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Feb. 11th, 2008



Puppy Love [Kakami & Rin.... and many many dogs]

[backdated to a few months ago]

And then the inevitable day came where, no matter what Kakami did, Irokoi managed to sneak out of the house to find her own place to birth her puppies. Alone.Collapse )
looking back (short hair)


I'm being so sincere right now [Closed to Sachiko, Kakami]

Sachiko paced around her apartment, making sure things were just so before Kakami arrived. The cat, picking up on her nervousness, flicked its ears back and occasionally voiced its annoyance. Sachiko would alternately scowl at the cat, or go over to stroke the fur on its head. The cat was always happy to oblige in pettings and squinted its eyes shut happily as it leaned into her hand, purring. Finally, for lack of anything to do, Sachiko simply picked up the furrball and held it in her arms so that she could still pet its back. The cat purred and purred and kneaded her arm, its claws barely pricking her sleeve.

She hadn't seen Kakami for a couple months now, actually.Collapse )

Nov. 11th, 2007



Better Late Than Never [Closed Log]

[set a few days after this log, just at the very end of September.]

And good morning, birthday girlCollapse )

Nov. 6th, 2007



Afternoon After

[set just after 'Finding Things' log, below. And since Aki gets involved, yeah, probably pg-13ish]

There was something to be said for spending nearly the entire day in one's bed.Collapse )

Nov. 5th, 2007



Finding Things [Closed Log]

Push by Sarah McLachlan

Morning after the Visit thread.

Kakami had often wondered in the past how she and Jimaiya managed to be related. Now there was probably very little doubt.Collapse )

Nov. 3rd, 2007



Visits [Closed Thread][Kakami][Sachiko][Rin]

The apartment was very quiet - most of the dogs were resting in the living room. Kakami was seated in the kitchen by herself, waiting for a tea kettle to boil. And waiting. For Miako to come back with Sachiko in tow. The Uchiha girl had left a note for Kakami, but the woman had needed more sleep before she saw anyone else. But for right now, Rin was out running errands and she felt up for a talk or for anything it was that Sachiko wanted save for a spar.

There was scratching at the door and a high pitched, slightly muffled bark. Kakami smiled and stood, walking to the front door and opening it. Miako immediately slid in before Kakami stepped aside to invite the dark-haired teen in. "Yo."


Spectacular Misunderstandings

[set after Kakami and Rin make up at Aki's, so the day after the Oto mission returns]

Sakurai wasn't interested in talking so much as he was interested in putting that weasel Rin in the hospital. ...er...in the...other part of the hospitalCollapse )

Oct. 25th, 2007

ear fidget


[Log] Reconnect [Aki, Rin & Kakami]

set not a full day after the Oto team return back from their mission, so not really long ago at all.

Aki wasn't very happy. Not at all.

First his mission had been extended for much longer than previously planned. And he finally got home and EVERYTHING had gone insane. He'd just attempted to see Asuka but was turned away on the basis he wasn't family. Fidgety, the purple haired man shuffled down the hallway.

He couldn't believe this. Kureno, Mr. By-the-Book (well, mostly), was arrested and sentenced. He was sitting in a cell somewhere and Aki still hadn't braved going to go see him, afraid he'd say all the wrong things and make Kureno mad. And anyway, the situation would have seemed too backwards. Sure, he'd somehow always expected to be looking at the genjutsu expert through bars - Aki had simply always assumed that he'd be the one incarcerated and not Kureno.Collapse )

Sep. 28th, 2007



Time to get the hell out of Dodge...[Oto Team]

ooc: Occurs after Yuugao's fight, Nejiko's fight, and any other fights... that is, this is where you end up when you're ready to go home

We need to blow this popsicle stand...Collapse )

Aug. 20th, 2007


By the Prickling of My Thumb [Kakami, Yuugao, Nejiko, and Tatsumi (NPC)]

ooc: takes place after Kureno bails as well sometime after Akatsuki fight

It didn't help that she was flanked by the legendary Hatake Kakami who had been a last minute replacement to the team. It definitely didn't help that there were two ANBU on the squad as well. The medic-nin clutched her pack a bit tighter as she kept in pace with them, trying to ignore the growing sense of fear that was overtaking her as she realized they were near their destination. To have this many important people on a team... she knew that it was not just a dangerous mission but an important one as well.

She concentrated on remembering word for word the Hokage's pep talk before he left. It was an important mission, yes. He was asking a lot but only because he believed in her. She had combat experience, she had proven herself a dozen times over in the field. She had saved two comrades from certain death.

She could do this.

The group came to a stop in front of the compound's entrance and Haruhi pushed the last bit of fear away as she pulled out the map. She wasn't supposed to be in charge but the original group's leader had bailed and most of the logistic information had gotten dumped on her.

She verified that they were at the right location and pulled the picture of the hostage they needed to recover out to show the rest of the team. But that was the extent of her input. She was a support unit, there to act when needed and follow orders to the letter. They had two tasks, gather information and rescue the hostage. How they went about it was up to the remaining three team members.

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