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okay I'm amused

pink_medicine in narukorp

[Sachiko, Sakurai, Open Thread] Lunch Anyone?

Sachiko let the genjutsu disperse with a faint wheeze before plodding heavily to her focus-object. She was moving past birdhouses-turned-waystations to something a bit more complicated: making a genjutsu that was barely related to the focus. In fact, she wasn't sure how the hell the illusion she had crafted related in any way to a spoon, except to say they both had metal components. The spoon was retrieved, studied for any defects (too much chakra in the object warped it), then when satisfied she slipped the utensil into her pouch.

She couldn't say the training wasn't paying off. Between Kureno's water exercise and her own determination, she was making progress in not just the quality of her illusions but her own chakra control as well. The real surprise was that she was finding the latter more satisfying than the former. She wanted to get good at genjutsu, but man. She should have started this sort of thing with chakra control a long time ago.

Sakurai looked around, taking in all the results of Sachiko's training (a lot of which he only helped in by offering a tip or two) and summing it up into one word. "...Wow."

This was going to go down as yet another incident proving that Sachiko, like Naruko, possessed a level of stamina and willpower of an amazing caliber. And both of them learned so fast! Training with the Hokage made him think he was almost caught up to them, but then a training session like this made him realize he was still far behind. ...It was a little disappointing to feel a lack of progress on his part, even though he knew he'd come a long way. But even if there was a ways still to go, the fact that he had improved, the road forward may have a few discouraging moments, but it wasn't hopeless. That was something.

But comparisons aside, and impressing stamina or not, there was no denying Sachiko was reaching some kind of limit. Time for a break.

"Ne, Sachiko-chan, I think this is enough for today. You've done really well though!" That seemed like a rather obvious thing to say, therefore making it sound silly. Sakurai rubbed his neck, suddenly a little embarrassed by the remark. "I mean, you've always been amazing, but..." That felt a little dumb too. Jeez.

"Say, why don't we go get something to eat? It should help replenish the energy you've spent today."

Sachiko got her water bottle from where it leaned against the tree to down half the contents in a single go. Then she nodded at him, wiping the excess water and sweat from her mouth with the back of her arm. "Thanks, 'Kurai," she gasped quickly before gulping more water.

The illusions themselves weren't draining so much as complicated. The most attention, however, went into the careful monitoring of her own chakra usage. The water exercise helped her realize that while she wasn't overdoing it by much on her chakra use for jutsu, she was still using more for everything than was needed. In any sort of fight (not just one with Itae), that was wasteful and possibly detrimental to the mission. So being able to use only the required chakra per jutsu was not only more economic, it was simply better sense. Hell, nothing could say it couldn't help with keeping the curse seal under greater management as well.

She nodded again when he mentioned food and ignored the sudden rumbling from her stomach. Yeah, she could use the fuel. "'Long as it's not Ichiraku," she said. "Ramen might be cheap, but I can only eat it so much before the smell makes me sick." Living near the place hadn't helped much. It had encouraged her to cook more, just so her apartment wouldn't stink.

"Oh. Uh...okay." Sakurai had to admit to himself Ichiraku had been the place he had in mind. With Naruko out of the village, he figured their business must be suffering and it would be a nice courtesy to their blond teammate to make sure her favorite eatery was still standing when she got back. Sachiko-chan probably had a point though.

"Well, Inosuke is always telling me how good the barbecue his team visits is. He says he eats there all the time and has never gained a pound! Although, thinking about it, that might be because Chouko's on his team... Still, wanna try it?"

"Sure." Sachiko had never eaten there before, but the yakinuki place didn't sound bad. She had often passed by there and sniffed the tantalizing smells of cooking meat and vegetables, but she hadn't ever gone in.

She finished the last of the water, then shook the bottle just to be sure. Maybe she should start bringing more on these little training sessions.

"Alright then, let's go!" He looked back at Sachiko and smiled apologetically. "Oh, uh. You can still rest for a little more first that is..."

Sachiko shrugged. "I'll be fine as long as we're sitting down to eat," she replied.

"Sure, no problem." When he was convinced Sachiko was really alright to be going, Sakurai fell in step beside her (matching his pace to hers since he wasn't the exhausted one), the two making their way out of their training area, through the filtering suburbs, and into the streets of Konoha.


Said streets of Konoha were experiencing an all too familiar scene. Down the street, balanced on either shoulder, Tentsuke was wobbling slightly as he carried two large piles of wood back towards his house. He threw out a few apologies as he passed, trying not to hit too many people.

But by then, a majority of the shoppers were used to his antics. Living in a shinobi village meant you tended to do normal things differently. So having to duck as a large piece of wood came swinging at your head while you picking the best apple from the bunch wasn't as odd as it would have been in a civilian village. Still people did give him a wide berth and a few shopkeepers came out of their stores to make sure he hadn't damaged anything.

Tentsuke, for his part, was just concentrating on his surroundings, making sure he didn't trip over any of the smaller people that were milling about him while make sure the taller ones didn't meet the hard end of his cargo. He was so concentrated on this that he passed by the familiar duo and didn't recognize them...

Well not right away. When his mind finally caught up, he swung around and nearly decapitated a few startled shoppers. "Hey! Sakurai, Sachiko!" he said happily.
Sachiko ducked to avoid getting hit. She had noticed him but also saw the look of concentration, which was why she hadn't called out. She was tired, and Tentsuke took after Leigh as far as energy went. So she had hoped, but... no such luck.

"Sensei," she responded. It felt weird calling him that. Sempai she could handle, since he was helping her with projectiles and non-Sharingan hand-eye coordination, but to be calling a guy who was only one year older sensei just felt wrong. "Wood for the forge?"
"Nah, this sort of wood too good for just tossing in a fire. This is for our next training session," he said, eyes sparkling slightly. "Just gotta work out a few kinks and all..."

Like say, the two percent chance that there might be an accidental decapitation... really, it was just a slight chance but better safe then sorry.

"What you up to, Pinky?" he asked, looking over at the other boy. "Still in the hospital I hope. Your teammate there might be needing it," he smiled somewhat evilly.
Even Sakurai was finding the idea of Sachiko calling Tentsuke "sensei" more than weird, but at least it wasn't one of those newsflashes he'd fallen behind on. Last thing he wanted to do was embarrass himself with yet another overreacting outburst like he had with Kakami-sensei and Rin-san. (He was still paying for those damages.)

"Ah, yeah, still at the hospital. Well, sorta. My shifts are less as of late." Due to previously mentioned outburst being seen to potentially have a relation to stress. "It's given me more time to train again, and uh..." He looked uncertainly between Tentsuke's wicked grin and the wood he was hauling. "...What exactly are you going to do with those anyway?"
"He's going to swing it around and whomever ducks last loses."

Kiba leaned down slightly from atop of Akako, grinning a bit towards the other three currently in the street, lifting a hand in a slight wave. "Yo"

She was debating pushing on the wood to see if Tentsuke would topple over, but decided that was a little too mean and simply leaned back, resting comfortably on top of Akako. She still looked like she hadn't been sleeping well lately, but at least she didn't look dull and like a half dead zombie.

...if there was such a thing as a half dead zombie
"That wouldn't really surprise me, given the stuff he's pulled," Sachiko sighed as she slouched against Akako. Akako was furry and firm, and an excellent leaning post when one was tired.