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hatake_kakami in narukorp

Jus' chillin' [RP Thread, Open to Any and All]

Kakami turned the page listlessly. She’d finished the book earlier that day and had forgotten to grab a back-up when she’d left in the morning. She was tempted to go back for it now; she was just killing time anyway until she had to meet up with Asuka. Apparently they were making up for their failed night out tonight.

She was half hoping that Kureno would intercept Asuka and distract her enough that she forgot about the outing she’d roped Kakami into.

She looked up over the cover of her book. She was sitting at one of the tables outside of the bakery in the building beside the one that housed her loft apartment. She eyed her apartment window, considering, mentally going through the steps she would take to get up, walk over and up the stairs, unlock the door (assuming she had remembered to lock it in the first place), hunt through the shelves that Sakurai had reorganized…

Her eyes slid back to the pages in front of her.

She didn’t care that much.


"Sensei, what's so interesting about those books anyway?" Naruko leaned over Kakami's shoulder, frowning at the pages. She still had problems with most kanji, even though Jiraiya-sama had tried her best to teach her. A bag of groceries was resting near her feet as she tried to puzzle out the text on the page.
Kakami looked up at the blonde girl trying to read over her shoulder.

"Well," she began as her mind pieced together the correct answer for the situation. "I guess in my case, they make a good substitute for a lot of things I don't have time for." She smiled slightly under her mask as she set her eyes back to the page.

That was certainly one way to put it.
Naruko wrinkled up her nose and looked even more confused. "I don't get it, but okay..."
Kakami chuckled slightly and closed her book.

"It's probably better you don't." She confided as she slipped the orange cover into one of her vest pockets.

"So, what are you up to?" She inquired, curious as to what her former student was doing wandering around the village rather than training as she normally did.
Naruko lifted the grocery bag, filled with instant ramen and a few other necessities. "Shoppin'. I got my paycheck from gramps, so I went and bought some food an' stuff."
"A wise way to spend your money." Kakami commented as she glanced at the bag and it's contents.

"You should swing by the market and pick up a few fruits and vegetables, they're good for you." She felt obliged to point it out, as she often did. It was one of the few things Kakami tended to play "mother hen" about and the familiarity of it was comforting.
Naruko made a face, her nose wrinkling up as she stuck out her tongue. "Vegetables taste gross, though. Fruit are okay, but they don't taste so good in ramen."
"There are ways to make them taste better." Kakami countered easily. "Have you ever tried making a stir fry?" She suggested, knowing the answer was more than likely 'no'.
Scratching the back of her head, Naruko looked at the ground.

"No...'s 'cause I kinda set the kitchen on fire the last time I tried to cook." She brightened considerably and smiled at her former sensei. "But I can boil water okay!"
Kakami chuckled slightly. "Well, I suppose that's a step in the right direction." She stated.

"Have you tried maybe taking some cooking lessons and learning how to make things other than ramen? Or at least things to eat with your ramen?" She inquired. Maybe the day would be productive and she'd manage to convince her former student to attempt better health.
((ooc: a triumphant, and random, entrance!))

Gaia, as was her habit, popped up, seemingly out of nowhere.
"Kakami! How can a rival for one such as me sit idly by, watching as the world passes her by?!" she shouted, accompanied by what seemed to be fireworks. She ignored Naruko in favor of leaning over and grabbing Kakami's book. "Reading such as this?!" she exclaimed loudly. With the attention span of a goldfish afflicted with attention-deficit-disorder, she then tossed the book aside and turned to Naruko, placing both her hands on the blonde girl's shoulders.

"But for once, my rival gives good advice! You, Naruko, are the lucky recipient of free cooking lessons from the lovely and youthful me! Assisted, of course, by Leigh, I shall teach you the marvels of the kitchen and of sustenance!"
Kakami arched an eyebrow slightly at Gaia's flmaboyant entrance and presumptuous behavior. To be expected, certainly, but messing with her books? That was a bit much.

Her exposed eye followed it's trajectory for a few seconds before she disapeared in a puff os smoke, reappearing with her hand extended, catching the book easily and tucking it into her vest pocket.

"The same way you can waste time giving cooking lessons." She responded idly.
"Ah, but there's a diference!" Gaia declared loudly, rounding on Kakami again. "You may read, but it's not the sort of educational material that a mind can truly benefit from! Cooking is good for everybody! Sustenance, soul food, and safety! Can't have you cutting your hands off, after all!"

"I am just crushed, truly CRUSHED that you can refer to cooking lessons as wasting time!~" she continued, pulling Naruko to her. "How can you deprive this poor soul of such a precious thing as the very thing that gives her life?! Food!"
Kakami resisted the urge to defend her books, it was a waste of time on a good day, a waste of weeks when it came to Gaia.

"I'm not refering to cooking lessons as wasting time, I'm saying it's a waste of time for certain people in the context of a rivalry." She stated blandly as she walked back over to her student and her fellow teacher.

"They would be very useful to you, Naruko." She informed the blonde girl as she patted her on the shoulder.
"A waste of time for YOU!" Gaia declared, pointed quite dramatically at Kakami. "You and your...MODERN ways - I bet you couldn't even boil water!"

Acting as if she hadn't said anything at all to Kakami, Gaia turned back to Naruko. "Darling!" she exclaimed, clutching the blonde tightly to her. "Leigh and I will make you into one of the most stunning chefs this village has ever SEEN!"

Naruko would've said something, but whatever it was was lost in the vast expanse of green canvas that her face was being mashed against. Her muffled attempts at speech fell victim to Gaia-sensei's youthful cleavage.