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shut up.

asuka_sensei in narukorp

[backdated] The Inquisition (sorta) [Sarutobiiiz]

[[backdated immediately prior to The Date]]

It was just getting dark as Konohako settled on the living room couch, a bowl of popcorn in her lap. It would do for a snack at the moment and after a busy day running around the village on her own errands missions, she was definitely ready for her self proclaimed TV time. The channel surfing paused and the sounds of only slightly canned laughter rang out as she focused on her snack for a couple of minutes and then got up to trot to the kitchen for a drink, making sure to give Mister a look that said to stay away from her snack.

Rummaging around in the fridge, she heard Asuka's door open and close. Grabbing some juice, Konohako strolled out again and then paused, staring at her aunt. Confusion knotted her face for a few moments before she outright asked, "...Where are you going?" in an incredulous tone.

From the back of the couch, Mister gave them both a scathing look before returning to his interrupted nap. The look, Asuka though, suited him and her both.

"Where ever the hell I feel like," she replied in irritation, heading for the kitchen herself. Tonight was the big night - the date with Kureno. It had been a month in the making, with a lot of planning and even more quiet freaking out, which she hoped Konohako hadn't picked up on. The dress was supposedly ready yesterday, but she had yet to see it completely, and she got confirmation that the gift had arrived but was it the right kind, and would she end up looking like an idiot, and why had she agreed to this at all, and aaaaaargh. Stress. The kunoichi snagged the box of cinnamon Nicorette from the top of the fridge, and gave Konohako a look at the same time she popped out a life-saving piece.

"I'm going out for the night," she said as the gum made it into her mouth. Mmmm, blessed nicotine. "Don't know when I'll be back, probably late. Don't set anything on fire while I'm gone."

The last comment earned Asuka a flat look from the girl. Right. Don't set anything on fire...what was she? Five? Sheesh. However, there were more interesting things going on (apparently) than the issue of whether or not Konohako was suitable for the use of flames. Eyeing Asuka up and down, Konohako wrinkled her nose.

"Is this a date?" she asked, only slightly disbelieving. Then her eyes widened. "Oh, so that's why you've been all...oh! Does this mean that you have a boyfriend now? Can I meet him? Is he nice? And cute? Is he a ninja too?" It all came out in a rush that, inexplicably, was still understandable, and ended with a wide-eyed, innocent query of, "Are you gonna need me to stay at Moe-kun's place tonight?"

Asuka's immediate response was a look as scathing as Mister's had been. Unfortunately, the look was ruined by an obvious and flustered blush.

"I don't have a boyfriend," she said in response, not realizing she was twisting the Nicorette box between both hands. (Way to go to hide your nerves, Asuka.) "It's just Kureno and dinner. Not like that."

"I like Kureno-san. He's....nice." Konohako hastily stated, eyes flitting towards the box twisting (poor Nicorettes never had a chance). Huh. Well...either her aunt did not wish to go on this date or she did and was like, insanely nervous. This did not make much sense to Konohako, who still lived in a world where a date seemed a very simple thing that didn't matter in the greater span of things (not that she'd actually been on one and had quite convinced herself that she didn't really want to be doing all that silly grown up business just yet).

"So...first date then? You still might need me to leave? You know, in case it goes well and stuff." Konohako popped the bottle on the little juice container, which ruined how adult she was striving to sound and look.

"It's not -!" came the immediate, hasty response, before Asuka realized she was coming across too strongly and made herself back off a step. Two steps, even, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath. It had suddenly gotten much hotter in here than it was before Konohako had opened her mouth; Asuka had a sinking sensation she was blushing, but refused to touch her cheeks and make a bigger fool out of herself.

After counting to three, she opened her eyes to look at her niece again. "Nothing is going to happen on this date," she said, making herself be calm. "It's more a celebration for good news than a date, anyway. The only 'going well' will be me not making an idiot of myself." The Nicorette box, now sadly squashed, was replaced on top of the fridge after she relieved it of a few more pieces and tucked them into one pocket. "Be here or not, I don't care. It won't matter anyway."

Konohako shrugged, carefully sipping her juice. She was fairly sure she knew better, even if Aunt Asuka was intent on downplaying all this. The girl had caused to much trouble and struck too many nerves in people to just ignore that kind of stuff.

It was interesting. Sort of. In the way that Konohako was naturally curious about most things, especially when it came to Asuka who was still largely a mystery to her and also because it just seemed like an insanely normal way for an adult to spend a weekend evening. Konohako was sure that Asuka really didn't do this kind of normal very often. She swirled her juice about in the bottle, eyes carefully on it as she said, "Okay then. I guess you know what to do if he doesn't behave himself an' all." It was hard not to grin, but somehow she managed. "And y'know, you have fun. On your 'not-date'." Alright, so a little of the grin did peek out.

Oh, she caught the insinuation in that comment right away. The older kunoichi scowled, no longer caring if she was blushing or not. Geez, couldn't she get ANY peace about Kureno? Even twelve years old BRATS were bothering her about it. At least her CAT wasn't this mean.

She was strongly tempted to tell the girl to just put a sock in it. But after becoming her sensei, it was kind of hard to do that when she was now officially supposed to be 'adult' and all. Responsible, good role model, whatever. Shit. Why should she care anyway? It wasn't like she was going to bother with the 'role model' crap with Sachiko. Who cared if she got into a juvenile insult contest with a girl less than half her age? That was her business.

... but it would still make her look like an idiot.

"... shut up," came the muttered response, restrained only because she didn't feel like getting into a fight just before a hopefully okay night out, before Asuka turned and stalked out of the kitchen and swiftly out of the house, on her way to Izume and Kotetsu's shop before anyone ELSE could get their two cents in.