]

[happens immediately after Unexplained Weightloss]

After taking her leave from Hiashiko, while Nejiko kept her course away from the buildings she checked her stride so she would look as if she were on some business, village or clan it mattered not so much as she appeared unapproachable save for a matter of importance. She would leave through the main entrance and take the quickest path to headquarters before tracking back to the compound to get seen by a medic. Which, she was not pleased to acknowledge, would mean a hospital stay for how badly off she was.

She considered her options as she walked. Speaking with her aunt had helped relieve some of the crushing weight, and physical movement aided in the clearing of thoughts. She knew what she looked like, physically, and any Hyuuga with a decent set of eyes--of which all those medically trained had--would recognize that her condition originated from the state of her mind. Therefore, seeing a Hyuuga medic was out of the question as they would force her into psychiatric evaluation.Collapse )

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