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scarecrow_mask in narukorp

"Throw me a friggin' bone here!' (Kakami, Sachiko and Aki )

The attack had been over quickly, little to compare to the hours spent clearing wreckage and tending to the wounded and the dead. Kakami had been helping mainly with the former for most of the day that the group had spent at the palace to help. But now it was evening again, and the sky, mostly cleared from the dust and silt that had been shot into the air from the explosions, showed the streaking of the sunset. Rather pretty, for such grim surroundings and Kakami only momentarily glanced at the sight before going into one of the standing buildings that had been declared as safe.

Aki had let something slip a few hours ago, as he'd helped Kakami move some large pieces of what had been a wall of an indoor courtyard. Sachiko and Sakurai had come up against an Akastuki, who'd been interested in the Uchiha. Very interested. Now, the girl was under guard and probably would be all the way back home, where she would consequently be confined to the village limits.

Kakami was fairly certain that Sachiko was quite unhappy.


Sachiko wasn't unhappy. She wasn't quite unhappy. She was spitting mad but somehow managing to contain it to silent fuming for the most part and very rapid pacing for the rest of it. She had come to here in the room she had been sharing with Kakami and Kiba and Shikako, only she had been the room's only occupant aside from an avian-masked ANBU. She couldn't tell who the ANBU was, but to guess by the active eye-centric chakra she'd Seen with Sharingan when she'd glared at the ANBU, she'd say it was a Hyuuga. Didn't matter who it was, in the long run.

She still wore her torn kimono, though her short hair hung limply around her face except for where it stood up from constantly raking her fingers through her head. The bitch in the corner wasn't saying a word about anything, wouldn't even tell her about Sakurai. No one had come in, though she expected Ibiki to make an appearance at some point. Yes, Sachiko understood the reasoning behind this--she was too intelligent not to--but that didn't mean the frustration and fury weren't eating her alive.

She was quite effectively screwed and she knew it. Bad enough to have to worry about Orochimayu and her sister on top of still being under suspicion of future defection, but now there was some swirly-masked Akatsuki asshole with too much an interest in her. If Tsurude had been reluctant about letting her out of the village before--! It didn't matter now if she made rank. She was never going to be allowed to leave the village. Ever.

God damn it. And things were finally starting to get better!

She cried out her frustration: long and loud and with a definite ragged edge of exasperation, not caring at how loud it was or who heard her or that it probably wasn't 'fitting' for a shinobi, an Uchiha, or what have you. Right now she didn't bloody care. At the least it provided a better alternative to punching something. With the mood she was in she was liable to break whatever she hit and that wouldn't help out her situation any. Plus, it'd probably get her in trouble with the Daimyo or someone of that ilk.

A knock on the door had Sachiko snapping to face it, her body tensing as she expected Ibiki. The ANBU opened the door and gave Kakami a long, searching look before allowing the silver-haired jounin entrance.

"Sensei," Sachiko said tersely. Though she was trying to be polite despite the ominous presence her Sharingan-eyes. A part of her felt she probably shouldn't be using her chakra like this. The rest of her didn't care. If nothing else, it would help use up all the useless nervous energy that had her nerves singing.
Kakami walked over and sat on the floor, opposite where Sachiko stood. She crossed her legs and settled for a few moments before staring up at the Uchiha for several minutes, taking in the mussed hair, tear tracks and the still active doujutsu, as well as the kimono the girl still wore.

"Well, I won't ask how you are, since it seems pretty clear." Kakami stated quietly. Honestly, she'd almost expected something worse after hearing everything that had happened. Sachiko still looked in a whole piece, even if the girl was looking ready rip her way out of the room if she had to. None of this was a good situation - Kakami understood everything that was behind it, that would motivate it in the future, but Sachiko was going to be made a prisoner in her own village - even if it was without bars or constant guards. Not something very many shinobi would handle well.

"Sakurai's fine, by the way." the woman added, this time softly.
"Yeah, I know." Kakami said, voice even more quiet than it had before. The laugh helped and so did Sachiko's change of tone. She'd been half afraid of resurgence of vengence against Itae with how Sachiko had been speaking. Now, it didn't seem so much like the case even if Sachiko's feeling of entrapment would have other negative effects. Suprising, but not unwelcome.

After all, half the point of being here had been to see Sachiko, to see and hear what she was thinking and feeling. To see if there had been a lot to worry about.

The woman was silent for a moment before leaning her head to the side, watching Sachiko closely again before asking, "You've looked into the police force, into joining them?" There was a slight note to her voice, a keen edge of something that was almost curious.
"Not yet. Thought I would wait until after the gala so I didn't have to worry about a week-long interruption." Sachiko slumped, the anxious energy finally giving way to mental and emotional exhaustion. She glanced at Kakami, and though the woman wasn't expressing it verbally the Sharingan let Sachiko See the twitches of curiosity and surprise. "...What? You thought I was going to go running after my sister, after this?" Because that would really help things at this juncture, now wouldn't it.

Funtimes with Aki?

....What the hell were they doing out there? Sachiko wondered when Aki stuck his head in. Rebuilding the damn palace? She'd tensed at the sudden intrusion--the ANBU hadn't reacted at all. Which in retrospect was probably a good thing; you didn't want an ANBU with twitchy sword-hands.

Still, her spirits fell when he opened his mouth and she couldn't wholly stop the disappointment from showing though she masked it quickly enough to nod in reply to Kakami. "Would---Could you tell Sakurai that I'm okay?" she asked. He would be worried, she knew, just like she had been. He'd tried hard to protect her and she wanted him to know she was okay. She didn't want Kakami to leave, but at least now she could get a message to Sakurai?

Re: Funtimes with Aki?

"Yes, I'll tell him." Kakami said. She gave the girl another smile before getting up and walking to the door. She glanced at Aki, who gave her a grin, before she stepped out. Hopefully things with Ibiki wouldn't take too long and she would come back. Kakami wanted to be here, but ignoring Ibiki just wasn't an option.

Sachiko spluttered through a combination hiss/snarl. Clearly she was distracted from the tray; she nearly upset the plate as she uncoiled to spring but caught herself before following through the second action. She didn't know why she was so agitated---okay, she did. She was not a 'little one', and-- "I told you not to add that suffix!"

Was it so hard to recall? Stupid jerk. Tired as she was, she still glared fiercely.
"No, you said not to add it to your name. Sasa isn't your name." Aki stated, biting back a gleeful expression in the brotherly "I'm-not-touching-you" way he knew how to do so well. Now that was some reaction - the girl had a pretty good glare on her.

Of course, the doujutsu eyes helped quite a bit.

"'Sides, everyone should have a nickname. You can pick mine if you like."

(whups, forgot she turned of the Sharingan in the last post. ignore that icon!)

Sachiko only needed to glance at his hair to guess where that assumption came from. It wasn't an ordinary color for hair, but who was she to comment? Her teammate had pastel pink hair.

Finally, to break the silence: "I usually wear dark shirts."
"Yeah?" Aki paused breifly, almost as if waiting for further explnation before shrugging.

"So, we can say that's your favorite shade maybe." he suggested with a smile. Shades counted. Sort of.
"Differences between little boys and little girls I guess." Aki said breifly. He remembered loving the scent and feel of dirt - so much so that bath time frequently turned into nightly battles.

"So, you have a favorite shade an' you used to get dirty now an' again." Aki summarized slowly. Well, the next question was rather obvious. "Favorite food?"
"Tomatos." Cherry tomatos, grape tomatos, all kinds of tomatos. Except the fried green kind. Sachiko liked her tomatos ripe, thank you.
Before Aki could ask another question, the door opened and Kakami appeared. She raised an eyebrow at the purple haired man who grinned brilliantly and innocently at her before rising to his feet.

"Well, I guess I should go look into my own supper." He said idly, stretching his arms a bit. "I'll see you later Sachiko-san." Aki winked at the girl and waved a bit at Kakami who watched him leave before she sat down again. Seeing Aki still in here had been....odd. Kakami glanced at Sachiko, but the girl didn't appear to be heavily annoyed so perhaps Aki had been well-behaved.

"...It didn't take as long as I thought it would. And Sakurai knows you're okay." she stated.
At least he used her actual name this time, even if it was as he was heading out the door.

Sachiko nodded in reply to Kakami. "How is he doing?"

Now that she wasn't so blazingly pissed off, she was starting to think she could at least change into the normal clothes she had brought along for traveling to and from the gala. Those would be more comfortable to sleep in, and would lessen preparation time for when it was time to leave as then she didn't have to worry about changing her clothes.
"Chiriku-sama's that monk-lady, right? The one that got banned from Konoha?" Sachiko inquired.
"Yes." Kakami stated before standing and going to the bed nearest to the one Sachiko was one. She sat down on it and started to toe off her sandals. "Rin is taking care of her though, so I'm sure she'll be fine."

The woman looked at Sachiko and smiled again. "And unless you're really desperate to ask about anyone else, I think we both could use some rest for now."