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hyuuga_hinaji in narukorp

[Rp Thread] Meeting with Asuka [Hinaji, Asuka]

Hinaji had dragged his feet long enough. Training with Sachiko was all well and good, but until he started working towards mastering his elemental jutsu he wasn't going to advance at all. He'd promised to see Asuka a long time ago; it was time he acted on that promise.

As close as she was to his sensei, he still didn't really know the other jounin, and just randomly appearing at her place or a place she frequented would be weird. The only way he could think to find her was to ask Kureno, and so he made his way to his sensei's house and ran through all the ways he could ask about Asuka without giving himself away. He didn't really want too many people knowing about his special training, even Kureno. Not until he could produce results, anyway.

Maybe he could casually mention her in conversation? How was your date with Asuka-sensei, or something? ...No. His face felt red at the thought of asking his teacher something that up front. Maybe Have you seen Asuka-sensei lately? That would work, probably.

He sighed as he reached Kureno's door. He knocked politely and waited, hands at his sides and body straight. Casual.


Hinaji nearly sighed in relief. This was a very, very good start. "Um, I was working on wind, actually." He paused, trying to think of an explanation that didn't give away Sachiko or family secrets. "I-I thought if I could get better at an element I wasn't good at, then mastering my affinity would be easier."

He glanced down at his hands. "...I'm not really sure what my mastery is, though." He could almost feel Sachiko's eyes on him as he talked, urging the conversation on.
He was... wait, that was backwards. That he wanted help on the wind element was good - one of her masteries - but the way he was going at it was all wrong. How much elemental theory were they teaching in the academy these days? Or had Kureno just skimmed over that part? Hard to imagine, but look at Kakami.

The thought probably showed on Asuka's face. "You know," she replied, "before you worry about things you're not good at, you should find out what you actually have an affinity for. After all, affinity doesn't necessarily mean it's easier to learn. Wind isn't an easy element to master even for those talented in that element. It's my main affinity, but the third I mastered." Not the least because it was difficult to find people outside the Hyuuga clan with that mastery, but he didn't need to know the details. "Why don't I requisition some testing strips for you? Or Kureno could, if you prefer, since he's your sensei and all."
He nearly flinched at her words. Even if she didn't see through his (thin) lie, he'd be hard pressed to convince her to teach him the wind element. Although she did give him something to go on.

"W-well... I've never actually been tested." His voice sounded very soft to his ears. "So if you could do it that would be fine. I, um, don't want to bother sensei with this."

...That didn't sound suspicious at all.

"How long does it take to test, anyway?"
Wow, Kureno seriously hadn't tested them? That was just wow. Or maybe Hinaji had been home sick that day or something - yeah, that made more sense. She wasn't going to be the person to tell anyone how to teach their students (her own methods were hardly conventional), but knowing they were pushing their twenties and still hadn't been tested was just... wow.

Damn, that meant team ten was almost twenty now too. Jeez, now she was feeling old.

Asuka cleared her throat and focused on the subject. "I don't mind. It isn't long or terribly difficult. You just hold the testing strip - " and here she held up her cigarette between her first two fingers " - and channel chakra through it, like charging an explosive tag or a weapon. The strip will react, and how it reacts displays your affinity. We can try it between your dominant and less dominant hands to see if you have a secondary affinity as well, but since many ninja end up ambidextrous, that can be a little more difficult to determine."
He nodded along, his cheeks a little pink. "Alright. ...And if it comes up with an affinity you're not good with, what do I do then? Will I have to find a different teacher?" He really hoped not. Sachiko said Asuka was the person to talk to, after all.

And he was more than sure it wouldn't be with wind. How could he convince her to teach him without explaining why? Asuka wasn't thick; she'd know in a second if he gave a flimsy reason (she'd already proven that). His fingers started tapping against his knee as he sat there.
"Yeah. The best I can do with lightning jutsu is scuff my socks on the carpet and hope I can shock someone, you know?" Asuka gave him a little grin around her cigarette. "But if it's one of the other four, I can at least give you basics. My primary affinity is wind, with my secondary in fire, but I've also mastered earth if by chance you've got an affinity in that. Water's more iffy, but I can at least get you started."
Well, that was good news. He was confident he didn't have an affinity for lightning--or, well, not a main one, so she could at least teach him something. He gave a little grin and nodded.

"Alright. So then, if it's alright, could we meet up again for testing? I know you're a bit busy now..." Kureno could be returning at any time, and he didn't want to take up any of their alone time. He paused and then stood and scratched the back of his head. "I could stop by again some other day, maybe?"

They managed to decide on the next afternoon, and Hinaji bowed to her again as he thanked her. He left feeling a lot better than when he arrived.