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looking back (short hair)

redeyedavenger in narukorp

Lunchtimes is goodtimes. [Sachiko, Kiba]

Sachiko: *now that scheduling has granted her more free time, goes a-hunting for Kiba and hopes the Inuzuka isn't in the compound*

Kiba: *she's buying supplies actually, Sachiko is lucky today!*

Sachiko: *doesn't literally pounce Kiba when she finds her* Heya. Especially busy at the present?

Kiba: Yo. And nope, whats up?

Sachiko: *idly scratches the back of her head* Wanted to talk to you about making a Christmas present. ...For the Inuzuka clan.

Kiba: *blinks at her* A.... present for the clan?

Sachiko: *nods* Despite, well, everything, your clan's been decent to me, and... I wanted to give something back.
Sachiko: *adds quickly* I was thinking the easiest thing to do would be to cook for them.

Kiba: ... huh *rubs her head, thinking * I mean. You can't cook for the whole clan. We can't even cook for the whole clan. But offering to do a meal... that's nice.

Sachiko: Well, cook for as many people as would be at a single sitting.
Sachiko: *adds as an aside* "Sitting" being relative. *has become quite familiar with the Inuzuka methods of meals*
Sachiko: *and yet, looks amused, even going so far as a half-smile*

Kiba: Yeeeaaah. >.> We don't stay still for long. Some of us less then others.

Sachiko: But you get what I mean?

Kiba: Yeah *grins a bit to her* You know you don't gotta pay is back or nothin', right?

Sachiko: *affects haughtiness (and rather well...)* It's not payback. It's showing appreciation.

Kiba: ... *she laughs, unable to help it* All right, all right.

Sachiko: *half-smiles again* I'd thought about asking to commandeer your clan's kitchen, but I think it'd be easier to use mine's.

Kiba: Why?

Sachiko: Well, I can't keep it a surprise if every nose, human and canine, is scenting the kitchen. And I mean for it to be a surprise, for the most part. Obviously, they need to know to expect a meal so they don't make their own.
Sachiko: And secondly, there is no way my tiny kitchen can make enough food to feed that many people in any sort of decent time.
Sachiko: ...'course, that means I have to clean out the clan kitchen, since it's not been touched in over a decade... *grimaces at the dust and grime and whatever caked soot is going to be in the firepits and ovens and on the stoves...*
Sachiko: *thinks, But that's what kage bunshin is for.*

Kiba: .... Ewww, that's a little gross *but she laughs * Do you want me to help clean it?'

Sachiko: *shakes her head* But thanks for offering. I won't ask you to help clean it out, but I may recruit you and Sakurai to help carry the food from the Uchiha compound to the Inuzuka. --Do you mind if I invite him along?

Kiba: No, not all. Just... warn him. >>

Sachiko: *chokes a laugh* About what?

Kiba: ... Dude, we're Inuzuka. That alone should be reason enough to warn someone.

Sachiko: Hm, point.

Kiba: I don't mind at all- just tell him it might be sorta like a coordinated mad house.

Sachiko: Gotcha.

Kiba: *grins *

Sachiko: *wants to mention more but is trying to figure how to say aka drum up the gumption to say it* >>

Kiba: C'mon. I'm hungry, I'll pay for lunch.

Sachiko: Okay. *actually has quite a bit to say; thinks hard on how to say it* *because she's really not the person to just...blurt*

Kiba: *which is why she's taking her to eat! *

Sachiko: Aki keeps pouncing me to do stuff. Which is okay, I suppose, but... it's Aki. He's...weird. Helpful, but weird.

Kiba: Don't know him real good. Is he bugging you?

Sachiko: Yes and no?
Sachiko: I think it's more a matter of getting used to him.

Kiba: ... do you want me to do anything...? *sorta protective of her >.>*

Sachiko: No, it's okay. ........He keeps giving me random hugs. *looks befuddled* But he also helped me get the stuff I needed for Mareo.

Kiba: Mareo?

Sachiko: Oh! Right. Uhm. I've kinda got a pet snake. >>

Kiba: ....really?

Sachiko: Yeah. He's actually quite cute. Round brown eyes, green on top, white on the bottom, and friendly.

Kiba: ... To each their own *she laughs *

Sachiko: *feels very relieved Kiba's taking this better than Sakurai* Neko doesn't know what to make of him.

Kiba: As long as they don't go eating or attacking each other.

Sachiko: Mareo's too small to even think it, and I make sure Neko can't get in the aquarium. She's sniffed him, though, when I've taken him out of the aquarium to hold.
Sachiko: It's kinda cool--and the reason Aki and I think he's been someone's pet at some point--that he'll just lay around my neck in a full circle, and be just content.

Kiba: That's probably the best,, to get them used to each other and... that's.... cool. But >.> Please don't ever put your snake near my neck
Sachiko: ....No, I know it makes people uneasy. He makes people uneasy. I understand why, so.......yeah.

Kiba: Fine by me. Whatchu want? *willing to pay!*

Sachiko: *eyes menu board, then orders*

Kiba: *orders as well and pays!*

Sachiko: *huzzah food~*

Kiba: Wanna sit?

Sachiko: Sure.

Kiba: *yay food!* *settles down once they get their meal*

Sachiko: *also sits. om nom*

Kiba: *feeds Akako too, of course*

Sachiko: *eats, but also pokes some at her food* ..........So I've been thinking, probably a little more than I like to.

Kiba: ... About what? *watches her*

Sachiko: Well.... I realized it's been over a year since I've worn any of the fan shirts.

Kiba: ... It has been awhile. *stops eating to focus on her*

Sachiko: Yeah. *looking at her food* I also don't think... I haven't really felt the urge, or the need to wear them. 's probably why I've got them all at my house instead of my apartment.

Kiba: Are you upset about it? *she's curious*

Sachiko: *pauses* A little. *lips twist a little* I think it's a more of a "coming to terms" kind of thing. My clan... The Uchiha clan's dead. And much as I'd like it to be otherwise...I'm not going to be able to "restart" it.

Kiba: ... You may. But it won't be what it once was. And you will never see it come to frutition. *she's... not being harsh, but honest*

Sachiko: *swallows her food* I'm happier, I think. I don't think I'm ever going to be happy, not while certain people who shall remain nameless still breathe.

Kiba: I think you'll be happy. Just not the happiest you think you can be.

Sachiko: *shrugs* I don't know how it'll be, so I'm not worrying about it. I'm just relieved that nothing's happened since the gala.

Kiba: ... Yeah, the whole peace and quiet thing is kind of nice

Sachiko: Verily.
Sachiko: And, I'm looking forward to other things. Like plotting up a meal for the Inuzuka. *reaches over to scratch Akako* Canines included.

Kiba: ... Impressive. *grins to her* Most people don't think that.

Sachiko: *dryly* I get mobbed at some point during every visit. I don't think I can forget.
Sachiko: *is teasing despite the dryness*

Kiba: Mobbed? It's... more like a dogpile, don't you think?

Sachiko: About the same thing. At least I've learned how to stay on my feet. I'm a cat person. Logically, shouldn't they not like me? *isn't being wholly serious*

Kiba: Well... we did fight like cats and dogs in the beginning...

Sachiko: *small grin* Just a bit.

Kiba: You've adapted pretty well to us *grins *

Sachiko: I suppose so.

Kiba: You don't twitch anymore.

Sachiko: >>

Kiba: *snerks*

Sachiko: *eats for a bit* Remember how, when I'd asked you to help me find Naruko, you'd just gotten those tattoos on your hips?

Kiba: Yeup. They're all healed up now *looks down at them *

Sachiko: ...I've been kind of thinking of getting one, myself.

Kiba: *She blinks at her, and then after a minute* .... the fan?

Sachiko: *nods, feeling a little foolish though she's not showing it*

Kiba: Where asre you gonna get it?
Kiba: *She thinks that's totally reasonable*

Sachiko: ...Haven't really decided on a place.

Kiba: ... lemme know. I'll come with you. Or the Inuzuka can do it, free of charge. We do it old school though

Sachiko: *gives Kiba a puzzled look* Old school?

Kiba: Instead of the new tools and stuff that they have, we use the traditional way.

Sachiko: Which is...?

Kiba: ... Huh, I don't know the term. But its basically a stick and a needle. To the face.

Sachiko: O__o
Sachiko: Uhm, ow.

Kiba: .... Well, you don't really remember. My hips hurt a bit, but its a lot of bone there too.

Sachiko: .....I'm not getting a tattoo on my face. I'm finally blending in without the target on my back; I'm not going to have one permanently etched for all to see.

Kiba: ... I figured. I was just saying >.> What I meant is we have tradition- we're good at it.

Sachiko: *nods*

Kiba: *grins a bit to her*

Sachiko: *half-smiles back*

[ooc: 100th post log! woo-hoo!]