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hyuuga_hinaji in narukorp

[Rp Thread] Meeting with Asuka [Hinaji, Asuka]

Hinaji had dragged his feet long enough. Training with Sachiko was all well and good, but until he started working towards mastering his elemental jutsu he wasn't going to advance at all. He'd promised to see Asuka a long time ago; it was time he acted on that promise.

As close as she was to his sensei, he still didn't really know the other jounin, and just randomly appearing at her place or a place she frequented would be weird. The only way he could think to find her was to ask Kureno, and so he made his way to his sensei's house and ran through all the ways he could ask about Asuka without giving himself away. He didn't really want too many people knowing about his special training, even Kureno. Not until he could produce results, anyway.

Maybe he could casually mention her in conversation? How was your date with Asuka-sensei, or something? ...No. His face felt red at the thought of asking his teacher something that up front. Maybe Have you seen Asuka-sensei lately? That would work, probably.

He sighed as he reached Kureno's door. He knocked politely and waited, hands at his sides and body straight. Casual.


Well, that was good news. He was confident he didn't have an affinity for lightning--or, well, not a main one, so she could at least teach him something. He gave a little grin and nodded.

"Alright. So then, if it's alright, could we meet up again for testing? I know you're a bit busy now..." Kureno could be returning at any time, and he didn't want to take up any of their alone time. He paused and then stood and scratched the back of his head. "I could stop by again some other day, maybe?"

They managed to decide on the next afternoon, and Hinaji bowed to her again as he thanked her. He left feeling a lot better than when he arrived.