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head tilt

redeyedavenger in narukorp

Call him "Sir". He likes that. [Sachiko, Tsurude]

set the day after Joke's on you, suckers

Sachiko: *makes herself go through the whole rigmarole that is necessary to see the Hokage in the event of a non-emergency, which mostly consists of schmoozing the secretary into getting her a same-day appointment, which required lots of emphasis on a distinct lack of paperwork and a definite minimum of the Hokage's oh-so important time*

Sachiko: *gets her appointment for the next day bitch, and at the appointed time she is a-knocking on Tsurude's chamber office door*

Tsurude: *pulls himself out of the medical paperwork for the hospital he's working on - like, the only thing he really gives his all outside stupid meetings with the council - to look up at the door* Come in.

Sachiko: *enters, closes the door behind her* Good afternoon, Hokage-sama. *bows politely*

Tsurude: *leans back in his chair, raising a brow* To what do I owe the pleasure of your presence, Sachiko?

Sachiko: *is calm and relaxed, standing at parade rest* I only have a couple questions, regarding the recent changes to my team. Before I get to them, I want to ask: permission to speak freely, Hokage-sama?

Tsurude: *already has a good idea what this is about; honestly, he's just surprised she didn't show up sooner* Granted.

Sachiko: Thank you, sir.
Sachiko: With all due respect, sir, what the bleeding hell are you thinking, having two Akatsuki targets on the same team?

Tsurude: *cocks his brow at her again* You question the wisdom in this?

Sachiko: *bites back the sarcastic, Is it that obvious? in favor of a more direct:* Yes. Sir.

Tsurude: Care to elaborate?

Sachiko: ..... *frowns at him* My issues with my sister and the fact that the masked bitch appears to have an unhealthy interest in me, combined with the fact that the Akatsuki attacked the Daimyo's palace to get at Asuka.

Tsurude: Do you have any proof that the events are related?

Sachiko: *is trying very, very hard not to be sarcastic because that'll accomplish nothing* The fact the abovementioned enemy parties are in the same criminal organization doesn't make them related?

Tsurude: *rests his elbows on the chair's arm rests and steeples his fingers* No. It does not.

Sachiko: --Huh?

Tsurude: *smiles a little in response to her confused expression* What you don't know, Sachiko, is that the Akatsuki are only loosely associated with each other. They have banded together for a common goal - what we still don't know - but so far as we can tell, that goal is the only thing that keeps them together. I sincerely doubt that your death or capture and Asuka's death or capture are that goal. They certainly would have succeeded in assassinating you both years ago if that were the case.

Sachiko: .... My sister doesn't want to kill me, I know that much. She most adamantly wants me alive.

Tsurude: If you say so. All the same, putting both you and Asuka on the same team is highly unlikely to cause any further attempts at assassination, especially since you won't be leaving the village any time soon. *pauses* Or at least, no attempts on Asuka's life.

Sachiko: ...

Tsurude: Any further questions concerning my ability to make decisions for the village?

Sachiko: ...No, sir. *is genuinely trying not to sulk. gets points for that?*

Tsurude: Good. *slight pause* For your information, Sachiko, I made this decision because despite any previous idiotic decisions Asuka may have made, I do respect her ability to train quality shinobi. If she gets off her ass and does a good job with you, I fully expect you to exemplify that trait. I also fully expect that, if she does get off her ass, and your team does get attacked again, the two of you will do a good enough job defending yourselves. I did not make this decision without taking both of your abilities into account.

Sachiko: *...quite a bit more mollified now* Yes, sir.

Tsurude: Do you have anything else you'd like to speak frankly about?

Sachiko: No, sir. That was it.

Tsurude: Excellent. *leans forward to return to paperworks* You're dismissed, then. Ask the secretary to bring me more of Kotetsu's tea on your way out, if you would.

Sachiko: *nods, bows, and heads out to do just that before going home*