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Jun. 6th, 2009



[AU] Affinities [Hinaji, Sachiko]

takes place after Asuka paper-tests Hinaji

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May. 22nd, 2015

cigarette break


a sad day has finally come

We've pretty much reached a majority consensus that Naruko is dead and isn't going to be revived. So as of 5/23/2009, we'll no longer be accepting new applications or expecting the community to continue on the current plotline or even post at all.

HOWEVER. The majority consensus also wants to allow for the community to remain open so that existing members can do random crack, AUs, stories, etc., and post for general amusement. Many of us have done side things unrelated that may not fit into the Naruko timeline - I sure have. So, though Naruko as a whole is now closed, if anyone wants to continue posting logs, stories, pictures, or what have you, please feel free to do so. You may do so either in the main community or in the naruko_ooc community, as you prefer.

This post will remain at the top of the community as a reminder that Naruko is now CLOSED and no longer accepting applications.

October 21st, 2005 - May 23rd, 2009
RIP Naruko RP!

Apr. 10th, 2009

cigarette break


Not-So-Rainy Days and Mondays [Asuka, Hinaji]

This took me so long to start, I'm so sorry Squeak -_-; In Naruko-time, this takes place the afternoon of the day after Meeting with Asuka

It was turning out to be a beautiful spring day. The sky a gorgeous blue, the clouds perfect for watching, the flowers coming out in bloom, birds singing merrily, etc etc..

Asuka plopped herself down on a park bench and yawned. Man, if only it had been a rainy day instead. Maybe then she could have canceled training, talked Kureno into playing hooky, and slept in late. But noooo, spring had to be all spry and give her no real excuse to avoid work. The world was out to get her.

But for all that she'd spent the day attached to a cup of coffee and vainly attempting to wake herself, she had done as promised: gotten elemental testing strips for Hinaji. And now that the morning training with her team was done, she was here to administer the test and give him his official affinities. After that, well... maybe then she could take a nap.

Apr. 6th, 2009



Fight Club [Nejiko, Yuugao]

[Takes place before Tentsuke's return. Will figure out exact timing of this (aside from February) tomorrow. Right now Bel and I are just getting this thing frelling posted. The comment count is why. If anyone wants the Teal Deer quick summary, either poke me or wait until I get around to timelining.]

[Thread-posting still a work-in-progress. Will note when it's complete.]

Nejiko was not a consummate actress. This amongst other things thus generated severe limitations as to the kinds of undercover missions she could participate in, be they ANBU or not. Better, in her opinion, she simply undertake such straightforward missions as 'search' or 'search and destroy'. Best use of her Byakugan and her skills, and more expedient. She liked to undertake a [sufficiently challenging] mission, focus on the objective and how to reach it, and nothing more. Prancing about pretending she was something she was not left a quietly sour taste in her mouth. If she was contracted to protect a person, she would prefer to be allowed her uniform or at least something most decidedly not civilian issue.

But for this mission, however...Collapse )

Mar. 24th, 2009

uh whu?


Another mission [Nejiko, Yuugao]

[set after Marriage? What Marriage? Also, mission log of doom should (hopefully) be up by the end of the week, if anyone's curious.]

Once Nejiko was past the lobby area of headquarters, she unrolled the mission assignment Tsurude gave to actually read and only just kept herself from stopping short when she saw her mission partner. Apparently Yuugao hadn't been exaggerating when he had said that the higher-ups were considering them to work together on missions, emphasis on the plural. Not back in the village even a week, and she was going to be assigned another mission with him slated for departure at week's end.

At least chakra wasn't banned this time.

~Collapse )

Mar. 13th, 2009



Puppies'n'stuff [Sachiko, Kakami]

backdated to before certain rumors about Kakami begin circulating

Kakami wasn't in the house she was now sharing with Rin. (Still so weird to think, that Kakami and Rin-san were living together. Because for the longest time, Kakami had been such the bachelor, and now she was living with a tattooed guy...) The place was actually empty, so that meant Rin-san was on shift or whatnot. Sachiko, now in search of her old sensei, reflected upon the fact that at least she had another chance in which to practice the tracking skills she had been honing while playing a version of 'hide and seek' with Konohako and Moegi throughout the village. (Sachiko had a strong suspicion when Asuka made up this assignment/game/thing, the elder Sarutobi did it so she could go off and take a nap or something while her students were running amok around the village.) But the practice was useful. For all of Asuka's...Asuka-ness, the woman knew her stuff.

Dammitt.Collapse )

Mar. 11th, 2009

Side look


Marriage? What Marriage? [Tsurude, Nejiko]

[[backdated to immediately after Waiting for the Storm]]

Thus far, Tsurude thought, he'd had a very productive day. No emergencies - not even of the running-out-of-coffee type - no meetings with the council (not even random encounters in the hall), and even in the few meetings he had had scheduled, they were casual affairs that weren't stressful or really even all that important. (He should talk with the minister of commerce more often; man knew his alcohol.)

This meant that, by Tsurude's standards of 'productive', he had had six cups of coffee, three cups of tea, ramen for lunch, eight saucers of sake (just to test if the minister could really name alcohol by taste alone), signed twelve documents, read four, and had two naps. His inbox had increased by twenty-three documents and four petitions, but that was just the nature of the beast. It only grew, never diminished.

So when his secretary nosed in and claimed Hyuuga Nejiko was there on clan business, it kind of soured his mood. Not that Hyuuga Nejiko was there to see him, but rather that they couldn't talk about pleasant things, like the next mission he wanted her to go on. No, if she was here on clan business then it was only going to be about unpleasant things. Well, at least it wasn't Hiashiko and her jailers.

"No," he told her when she entered the office. 'Does that about cover everything?'Collapse )


Lost and Found [open, Tentsuke, Gaia]

Many people, upon meeting Maito Gaia, would dismiss her as a lunatic - a grinning, amiable idiot, who was jounin due only to her freakish physical capabilities. Others, more paranoid, decided that no one could POSSIBLY be that eccentric and strange, and that the whole thing was an elaborate, complex facade that hid Gaia's true plans - which were much too subtle and insidious for anyone's good.

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Mar. 8th, 2009



[Rp Thread] Meeting with Asuka [Hinaji, Asuka]

Hinaji had dragged his feet long enough. Training with Sachiko was all well and good, but until he started working towards mastering his elemental jutsu he wasn't going to advance at all. He'd promised to see Asuka a long time ago; it was time he acted on that promise.

But he had no idea how to contact her.Collapse )

Mar. 6th, 2009

Huh; contemplating


[log] Sibling Chats [Yuugao]

Set a few days after Yuugao spots something suspicious.

Yuugao caught the rolling ball with his foot and lightly rolled it back to the awaiting toddler. Yuka was giggling in anticipation, waving her hands. She was sitting on on the far side of the kitchen, legs widespread to form something akin to a goal. As Yuugao aimed right - again - the little girl squealed in delight as the ball returned to where she had just rolled it from. Yuugao spared her only a flash of a smile before looking up at his pregnant younger sister, Kimiko. Only four months along and already ballooning. No one in the family ever commented aloud, but they all knew they were thinking alike.

The luxurious spicy aroma from Kimiko's curry wafted across the room as she stirred and Yuugao only just resisted smiling. With so many things going on in his mind, Yuugao couldn't let them all go and simply relax. As it was, he had exhausted himself with a spar from an oldtime ANBU friend and then beat up his punching bag for several hours. The result had him slump just enough to look relaxed to civilian eyes. Shinobi would see a long, rough day. But one that was calm now.Collapse )

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