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Oct. 22nd, 2008



[closed thread] Testing Day 6 [Sachiko, Kureno, Asuka]

Day 6 of Kureno's genjutsu exam started as pretty typical for Sachiko. She rose, went through the usual morning routine with a bit of leisure as Asuka-taichou had been kind enough to work the team's training time around the 6-hour block the test required. Granted, team training usually took place immediately after when (depending on the genjutsu utilized by Sachiko and/or Kureno) she was at her mental and sometimes physical worst. Complicated genjutsu cast several times a day in conjunction with long Sharingan use made her brain tired, while the tight focusing of chakra and the crafting of details designed to ensnare with the efforts of trying to keep a mind ensnared on top of that, were wearing her body out.

And then when she failed, depending on Kureno's mood, she could end up with a backlash that while she wouldn't physically be hurt, her mind believed otherwise. And she couldn't always break through the illusion solely with Sharingan. That Kureno's illusions could still fool her even with her doujutsu active annoyed immensely, but it also upped her respect for him. So far, the only one who could pull a stunt like that was her sister. Sachiko counted herself fortunate that Kureno was teaching her, and promised herself that she would work even harder to better her own genjutsu skills.

Yesterday had been slightly different. Yesterday, she had decided to experiment with a different scenario to inflict upon Kureno early on in the day, only to get 'slapped' and then wake up six hours later flat on her back. (Under a tree, at least; Kureno had been kind enough to leave her in the shade to avoid sunburn.)

But that was yesterday. Today she would acquire the rabbit. Checking herself in the mirror one last time, she grabbed key and cap before heading out the door. Step one, do some practicing before pouncing. Step two, find Kureno.

Her hands in her pockets and feeling no particular rush (six hours was a long time, and the start time wasn't for another hour), she walked to her preferred grounds to begin.

Sep. 6th, 2008

she cleans up nice


The Date [Asuka, Kureno]

So. Today was the day of the big 'date' - a term no longer avoidable, since Asuka herself had finally admitted that yes, this was a date, not just a dinner out. A date. A first date. A very, very nervous date.

At least the Nicorette was working.Collapse )

Sep. 3rd, 2008

how about... no.


Coffee and Nicorette [Kureno, Asuka]

Two weeks, Rin said. Two weeks working with the new team, without cigarettes, and see how she did before he'd decide whether or not to let her start smoking again. It was a matter of life or death, she'd said, theirs or hers or more likely both, but he still wanted her to wait two weeks.

So she had.

And now she couldn't find hide nor hair of the bastard to beg him for her cigarettes. He was probably on a mission. Jerk.

That Asuka had gone so long without a cigarette - over a year! - was nothing short of a miracle, she thought. The cravings never went away, really, they had just been muted by pain and satiated by narcotics back when she'd still needed pills to keep said pain under control. But now her chest didn't hurt any more, and even if she had pills left she wouldn't need them, and now she had a TEAM again and a fancy date in which she had no idea what she would be doing coming up, and her nerves were kicking in big time, and Rin was missing so she couldn't have a cigarette.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. And that's why she found herself in front of the Nicorette display by the pharmacy of the grocery store downtown, hands on her hips and deciding whether or not she should get the fruit or the cinnamon flavored gum, when she spotted Kureno over by the... condoms?


Aug. 25th, 2008

you've got my attention


Come Into My Parlour.... [Asuka, Paper Dolls]

The day Kureno had officially been reinstated as a jounin - like, officially officially, not in-name-only - was the day Asuka had promised to take him out somewhere fancy. He'd named the place, and she'd made the reservation only a day or two later for a month in advance: the first Saturday of September. It was at a set time, a set day, a set place, and everything was ready to go.

So she thought. Until she did the required scouting (that is, actually taking a look at the Gold Crane) late one night after training, and finally saw exactly what the clientèle was like and what they wore.


Damn. She was going to have to get a dress.Collapse )

Aug. 13th, 2008

here is me not caring


Joke's on you, suckers [Asuka, Team Tentsuke/Konohako]

It was a pretty nice morning, for August. Overnight it had rained, which helped cool the morning down and prevented it from getting sweltering by seven. Instead, it didn't start sweltering until nine, which was of course when Asuka had told team Tentsuke - now team.... something - to show up at the training field.


The fact that she was in full jounin uniform for the first time in... maybe a year... or so... didn't help things any. A flak jacket was a customized thing, something that molded to your body and became just another part of you, but after a year of not wearing it the damn thing was confining and hot. The jacket irritated her, but more than anything the fact that her flak jacket irritated her irritated her. It put her already foul mood in a worse state. Made even more worse by the fact that Rin told her he wasn't going to give her leave to start smoking again.

So she sat in the lower branch of a tree that jutted out over the training field, hot and unhappy and sulking and wishing the day was already over.

This wasn't going to be fun.

Aug. 8th, 2008



Ice Cream Confessions [Asuka, Kiba]

It seemed a hundred years ago now, but once upon a time at a gala far, far away, Asuka had promised Kiba ice cream. Lots and lots of ice cream. Enough to get sick. As a present for good behavior at the gala.

Well, Asuka thought she'd been pretty good at the gala, all things considered. She hadn't killed anyone, embarrassed herself or anyone else (not even her suitors, good grief) by mouthing off, drowned herself in a bowl of soup (though she briefly tried, damn Ibiki stopping her), or gotten injured. All things considered, Asuka thought that was very good. And while Kiba had somehow ended up partially naked during the attack, well, at least she hadn't ended up fully naked. That was pretty good for an Inuzuka, she thought.

So it was time for ice cream. Asuka didn't know how much free time she was going to have after her new... job... started, and really, she should have kept up her promise to Kiba on this months ago, so she decided to make the time. Rin was constantly badgering her about needing to go out and do things, see people, anyway; this, she supposed, was enough motivation. And Kiba was sweet anyway.

Though she was still nervous about what sort of reception she might get at the Inuzuka compound. Asuka had no clue what the current popularity poll for her was like right now.

Once at the compound, she knocked politely on the gate, waiting patiently as a chorus of dogs barking heralded her appearance. Hopefully Kiba was at home. Hopefully the people here wouldn't mind pointing her to Kiba's location if she wasn't.

For a change, she really hoped Hanato wouldn't be the one to answer.

Aug. 5th, 2008

nobody's fool, i'm lookin' at you


Diagnosis [Tsurude, Kureno, Asuka]

[Also in old timey chat log style]

The Meeting With TsurudeCollapse )

Aug. 4th, 2008

job well done


Happy birthday, old man! [Asuka, Kureno]

[[back dated to Kureno's birthday, June 11th. Old fashioned chat log style!]]

In which Kureno proves he IS capable of a food fight. Gasp!Collapse )

Aug. 3rd, 2008

alone in my memories


Sorting through the pieces [Rin, Asuka]

[[backdated to mid-March, prior to the gala]]

The day was gorgeous, full-blown springtime and a gentle breeze ruffled Rin's brown hair to and fro as he climbed the stairs to the landing of Asuka's home. He was very keen, and a little worried, about what he'd find when she opened the door - especially since he hadn't been in the village long enough to come and visit with her since... well, since those first days out of the hospital.Collapse )

Jun. 24th, 2008

you are so dead


[Gala Day 3] Think of the Children! [Suzumo, Asuka, Konohako, and Hanabi]

When your charge had food allergies, it was good to know right away when said charge got sick. Suzumo was a little irritated then that no one had told him that Hanabi had apparently thrown up some time ago. Since the boy had only seemed upset, and wasn't swelling, it was probably all right... but Suzumo was still concerned. This WAS Hanabi, and it really was best to keep an eye on him. He had hoped things would go smoothly, but... well, nothing ever went quite as planned when Hanabi was involved.

The shinobi teacher had been going through in his mind the list of things that could make someone sick when the first blast made the ground rumble. His step faltered and in that time, more hit the ground, blowing out chunks of building and sending people screaming. And all Suzumo could think about was Hanabi- he'd been with Sarutobi's granddaughter, neither of them could fully fight yet, he had to find them.

Without wasting another second, Suzumo took a second to rip his formal wear and them tore off towards where the children had last been seen. He had no idea if they were all right, or even in the same spot, but he had to find them, eyes darting around behind his glasses. In his running he managed to see Asuka, the person the gala was being held for, and didn't hesitate to bark out, "Sarutobi!"

Little more needed to be said, really. He was only a chuunin, this was bad, and both the heirs needed to be protected. Hopefully she would understand that he needed her, and fall into step.

[ooc: hope this is okay, let me know if it's not~]

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