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Jun. 18th, 2008

head tilt


[Gala day 2] Desperate Times [Sachiko & Hinaji w/ Kiba & Sakurai]

Sachiko watched Sakurai vanish into the crowd, his fervent promises to return as quickly as he was able still in her ears. It certainly wasn't his fault that he was needed, but his going and her staying meant she was without the buffer she needed to fend off and/or deal with unwanted would-be suitors.Collapse )

Jun. 11th, 2008



[Log] Gardens at Night [Hinaji, Kiba]

[Set before the attack. I just fail at posting.]

Hinaji had been nervous the entire ceremony. His formal clothing, while not unusual, never felt very comfortable. And most uncomfortable was that he was separated from those closest to him. Namely, Kiba. He watched her discreetly throughout the ceremony and was pleased with himself that he didn't blush.

She looked...really beautiful.

He managed to catch up with Kiba once the opening ceremony had finished, and gently reached out to grab the sleeve of her kimono.


Kiba had hated having to sit through the ceremony, even if she did like seeing Chiriku again.Collapse )

May. 21st, 2008


[Gala, Week 1, Day 3] Doom Post is Full of Doom [Tobi, Deidara, Everyone at the Gala Foo']

Uchiha Madara knew that, sometimes, some things worked out really really well. It had taken some nudging and manuvering but it seemed that someone was going to act on Sasoriza's... tragic... death all those months ago. It really wasn't surprising that it was the hot headed Deidara; TobiMadara could care less. She was just pleased that SOMETHING was going to happen. And while Tobi was freaked out by Deidara's 'art'... Madara thought it was funny as hell to see people screaming and on fire.

No one ever said she was stable~

The masked woman sat on the back of one of the giant clay birds, humming as they came upon the Daiymo's palace. It was large, sprawling, with a lot of places and a lot of rooms. It was even possible that they could hit one place and the other end wouldn't know it! And somewhere in there was Sarutobi Asuka, the shinobi who had managed to fell the always dangerous Sasoriza. As Deidara swooped down, dropping a few bombs, her plan was obvious: blow the shit out of everything until she found the woman she was looking for.

Throwing her arms up, TobiMadara smiled. "Wheeee!"

Apr. 20th, 2008

cigarette break


Buddha Belly Hears All [Asuka, Kiba]

I was gonna say, Asuka, kinky.Collapse )

Mar. 24th, 2008

knit hat


Stop! Ramen time! [Sachiko, Kiba, Naruko]

[takes place a day or so after Paperwork done]

Read more...Collapse )

Feb. 24th, 2008

its been a long day


[Log] A Little Bird Told Me [Sachiko and Kiba]

Set right after Honesty is the Best Policy.

She had been both expecting and dreading this conversation.Collapse )

Feb. 16th, 2008

worn down


[Thread] Violets are Blue [Hinaji and Kiba]

Backdated to Valentine's Day

Kiba moved silently through the Hyuuga compound, a bag dangling from her hand. Akako followed behind her, both looking tired and very quiet. She'd never been to Hinaji's room before, but it was easy to find where he was, his scent second nature to her now. It was... soothing, in a weird way, to know that he was going to be close. It made everything better, always had, and most likely always would.

Once she reached his room, she knocked lightly on the door. Once Hinaji answered, she smiled faintly to him. "Hey you."

Feb. 6th, 2008

its been a long day


[Log] Fisticuffs [Hoshino and Kiba]

Set right after Tsurdue tells Team 8 he's their new sensei.

'You can't be the victim forever.'Collapse )

Jan. 27th, 2008

i stole hoshino's glasses


[Thread] Honesty is the Best Plolicy [Tsurude and Kiba]

The last time Kiba had gone to talk to Tsurude alone, it had ended in... well, it hadn't ended in tears, but it hadn't ended well. She still wasn't all that happy with the Hokage and... that was why she was going to go talk to him. It was only fair to be honest with him and speak to him, not as her Hokage...

... but as her new sensei.

That was a thought she couldn't quite think about yet so instead she headed into the hospital to head towards the area Tsurude had spoke about. She made sure to take hallways where Akako wasn't minded and then headed into the courtyard, glancing around.


Jan. 19th, 2008

knit hat


Needed Antagonizing [Sachiko, Kiba]

[ooc: takes place after Needed Comfort]
This was also started about, oh, at least two months ago, but both of us entirely forgot about it (thus why it wasn't posted), but now it's done and it's being backdated to the same month that Needed Comfort was posted in, which was October. If that's not the right month, ah, I'll fix it? :D

Assigned to help tutor some students at the Academy, Sachiko quickly reached the conclusion that Iruko-sensei had possessed the patience of the holiest of saints to deal with unruly, aggravating, ignorant children day after day and get them rooted in the basics on top of that. Per the Hokage's orders Sachiko helped out the kids who needed extra lessons three times a week. She saw Kureno every once in a while, but in public like this might not be the best place for them to have a talk. Too many ears about.

Today's session landed on a more positive note than the last. While the kids still couldn't hit the broad sign of a barn, they were holding the shuriken much better than they had. Thank the gods. Now she was hoofing it over to the Inuzuka compound to see Kiba. They let her in without a fuss. While hardly a common visitor, Sachiko's visits weren't that rare so other than a few looks and the occasional nod, they left her be. Sachiko returned the nods and she went straight to Kiba's room, though she stopped outside to knock on the other girl's door. ''It's me, Sachiko.''Collapse )

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