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nobody's fool, i'm lookin' at you

yuuhi_kureno in narukorp

[Actrion Thread][Hospital Visit][Open to Kureno, Rin, Kakami, and Gaia.]

Kureno was out of his office. The fact that he was out and not training his students was something of a novelty itself, but to top it off, he was carrying a six pack of beer in his left hand. If anyone he knew had seen him, they may have asked if he was feeling well--or if he was an impostor. But there was nothing wrong with him, and he actually went a little out of his way to not be seen by anyone, let alone anyone he knew, so there wasn't such a problem.

He had to hide the beer when he entered the hospital, but that was hardly an astounding task. Not only was he of an elite level, but Aki had been in the hospital enough times himself that Kureno knew how to smuggle two cases of alcohol, a week's supply of dango, and other such contraband into Konoha's hopsitals that a six-pack really was a laughable matter. (Of course, this had also been before Shizuya and Tsurude came to Konoha, but luck was on Kureno's side and there was no sign of either about.)

Rin wasn't in his room, but a look out the window and Kureno spotted the medic sitting on a bench in the hospital's courtyard, staring up at the sky through the tree the seat was next to. He probably didn't even see Kureno until the genjutsu specialist was sitting down next to him, popping open a bottle. (Because Kureno couldn't really stand drinking anything out of a can.)

"Hey Rin. A little up for the more scenic view today, are we?"


For the past couple of hours, Rin had been sitting in the shade, staring up at the blue sky through veridian leaves and watching the clouds go past. It was completely absorbing, and he wondered why he hadn't looked at the sky so much when he first got free.

But having your head in the clouds had a disadvantage or two. When Kureno materialized beside him, Rin was so spaced out he jumped like a skittish cat and wound up trying not to fall off the bench.

"Kureno," he yelped, blinking his large brown eyes at the familiar face next to him, trying to not sound like a scalded cat. "Uh, hi... yeah... scenic..."

"Very scenic," he said looking up through the dappled shadows for a moment before turning and raising an eyebrow at the red-eyed jounin next to him. And the bottle cheerfully being sipped by the slightly older man.

"Smuggling contraband into the hospital? You know Shizuya spits poison darts at people for that now, right?"
"That just means paid sick days, and I could use a vacation," Kureno replied before taking another swig, seeming to care less about the fact. He spared a friendly grin over to Rin. "Besides, you wouldn't tattle on me, would you?"

Picking up another bottle with his free hand, he held it up without exactly handing it to the other man. "Want one? Or are you on meds that would make that a bad idea? They're still cold."
Rin shook his head, smiling at Kureno's attitude. "'Fraid it would be a bad idea just now," he apologized quietly. "But I appreciate the thought, Kureno. Definitely."

He leaned forward and propped his chin up with his hand, giving Kureno a curious look. "So are you gonna tell me if half of these rumours I'm hearing are true?"

Rin glanced to the psych ward over Kureno's shoulder and then back to him, "I mean, I've been... yeah. But still, I heard something about you and Yakushi Kabumi?"
"We'll have to make it up another time," he said, putting the spare back down.

At Rin's mention of Kabumi's name, Kureno's face twisted up into a disgusted-looking grimace. "You make it sound like a love affair," he muttered, finishing off the rest of his beer as though to wash a bad taste out of his mouth. Then straightening some, he sombered a little and used a more hushed tone that still wasn't a whisper. "If you mean did I capture her though, then yeah. It's been about over a week now, and yes, she's still in the village. Locked away under the friendly watch and care of the T&I department, and Hokage-sama himself."

He popped open a second beer.
Kureno chuckled dryly, picking up another beer, setting his drained bottle beside his first. "You forget I'm friends with Aki. Even roomed with him for a while some years ago." The bottle hissed as its cap was removed. "Quite some years ago, but... I strongly doubt you could possibly be any worse."

He shrugged then. "Still, it's up to you. My offer will stand, but whichever you want, promise not to be a stranger, okay?"
"You really don't know the half of it." Kakami said, quiet humor lacing her voice as she paused to take another sip of the beer she was nursing.

Her brown eye twinkled a bit. "I am very sure Rin could give Aki a very strong run for his money." She quietly chuckled, then a breifly apologetic glance flickered at the tattoed man.
Rin smiled at Kureno, then turned and cheekily stuck his tongue out at Kakami. One of the 'special secret jutsu' Sensei had taught him for dealing with teasing (nobody ever said Rin wasn't his sensei's student head to toe) which it had been a very, very long time since he'd used on Kakami.

"I'll try not to tempt you into kicking me out the window," he murmurred to her, going a little red despite himself. He was something of a nightmare to room with; always tossing, turning, kicking, mumbling, snoring or even once - sleepwalking fifty feet away from camp and not stopping until he fell into a ditch, cracked his head on a rock and woke up.

"Anyway," he said, fidgetting with the edge of his simple long-sleeved t-shirt, "I guess Yoshi could always just sit on me if I'm too much of a bother, right?"
He laughed softly with amusement and a silent observation. "Give Aki a run for his money? That I may just have to see to believe." He didn't put any pressure in his voice however to make it clear he wasn't pushing his offer for higher favor. Just enough to assure the other man that it was a sincere one. "You let me know if she ever does kick you out the window."

He gave Kakami a look like a teacher would to tell their students "I have eyes in the back of my head so misbehave at your own risk".
It was another Dynamic Entry if Gaia said so herself. Although she held back on the boot-to-the-head action and instead wrapped her very strong arms around the medic-nin and Squeezed.

"RIN~!!!" she proclaimed, youth and affection dripping from her voice. "IT'S SO GOOD TO HAVE YOU BACK~!! I made you my famous Healthy Dumplings~!!" Konoha's self-proclaimed Green Beauty produced a large container stuffed with these little, brown... things. It was hard to concentrate on identifying them when you were too busy wondering where she'd been keeping them.

Suddenly she seemed to aware of the other two people there. More specifically, the activity. Or even more specifically, Kureno's activity, since Kakami had moved her empty beer bottle out of sight at some point before Gaia's notice.

Well, the peace had been bound to break eventually. Kakami sighed, pulling her mask back up, shoving her bottle back a little more under the bench. Just extra assurance Gaia wouldn't see it.

"Yo, Gaia, next time be more careful when you hug Rin. You just about crushed him." she stated, although a smile quirked at her lips. Served Kureno right for threatening to get her and Gaia in a drinking contest.
Gasping quietly for air, Rin managed to pry one of Gaia's arms up slightly (it took all the leverage in both of his own arms to gain half an inch) and stop himself from turning blue. Then he was sure he heard one of his ribs crack when she yelled outrage at Kureno, and tightened her grip on him reflexively as a result, pinning him to her green-suited self again.

"Gaia! Breathing - not - working!" he squeaked - Oh god, did he just squeak? He did. - shooting a 'help me!' look at Kakami while his vision went a bit squiffy around the edges.

Well, at least he could say he knew he was back in Konoha now. No genjutsu could replicate one of Gaia's bone-crushing, lung-impacting, youthfully-glorious Hugs of Death Joy. And damn, he'd missed it.
Oh great. Just great. The only person in Konoha who may have been just as bad--if not worse--to be caught drinking booze in a hospital zone as Tsurude or Shizuya, was the straight-as-an-arrow Maito Gaia herself. (Well, okay. Iruka may have been just as upholding in morals, but a lot less pushy.) And she had to remember the social drinking issue.

Kureno glanced over to see why Kakami wasn't getting yelled at as well and looked was just in time to see her nudge her bottle out of sight. Traitor, he glared at her.

"Just here visiting Rin, Gaia." He kept an eye out for escape routes. "Uh... I forgot alcohol wasn't allowed," he tried.
Kureno resisted the urge to rub the bridge of his nose, then figured it didn't matter if he did and brought his thumb and forefinger up between his eyes. There was probably no point in warning or even stopping Kakami now. He spared a moment to feel sorry for Iruka; at this rate, this rumor would probably haunt her until the day she died.

Gaia firmly distracted, and Kakami seeming to be enjoying herself, he silently gathered up his bottles and leaned over to Rin, speaking quietly (even if Gaia may not have noticed anyway) because there wasn't much profit in disrupting Kakami's fun.

"Ask her to tell you later. In the meantime, I hate to abandon you but... Well, duty calls and whatnot." It certainly wasn't a complete lie--he did have things to do--but there was just nothing that had demanded his immediate presence. Only Gaia's lectures encouraging his immediate departure.

Kureno gave a wave to them both behind Gaia's back and vanished before either one of them could change their mind on letting him go quietly.
Kakami watched him go, before her eye flickered to Rin and then Gaia.

"You're going to start catching flies in a minute, Gaia." Kakami said, just a tad mildly.
Though the other man couldn't see him, Rin waved him off before glancing back to Kakami and Gaia.

"Here," Rin said, a little worried by the way Gaia seemed so frozen in disbelief. She'd always been exciteable and reactionary... but he'd never seen her literally freeze in shock before.

He reached over and gently pushed her chin up to close her mouth before she did - as Kakami suggested - wind up choking on a bug. Edging back slowly, he retreated to the bench and sat down, rubbing his temple slowly and looking up at the two women with a fond - if confused - smile.

It was good to be home.