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cigarette break

asuka_sensei in narukorp

Not-So-Rainy Days and Mondays [Asuka, Hinaji]

This took me so long to start, I'm so sorry Squeak -_-; In Naruko-time, this takes place the afternoon of the day after Meeting with Asuka

It was turning out to be a beautiful spring day. The sky a gorgeous blue, the clouds perfect for watching, the flowers coming out in bloom, birds singing merrily, etc etc..

Asuka plopped herself down on a park bench and yawned. Man, if only it had been a rainy day instead. Maybe then she could have canceled training, talked Kureno into playing hooky, and slept in late. But noooo, spring had to be all spry and give her no real excuse to avoid work. The world was out to get her.

But for all that she'd spent the day attached to a cup of coffee and vainly attempting to wake herself, she had done as promised: gotten elemental testing strips for Hinaji. And now that the morning training with her team was done, she was here to administer the test and give him his official affinities. After that, well... maybe then she could take a nap.


Hinaji rather enjoyed the wonderful weather. Taking Enka for walks was relaxing, especially when it was so warm out, and spring was always a great time. And for a day when he was meeting Asuka, he'd prefer a nice one to a bad one any day.

He found her on the bench later in the morning, and stood back hesitantly at first. Being tested shouldn't worry him, but it did. If his affinity came back as something that was impossible to work with kaiten, he didn't know what to do. But holding off on it helped nothing.

"Asuka-sensei," he greeted, a soft smile on his face as he came towards her. "Good morning."
"Is it still?" she asked with a touch of despair. She'd really rather hoped that more of the day had passed. If it was still morning that meant more hours than she estimated before the day was done. That was kind of depressing, actually.

But not important. Asuka put that aside and patted the park bench, offering the space beside her, and reached inside her vest to pull out a sheaf of testing papers. They weren't anything special - looked exactly like blank exploding or flash tags - but when used properly, would display what his elemental affinities were, both major and minor (if he had a minor, anyway). It was kind of silly, really, that you couldn't request these unless you were a jounin, since you couldn't exactly do anything interesting with them, but whatever. She'd gotten them for Hinaji, and with enough left over that she could test her team later, too.

"As promised," she said, and offered two of the papers to the chuunin beside her.
He took them with a nod of thanks and held them loosely in his hands, staring down at them. The bench felt slightly uncomfortable suddenly, and he swallowed, his mouth dry.

"So...what do I have to do, exactly?" He ran his thumb over the top paper and crinkled it slightly. Once this was over he could go find Sachiko and tell her, and their real training could start. But his stomach flopped as he stared at the paper.

No matter how much he trained, if he was incompatible then the kaiten...

"I just channel some chakra into them?" He looked over at Asuka and smoothed out the crinkle he'd made.
"Mhmm," came the response. The jounin reached out to lightly tap the hand closest to her. "Hold one in your dominant hand - usually whichever one you write with most comfortably - and channel chakra into, charging it like you would an explosive tag. The paper will react, either by crinkling up, catching on fire, so on. That will show which element is, presumably, your dominant affinity. Then do the same with the other; if you get a different element, you have two affinities. If not, only one."

He held out his right hand and concentrated on the paper as he sent a quick, precise burst of chakra through it. The paper lit up with chakra for a moment, and then began to drip and collapse wetly against his hand. Hinaji looked at it for a few moments, his gut feeling heavy. He always had felt better around water...

He set the wet paper aside and held out his left hand next and repeated the procedure. This time the paper sparked and then burned up, and Hinaji stared at the ashes in his hands. Sachiko had mentioned the possibility, but...

...Was that even possible?

"Ah, um. Did I do something wrong?"
Water and fire? Not exactly uncommon affinities - at least in the case of fire - but he was Hyuuga. Why the hell wasn't one of his affinities wind?

"Huh," was all she said in immediate response. Since the dawn of time (or at least the dawn of Konoha), the Hyuuga had been the de facto wind masters; remarkably few people outside the clan had the misfortune of having a wind affinity. If anyone did, they almost were never able to get training short of leaving Konoha for Sunagakure, because the Hyuuga had always been very suspicious of outsiders. Asuka wasn't sure how the Sandaime had managed to master wind, but she'd had the luck of one very bitter Hyuuga that didn't mind teaching her a few tricks in exchange for beating the crap out of her every so often. It had been a fair exchange, considering how unlikely she would have gotten help otherwise.

But for a Hyuuga to not have a wind affinity... that was like a throwback to an older era. Perhaps this was the reason why Hinaji was so poor a ninja - not because he didn't have any skill for it, but because everything he was being taught was dead wrong for his skillset.

...this probably wasn't going to go down well at home, huh.

The jounin leaned back against bench, one arm coming up to drape over the back, the other bringing a hand up to her chin to rub thoughtfully. "No," she finally replied. "You didn't do anything wrong. If your right hand is your dominant, then your primary affinity is water. Your secondary is fire."
"...I see." his stomach dropped as he looked at his hands. He'd known, of course, but to have it confirmed still hurt in a way. "So what do I do now...?" He whispered the question, more to himself than Asuka. First he had to find Sachiko and let her know.

He sighed and leaned his head back a bit, then sat forward abruptly and looked over at Asuka. He didn't want to give up that easily.

"Asuka-sensei, even without a wind affinity, is it still possible to learn wind-based jutsu at all? If I work at it nonstop, is it possible?"