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Dec. 21st, 2008

uh whu?


Cleaning Route [Nejiko, Yuugao]

Nejiko pulled her hair back into a ponytail, checked to make sure it looked neat and sleek above her hitae-ate in the mirror, then closed her locker door. Being back on active duty was something of a mixed blessing. It was a relief to know she had healed enough to be able to be back, period, but on the other hand it meant that she could now endure her punishment for impersonating an on-duty ANBU back in September, when she had to see Tsurude and did not want to wait or go through normal channels. Her assignment was that she would perform twenty hours of sentry duty a week, five days at four hours each, and then she would perform custodial duties for an equal amount of time.

The forty-hour work week was to help her rebuild her endurance levels back to what they had been before July, and it was also punishment (at least to her) by limiting how much she could work. Training was also impacted, mostly because certain family members were watching her like hawks (Hanabi chief among them) to ensure she didn't over do it, and because she herself was watching the Elder Council and her aunt (as much as she was able) as well as spending time with her mother.

She was learning it was much more preferable to fuss over her mother than it was to have her mother fuss over her. A sentiment she found reflected back at her. Adjusting was still a work in progress for both of them.

But that was neither here nor there.Collapse )

Nov. 29th, 2008



Visits [Nejiko, Hizashiko]

some quiet time to offset Hyuuga dramasCollapse )

Nov. 22nd, 2008



Change in the Air [Nejiko, Hiashiko]

[takes place the morning immediately after Reckoning]

The long sleep at headquarters had been surprisingly restful, and someone (she had a very good idea of whom) had lain a blanket over her at some point during the night. She didn't know what it said that she hadn't noticed a new presence in the otherwise empty room, except that the mental numbness was becoming a familiar presence that she didn't like. Nothing to be really done about that, unfortunately.

She didn't think about her mother on the way back to the compound. Nor did she think about whatever future punishment Tsurude-sama would hand her for impersonating an on-duty ANBU, or about the run-in with Yuugao. Truthfully, she was thinking about nothing. She might not be tired in body anymore, but she was still reeling mentally and especially emotionally about the latest turn of events. She would go see Hizashiko again (and pray that meeting would go better), but not immediately. She still needed time to accept this, and doubtless her mother did as well.

The change in the air of the compound was subtle, but it definitely grasped her attention. She headed towards the Main House, intent on seeing Hiashiko and letting her know the report was delivered and divulging as little else as possible. And to find out what had happened now.

Oct. 16th, 2008



Mommy Dearest [Nejiko, Hizashiko]

After visiting Tsurude, Nejiko slipped back to headquarters to change out of her blacks and pretended not to notice the level stares a few other Sentries gave her. Fortunately, she'd not run into her Captain, who would've demanded an explanation amongst other things before slipping out of the building.

Her purposeful stride slowed into something less certain. Hokage-sama was kind for temporarily withholding her punishment for impersonating an active ANBU until after she saw her mother. But that therein lay the problem as Nejiko was not certain she wanted to see her mother. For so long, Hyuuga Hizashiko had existed as a phantom, a memory, an idealization she ruthlessly compared her aunt to time and again and almost always found the surviving twin wanting.

And now... Now she was alive. Alive! Hiashiko stated it; Tsurude confirmed it. Alive!Collapse )

Oct. 13th, 2008

hyuugas know drama


Just heard the news [Nejiko, Hanabi]

[happens immediately after Unexplained Weightloss]

After taking her leave from Hiashiko, while Nejiko kept her course away from the buildings she checked her stride so she would look as if she were on some business, village or clan it mattered not so much as she appeared unapproachable save for a matter of importance. She would leave through the main entrance and take the quickest path to headquarters before tracking back to the compound to get seen by a medic. Which, she was not pleased to acknowledge, would mean a hospital stay for how badly off she was.

She considered her options as she walked. Speaking with her aunt had helped relieve some of the crushing weight, and physical movement aided in the clearing of thoughts. She knew what she looked like, physically, and any Hyuuga with a decent set of eyes--of which all those medically trained had--would recognize that her condition originated from the state of her mind. Therefore, seeing a Hyuuga medic was out of the question as they would force her into psychiatric evaluation.Collapse )

Oct. 10th, 2008

hyuugas know drama


I've felt this way before [Nejiko, Hiashiko]

So insecureCollapse )

Sep. 11th, 2008



Chocolate Pudding [Nejiko, Yuugao]

Nejiko felt so very glad to be home. She still needed to adhere to the same rules as when she was in the hospital, but at home on her own futon where she would not freeze. Being home also meant that Yuugao was much less likely to drop in unannounced. That, too, she counted as a blessing. After his dreaming back at the hospital, she in truth did not want reminders. It might have been better to have refused the offer of him to come by, but... But she was pretending ignorance of what happened, and while it had staved off embarrassment then she had successfully made things more difficult now. But was the discomfiture any worse than the mortification of actually admitting to not only having heard him, but (she shivered unpleasantly as she thought) watched him until she understood the sounds he was making? His own embarrassment was clear enough, and after what he had already gone through with a comrade going rogue, tacking that on in addition to his obvious distress was cruel, even for her. He was a friend and comrade, and she did care about him. He just...

He just made her extremely uncomfortable now.Collapse )
shaded eyes; look away


Hair Trigger [Yuugao, Nejiko]

[Set two days after this.]

It had been three days of hell - or at least that was what Yuugao thought of it as. First tracking down Rumi (Hawk, she used to be Hawk) with the help of Kaori (Fox, always Fox in reference) only to find Chidori (poor little Horse) doing her best to restrain... He blinked away the awful images and tried to calm himself. He'd snuck into Nejiko's hospital bedroom window and she still hadn't noticed his presence. No, he'd been too used to being quiet, to being perfect. One had to be when they were drilled with interview after interview by T&I. One little slip up would get you drilled for hours more.

So now, sleep deprived, Yuugao sat on Nejiko's windowsill in his rumpled uniform, mask on his hip. He likely looked as disreputable as he felt, but as he'd been too busy worrying about his team to even really see himself in a mirror, he had no real idea. His hair was certainly starting to get greasy and was far from the 'just woke up' style that he usually went for. Instead, it lay flat with a few stray hairs shooting off into strange directions.

His balance wavered and he clung to the window sill just a hair too strongly, part of the wood crumbling and hitting the floor.

Sep. 6th, 2008

Looking Away


Movie Night [Nejiko, Yuugao]

[Set while Nejiko is still in the hospital.]

When his teammates had asked what he was doing for the three day break they had Yuugao had just shrugged. "Nothing much" was the only thing they could get from him. In actuality, he had quite a few things planned. The biggest was another visit to see Nejiko. He'd dropped by twice since his first visit. Once she wasn't awake and the other time he hadn't been able to stay long. Mostly he had left some rice cakes, some small candies - in case she wanted flavor - and a chocolate pudding. Who ever went wrong with pudding? Chocolate, at that.

Now that it was his "weekend" of sorts, Yuugao stopped by a corner-store and picked up the necessities (along with a stop by his place to change and pick up a few other things) before he made the trek to the hospital. Evening was setting in then, with only a few heads turning as he hopped rooftops, but there were few enough people by the hospital that he reached Nejiko's window unnoticed. She was sitting up in the bed and he knocked on the windowsill gently, smiling when she looked over.

Surprise, you busy?Collapse )

Aug. 22nd, 2008



[Thread] And Hospitals [Hinaji, Nejiko]

The first he heard of Nejiko in the hospital was a few days after returning from a relatively light mission. He came home to find the compound...different somehow. He couldn't place it, but even Enka's happy licks and jumps couldn't take his mind off it. And the only way he could think of to find an answer was to go ask one of the only people who might give it to him.

But when he couldn't find Nejiko anywhere he realised just what was causing his unease. After the gala he was still on edge, and anything out of place didn't help. Knowing that Tentsuke was missing only cemented the bad feelings.

After a carefully phrased question to his mother, he found himself hurrying through the streets of Konoha towards the hospital. He knew he wasn't that close to his cousin, and she might not even want him to visit, but he couldn't sit back and not do anything. He was tired of doing nothing when it came to his family.

The med-nin at the desk seemed surprised to see him, but gave him the directions to Nejiko's room nonetheless. Hinaji paused outside to collect himself before he knocked gently.

"Nejiko-neesan? May I come in? It's Hinaji."

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