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Abs of hotness

anbu_moon in narukorp

[chat log] Sewing Night! [Izume, Kotetsu, Yuugao]

Set a little after Nejiko accepts Yuugao's apology.

Setting: At the Paper Dolls Boutique - Yuugao's come to visit and the topic of embroidery comes up. Yuugao admits he can sew, but not embroider...

Izume: I could always teach you~

Yuugao: *blushes* If....if you really wanted to, I guess.

Izume: Well, whether I want to teach you--which I do, I bet you could make some really beautiful designs--pales in comparison to if you want to learn.
Izume: Of course, you do want to learn, don't you~?

Yuugao: *blushes* Of-....of course.

Izume: *beams at him* ♥
Izume: *gathers materials and sits down next to him* Okay, now you start with...
Izume: *explains how to do it, shows him and then lets him practice on some scrap fabric*

Yuugao: *nods as she teaches him* Right. *does fairly well for a beginner* How's this?

Izume: Very nice! You're a fast learner. *gives him a sharp grin that isn't quite a leer* That's good.

Yuugao: *wishes his cheeks would stop being bright red* T-thanks. Any suggestions for my next try?

Izume: *thinks he's adorable when he's flustered, and wants to pat him on the head* *then does pat him on the head*

Yuugao: *takes the headpatting far better than an ANBU captain ever should*

Izume: *then reaches for a paper* There's this crane design I've been toying with but haven't actually had a chance to embroider to see how it looks on this fabric. I've already color-coded the different areas, if you want to try.
Izume: It's not very complicated--I've kept it simple on purpose; they'd be for a sleeve-border.

Yuugao: *takes the sheet, quickly looking over it and nodding* Hm. Any particular color of thread you want to use for it? Or is that just going to vary on the background fabric?

Izume: *hands him a few skeins of thread* Just follow the colors on the pattern-paper.

Yuugao: Oh....right. *grins and gets to work, tapping a foot to a song in his head* This isn't too hard, y'know. Embrodiery always sounded really hard, too.

Izume: You're just talented, Cat-san. *sticks her tongue out at him*

Yuugao: I....I guess. Thank you.

Kotetsu: *sniggers and cleans weapons~*

Yuugao: Uh, lots of things, I suppose. Missions, killing people, organizing my team... *thinks* Normal stuff, I suppose.

Kotetsu: Found a girlfriend yet? carefully picks her way across the room to pick up metal polish, and tiptoes across again Killed them rookies?

Yuugao: *blushes at the thought of Nejiko...and then coughs into his hand* No, and no.

Izume: *so saw the blush* No? But is there someone you're ~interested~ in, then?

Yuugao: *mentally kicking himself* I am a healthy male shinobi, Izu-chan. Of course I'm going to find women attractive.

Kotetsu: makes a face at him You find Izu-kun attractive then? :P Whooo?

Yuugao: *lets his head hang down* I'm just digging a deeper hole, aren't I?

Izume: *grins and laughs at Kochan*
Izume: *embroiders a complicated dragon design on green silk* That depends on your answer to Kochan, I'd guess. But probably yes.

Kotetsu: *grins sharply and leans her head against Izu's hip* My Izu-kun though. >3

Yuugao: I'm not going to deny that you're not both very attractive women. I also know better than to try and make any kind of move towards you.

Izume: Dammit, Kochan, quit ruining my chances here. *is only teasing, and takes a moment to pet Kochan's hair before going back to her project*

Kotetsu: l*aughs and puts aside the kunai, and starts on the shuriken* Very smart. No wonder you're in ANBU.

Yuugao: Yes, yes, my smooth talking gets me all the kills. *dares to grin and then goes back to embrodiery*

Izume: And while you may find women attractive, in my long experience of courtesan missions I've learned that men only blush when they find a specific woman to be so. *looks at Yuugao with a foxy smile that generally spells doom for someone* Does she have a name~?

Kotetsu: Most women have a name. *grins at Yuugao*

Yuugao: *has the thought that this is so not going to end well* Uh...

Izume: Indeed they do, Kochan. *looks at Yuugao expectantly*

Silence: *is very expectant*

Yuugao: *swallows hard and then straightens, smirking* Yes, she does have a name. *start to sew again* Not that it's your business to know it.

Izume: Awww~

Kotetsu: I'm sure we can go look at records. >.> I mean, just check through mission logs.
Kotetsu: After all, we have to make sure she's good enough for our Yuu-chan~

Izume: Good point.

Yuugao: *gives them both an annoyed expression* Just because I find her attractive doesn't mean that she returns it.

Kotetsu: Maybe she doesn't know it yet.

Izume: That just sucks, though. Have you tried asking her out?
Izume: Just to perhaps find out how she feels?

Yuugao: *hopes this bubble of confidence doesn't burst on him soon* You'll just have to trust me, girls. She has no interest in me.

Izume: *frowns a little, then patpats Yuugao's shoulders* I'm sorry.

Kotetsu: *frowns more than a little* Hm. I wonder why. Unless she's stuck up.

Yuugao: Wellll, enough about my screwed up love life. How about you two? *grins* Any suitors?

Kotetsu: *eyes Izu, who is concentrating very HARD on her sewing....*

Izume: *blushes a little herself this time*

Kotetsu: Wellllll... can you imagine me with anyone? Maybe it's Izu-kun. ^____^

Yuugao: *blinks* Really? I always thought you guys were fakin' the bi thing.

Izume: *blushes MORE* I've been going out with Aki, actually. Not Kochan.

Kotetsu: *mock-severe* But Izu-kun! How could you DO that to me? *mock-swoons on her lap*

Yuugao: *blinks again* Really?

Izume: *barely manages to get the embroidery out of the way in time* I'm so sorry, Kochan~~ (Watch it; you nearly stabbed yourself on my needle!)
Izume: *still red in the face* Yes, really. He's a lot of fun, he's kind, and he's got a wild streak that's---Aki. ^__^

Kotetsu: *totally could avoid it. Anyway, she trusts Izu. >.> sniffles dramatically* Aki STOLE my Izu-kun away from me. T_T

Izume: *resumes her work with Kochan's head still in her lap*
Izume: *has done this many a time before*

Kotetsu: *has cloth in her face <.<*

Yuugao: *reminds himself that this is normal for them* Well, congratulations. *gives Izu an honest smile*

Izume: *gives him a real smile back* Thank you~ ♥

Kotetsu: Mmph. >.> *still kinda jealous of Aki taking away HER Izu. >.>* He has to treat you right. Or I'll squish him like a bug.

Izume: Oh, he does.

Kotetsu: he has to treat you PROPER right.

Yuugao: *just continues smiling and listens, working on his own embrodiery*

Izume: Ah, Kochan, what would I ever do without you~
Izume: My knight in shining...weapons.

Kotetsu: Probably run out of money. Or things to threaten people with. ^____^ Shiny weaponry gets you everywhere~

Izume: Run out of things to threaten people with? *sniffle* Have you no faith in me, Kochan? *wibble*

Kotetsu: BIG shiny things to threaten people with!
Kotetsu: *pats her thigh* The little kunai and pigeons I trust you!

Izume: .... Pigeons.

Kotetsu: <.< yeah.

Izume: You trust me with pigeons.

Yuugao: Pigeons... **glances up** ....are you guys just ignoring the fact that you're trained to seduce?

Kotetsu: Yup. ^___^ I mean, you summon them.

Drel: (because i just reread the whole Asuma dies thing, and izumo TOTALLY pulled pigeons out of nowhere. I mean, one panel no pigones, next panel yay four pigeons!)
Drel: (So he either summons them or he keeps them in his weapons pouch)

Kotetsu: Me? Seduce? Who?

Izume: Don't worry, Kochan, you already know you have me wrapped around your little finger.

Kotetsu: Mm. And I like you there. ^_^

Izume: And, Yuu-kun, if you ever want to buy anything for your lady-not-yet-a-friend from our shop, we can give you a discount~

Kotetsu: Izu-kun can recommend things for people she doesn't even know~ Cause she's just that good. ^_^

Yuugao: *jerks his head and stabs his finger* H-huh?

Kotetsu: :3?

Izume: Oh, wow, we got Cat-san unawares~ ...and he's bleeding. Kochan, move. *pushes Kochan off her lap and gets to her feet to find the first aid kit*

Yuugao: Bleeding? *looks down and then jerks his bleeding finger away from his work before he ruins it*

Kotetsu: *pouts from the floor, and curls up at the seat of Izu's seat. Offers a polishing cloth* Here, you can bleed on that for a moment, while Izu goes and finds bandages.*

Izume: *comes back with kit, opens it and starts on the process of cleaning and bandaging Yuugao's finger*

Yuugao: ...thank you. *just lets them bandage him*

Izume: Anytime, Yuu-kun.

Kotetsu: Mmm. ♥

Yuugao: *senses that the 'they're flirting with me again' sensor should be going off* H-hah. Right.

Izume: *finishes, then kisses the bandaid lightly "to make it better", then winks playfully at him before putting the supplies back in the kit* Now, would anyone object to tea? *glances at Kochan before Yuugao*

Yuugao: *faintly blushing again* I...I would love some, thank you.

Izume: *grins at him and picks up the kit, then heads off to make tea*

Kotetsu: Yay tea. :D *shifts over to Yuugao's side. and leans her head on his hip to 'see his sewing, yes, really'*
Kotetsu: That's pretty.

Yuugao: *blinks down at her and smiles, only a little worried* Thank you. Izu-chan taught me well.

Kotetsu: Mmm. she does a lot of things well. *adds just a hint of purr to her voice. she's nowhere as good as Izume is, but it's just so fun to tease Yuugao*

Yuugao: *very much recognizes that purr and hates that he blushes on command* Yes, yes she does. *goes back to sewing, though he does glance over so it looks like he's paying attention to her, which he is*

Kotetsu: *hee. He'd blushed! She edges closer, and nuzzles his hip. Just a little. And why not? Yuugao is a very nice looking young man. And a good friend. plus, he's adorable when he blushes..* Of course, I can't embroider. That's not her fault though, I just ain't interested.

Yuugao: *knows the nuzzling is not helping his composure* T-that's too bad. Though I guess it must be odd to see me sewing so much and enjoying it.
Yuugao: I guess that's just my mother's influence.

Kotetsu: For you? Nope. grins and nuzzles him moooore. Hee I can do some sewing. Like buttons and stuff, but not really on a plan and thing - means I had to buy clothes when my own wore out.
Kotetsu: Sewin's more cost efficient. *says this all but into Yuugao's waist* XD

Yuugao: I... *knows his face is getting more and more red* I usually buy my own clothes, too, but I... *almost whimpers* I fix a lot of my uniforms so they last for ages.

Kotetsu: Mmhmm. *hums, and glances up, and Yuugao's composure is almost perfect. Almost. Hee.* Oh? How so? like... doing up the seams? *runs her finger lightly up the seam of Yuugao's pants. >.> fortunately they aren't tight...*

Yuugao: *actually squirms* Y-yeah. A-and other stuff, too. Buttons, cuts, slashes.... *starts to feel a squeak coming on as she gets close to his hip*

Izume: *comes back with tea and little sammiches* *raises both eyebrows, then looks sadly at Kochan* I'm not gone even ten minutes, Kochan.
Izume: *has foods and drink and cups on a tray*

Yuugao: *gives her a look of "thank you!"*

Kotetsu: *draws back reluctantly, and pouts at Izu* But you don't want me anymore. *Pooooouts* Yuu-chan will take care of me thoguh, won't he? :D

Izume: *eyes Yuugao thoughtfully* ....Hm. Yuu-kun, is Kochan your secret crush~?

Yuugao: *goes from thankful to surprised* W-what? I...I...wha?

Kotetsu: *regards Yuugao with sharp surprise* .... Eh?

Izume: *looks at both of them, sets the tray down on the low table, and then laughs*
Izume: I don't know, Yuu-kun, you were looking red as a lychee fruit just now~

Yuugao: *lets out a whimper* Come on! This just.... *sighs* I'm a human being!
Yuugao: *grumbles to himself* I hope it was the white fleshy part....

Kotetsu: Mou, Izu-kun, you're so mean teasing me. *beams at her and goes over to help herself to yay sandwich!*

Izume: *pours the tea all lady-like*

Kotetsu: *pokes her hip*

Izume: But, Kochan, you like my teasings~

Yuugao: *slumps in the chair* I've gotten out of shape for visiting you two....

Kotetsu: Only some, Izu-kun, when it's just you and meeee...

Izume: *uses a hand to blow Kochan a kiss*
Izume: You should come by more often. I know you're busy, Cat-san, but you're always welcome here.

Kotetsu: *catches the kiss and kisses her palm* >3
Kotetsu: Yeah, keep me company when Izu-kun's gallivating about town leaving me ALONE.

Izume: Maa, maa~

Kotetsu: And then you can do my portion of the sewing. <.<

Yuugao: *smiles weakly, the strain from keeping his secrets showing* Thanks. I'll do my best to come when I can. Not sure how often that will be, what with the Daimyo's new orders

Izume: ...Right, those.

Kotetsu: >.< Tis annoying, those. More paperwork than I wanna see.

Yuugao: I just....have to ask that you don't let anyone else know that I'm doing any sewing. *glances around as if ANBU operative will pop out*

Kotetsu: Of course not. If we do, you won't come back, and then who can help us with the sewing? *totally would let Yuugao do it alll*

Yuugao: Right. *smiles* Then I'll definitely be here to help out. I've missed having you guys around. It's...kinda quiet all alone.

Izume: *smiles gently at him, no teasing this time* *decides to give him a hug*
Izume: *HUUUUUUG~*

Kotetsu: offers him a sammich

Bel: Yuugao: *laughs and returns the hug with one arm, the other accepting the sandwich*

Izume: *lets go, gives everyone their tea, and then snags a sandwich for herself*

Izume: It's good to hear you laugh, Yuu-kun. ♥

Yuugao: *lets his embrodiery sit on his shoulder, needle safely pointed away* Yeah, it feels good to laugh. *glances around the place* Looks like business has been good for you guys.

Kotetsu: Izu-kun has ideas that work. I just deal with the plumbing. >3

Izume: It was a while before we started turning a profit, but yeah, we're doing good now. The chuunin exam has helped a lot with all the tourists and foreigners coming for the main matches.

Yuugao: *nods and sips his tea* And you made all those clothes yourself, Izu-chan? You must be up all night.

Drel: Kotetsu: Not all... just the best ones.

Izume: *smiles at Kochan, then looks at Yuugao* I don't have the time to make everything, so I carry the works of others, too.

Bel: Yuugao: I wouldn't expect your work to be any less than that. *thinks* You know....do you ever have any male customers at all? I mean, ones who are shopping for themselves?

Izume: Special orders, only. The shop is geared towards women.
Izume: Why, Yuu-kun, would you like anything made--or sold?

Kotetsu: Mm. There's so much clothing shops for men out the street - *indicates opposite the road* - but we do it special. *purrs at Yuugao* We'd totally do something for you. :P

Yuugao: *thinks and then shrugs* Maybe something sold. I just have made a few things for fun and thought that maybe they would sell... *blinks at her suggestion* Though uh....I guess?

Izume: I have a measuring tape~ You'd have to strip for exact measurements, however~

Kotetsu: *grrrrriiiiiins*

Yuugao: It's just...really rare for me to have any reason to dress up and.... *blushes, whispering* Strip?

Kotetsu: For accuracy and best fit~

Kotetsu: it's not like you can wear a kimono or the dress uniform for everything.
Kotetsu: *totally uses the argument Izu'd used on her earlier*

Yuugao: *knows there is no hope of not blushing now* Uh...I mean...
Yuugao: All the way strip? *coughs into his hand* There's no reason for me to take off my boxers, is there?

Kotetsu: *so tempted to say yes*

Izume: *considers*

Yuugao: *stutters, looking away* B-besides, you guys've seen me naked once.

Izume: Yes. Once.

Izume: But, if you must, you may leave them on.

Yuugao: *lets out a breath of relief* I-I must insist. Sorry. *wonders why he was apologizing*

Kotetsu: *sighs* Ah well. we'll just have to work around that.

Izume: *bit more serious now* As for selling items, hm. Expanding to menswear beyond special orders is tricky, though... *taps chin, eyes faraway as she ponders the business aspects*

Yuugao: Well, I guess I could model the clothes if you needed it? *thinks* And I probably won't have anything sewn very often, being so busy and all.
Yuugao: You could...just see if my stuff will sell here and there?

Kotetsu: If they're like your unique suits? We could play up the unique, one-of aspect. Some girls do bring their boyfriends over.

Yuugao: *shrugs* I'm open to trying it. So uh...I....guess that means I should take my shirt and pants off, then huh? *barely able to not sound nervous*

Kotetsu: Yup. ^_^

Izume: Maybe the novelty of your clothes--seeing as you are busy--could help bring in more customers. Especially if we don't advertise them. People will have to come into the shop to see if anything that's new has come in.

Kotetsu: Say it's done by some with refined taste who doesn't want to be named... and they might come in for that alone.

Yuugao: *brightens* That sounds great! I'll....see if I can get a prototype to you by next week.

Kotetsu: *beams at him, and leans over and tugs at the hem of his shirt* Soooo....

Izume: Excellent! And if they do sell well, would you mind if we "ghost-wrote"? If we copy your designs or make anything markedly similar, we'll give you a cut of the profits.

Yuugao: Definitely fine by me. ANBU pays more than enough for me to get by. This would just be for my savings or something. *glances at the tug and sighs* All right, all right. *pulls his shirt off over his head*

Kotetsu: *whooo! ABS*

Izume: *sighs and fans self, smiling*
Izume: Now, let me get that tape measure....

Yuugao: *was expecting them to want the pants off too, but is fine waiting for that*

Izume: *rummages through sewing box* Pants off too, Yuu-kun.

Kotetsu: *perkily perched on her seat* :3

Yuugao: Hai. *was so hopeful, too. Takes off his belt, glancing up before feeling the blush return again.* You know....this is starting to feel like a strip show or something. *feels worse for saying it and quickly diverts his eyes, fumbling with the button on his pants*

Kotetsu: Oh? I've never been to one. *so. so. innocent*

Izume: *looks up and leers at the hot guy disrobing in front of them* I could grab some dollar bills if that would help~

Yuugao: *doesn't dare make eye contact, still fumbling* I really should learn to not voice my thoughts sometimes....

Kotetsu: Aww, you say the sweetest things though.

Izume: *laughs a tinkling laugh* Maybe, Yuu-kun, you should pretend it's your not-a-lady-friend who's watching you~ Her eyes bright and intent, her breathing quick, hair shining softly in the dim light...

Yuugao: *whimpers and finally manages the button, glancing up with a mortally horrified look* ...her? *pants drop as his fingers tremble*

Izume: Unless you're suddenly into men?
Izume: *snaps the cloth measuring tape between her hands~*

Yuugao: N-no. *glances away, ruffling his hair* I like women.

Kotetsu: *hides her smirk* Soooo. If it'd make you more comfortable, pretend she's watching.

Izume: *goes to Yuugao, starts measuring shoulder width, shoulder circumferance, arm length (both arms), upper arm circumferance, elbow circumferance, wrist circumferance*
Izume: *does all this with professionalism...and a smile, because he is a good-looking man, oh yes*

Yuguao: *tolerates this and thinks of anyone but her, since that would make his blush worse...along with other things* *glances down eventually to watch Izu work*

Izume: Saa, Yuu-kun, what do you like when it comes to fabric and clothes? *measures distance from nape to waist, nape to tailbone; indicates he's to raise his arms so she can get the cirumferance of his chest*

Yuugao: *thinks for a moment, trying to just stand still - and move his arms as indicated - and keep himself distracted* Well, I don't think I'm too picky.... *rambles about what kinds of clothes he has, and what he would like to have....*

Izume: *nods and listens carefully* *gets the breadth of his upper back, waist, and hips* *then gets to measure around his hips~~*

Yuugao: *flinches a little at the touch, glancing down before quickly raising his eyes again* So....do I measure normally?

Izume: *has her face only inches from his butt, and what a nice butt it is~* So far, yes.

Kotetsu: *so tempted to say, "no, Izu, you have to do him over to make surrreeee*

Yuugao: ..uh, well, that's good. *doesn't dare flinch or move now*

Izume: *straightens and walks around to Yuugao's front* You can put your arms down now~

Yuugao: Oh, right. *lowers them and lets them fall loosely at his side, choosing to look at Ko before seeing her devious smirk and looking elsewhere*

Kotetsu: he *blushes so cutely. <3~*

Izume: *measures around his neck; then the breadth of his shoulders again (the front can be different from the back), his chest (and what nice pectorals, too~), his waist-front and hip-front*
Izume: Have you tried to woo her?

Yuugao: *finds the waist-front and hip-front to be the most difficult to stay unterrified for*
Yuugao: *twitches* Woo? What? I...well, there's not really an option to woo her. She likes someone else.

Kotetsu: ... Who is better than our Yuu-chan?

Yuugao: She's....liked him for a long time.

Izume: *kneels in front of him and puts a hand on his thigh* Spread your legs, Yuu-kun.

Yuugao: *blinks and looks down at her* Is this wide okay? *shifts his legs so his feet are farther out than his shoulders*

Kotetsu: A bit wider!

Izume: *shoots Ko a look* You're fine, Yuu-kun.

Yuugao: *blushes all the same*

Kotetsu: *wilts a little at Izu's look*

Izume: *measures leg length--waist to ankle, groin to ankle without touching Yuugao's goods*

Yuugao: *is more than a little relieved at the no-touching*

Izume: *is a professional*

Yuugao: *knows that, but still....Paper Dolls here*

Kotetsu: *pouts at not being able to do the measuring.*

Izume: *measures thigh circumferance, knee circumference, calf/shin/ankle circumferance, then does the whole spiel with his other leg, just like she'd measured both of his arms*

Yuugao: *glances down* Are they a different length?

Izume: Only an eighth-inch difference, but that's normal.
Izume: *stands* All righty. Kochan--grab a notepad so I can tell you the measurements before I forget them.

Yuugao: *blinks and mumbles to himself* ...my legs are different lengths. *cocks his head as he looks down at them*

Izume: If they weren't, Yuu-kun, you'd walk like Frankenstein.

Yuugao: *makes sure she could read off the numbers first* Huh. I always thought they were supposed to be the same length.....

Kotetsu: *fishes a notebook out!* Ready~

Izume: *rapid-firing measurements to Kochan*

Kotetsu: *scribbles like a maniac*

Yuugao: *starts to get dressed again, pulling on his pants first*

Izume: *coils up her measuring tape* You sure you need to put those back on?

Kotetsu: *melting look at him*

Yuugao: *pauses with only one leg on* Why....**sees Ko's look and blushes**

Kotetsu: *pleasepleasplease? sort of puppy look*

Yuugao: *looks to Izume* Oh come on! It's not fair that I get ogled and you don't!

Izume: What are you talking about? *grins* I get ogled all the time.

Kotetsu: That's 'cause I see her in various forms of undress everyday. :3

Yuugao: *half-whimper* But are you this naked?

Izume: Sometimes more naked.

Kotetsu: We only have one shower, Yuu-chan.

Yuugao: *knows this is not going to go well for him* *sputters at Ko's comment and turns even more red*

Izume: *grins at Kochan*

Yuugao: *drops the pants again and slumps back into his chair, picking up his embrodiery and focusing on it entirely*
Yuugao: *and makes sure he looks grumpy, too*

Izume: *beams* More tea?

Yuugao: Sure. *sips his and finishes it*

Izume: *pours him more*

Kotetsu: *sidles over and offers him sammiches* ^_^

Yuugao: *nods in thanks and sips it, also taking a sandwich, setting down the embrodery again from a lack of hands*

Kotetsu: *mmm, no embroidery in the way, means perfect view of ABS*

Yuugao: *is more than aware of the staring, but sucks it up and deals with it*

Kotetsu: *Abs~*

Yuugao: *finishes the sandwich and goes back to embroidery, pausing to pull over his fallen pants with his foot*

Izume: *picks up her own embroidery* You said she's liked him for a long time, but you hesitated mid-sentence. Why?

Kotetsu: loves *Izu for her perfect memory*

me: Yuugao: *pauses his pants-dragging and blinks* Well...it's just complicated.

Drel: (Who does Nejiko like again? Kiba?)
Drel: (... uh. I mean.)
Mina: [apslgjsagl;j no]
Drel: (Tentsuke?)
Mina: [yes.]
Drel: (*fails hardcore*)
Bel: [*dying of laughter, couldn't breathe!*]
Drel: (*patson*)

Kotetsu: How? Does it involve made love-hexagons? in fourdimensional space?

Yuugao: *looks at his embroidery forlornly* No. She likes him, she knows I like her, she doesn't like me back. That's how it's complicated.

Izume: Oh. ...I'm sorry, Yuu-kun.

Yuugao: *shrugs* It's all right. I've...had time to accept it.

Kotetsu: :( I could go... talk to her. Make her change her mind. >.>

Izume: Leave the ookina kunai at home, Kochan.

Bel: Yuugao: *goes pale* N-no, no, that's really all right.

Kotetsu: I mean. Just a little. I mean. Just a talk. *bright smile*

Yuugao: *weak smile* It's...really for the best like this. Really. *looks away* Besides, I get to be her friend this way. And that's what she needs right now.

Kotetsu: Hmph. Are you sure, Yuu-chan? Because... she had better have a good reason to turn you down.

Yuugao: Yeah. *feels his smile weaken even more, becoming more nervous than anything* She'd also kick my butt if I dared to push anything.

Kotetsu: *oh ho, so this girl's really strong, eh? There're not many girls who are that strong... she must be in ANBU then...* I wouldn't say that you're pushing anything~

Yuugao: *raises an eyebrow, sensing that suspicions are arising* Maybe I am?

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