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Jan. 17th, 2008

hafta choke a bitch?


New Sensei Ahoy! [Team 8 and the New Sensei]

To say she didn't want to be here was an understatement.

Kiba sat on the ground next to Akako, arms crossed over her chest and sulking slightly. Hinaji and Hoshino stood around her, the four of them waiting for their 'new' sensei to show up. Part of her was still so vehemently against this; she just couldn't reconcile it. The other tiny part of her wanted to just get this over with so they could somehow move on.

Sighing, she leaned back against Akako, absently sniffing the air to see if anyone was coming close. Trying to stop being such a bitch jerk about this, she sat up again and eyed her two teammates.

"... so. Who do you think they're gonna inflict us upon?"
alone in my memories


Only a politician could think up something this evil. [Asuka, Tsurude]

AKA, Punishment Time~

[[Uhhh, backdated to when Asuka was actually released from the hospital, which was around the beginning of December. :D;;; BACKDATED LIEK WOAH]]

For the last two months, Asuka had been spending... a lot of time thinking. Not that she really had too much time for anything else. There was only so much time she could spend reading, watching anything on the television, entertaining visitors, knitting (Chiriku's god save her), paying bills, sleeping, and doing crossword puzzles. Everything else was taken up by thinking. Lots and lots (and lots) of thinking.

A lot of that... was taken up by examining where she'd gone wrong. And admitting, to herself at least, that she'd screwed up. She had miscalculated, and that had caused a world more trouble than she had anticipated. More than that, could not have anticipated. Because never... in a million years could she have anticipated what Kureno would do. A part of her wanted to take the blame for it. But the rest of her, more realistically told her: she hadn't a knife to his throat and made him go. He made the decision himself, and earned the punishment himself.

But that hardly meant she agreed with the punishment.Collapse )

omg bel ilu, now that this is figured out we can have log time nao? :D :D :D :D :D;;;?

Dec. 4th, 2007



[Thread] Wakey, wakey, Sleeping Beauty [Tsurude, Zabuya]

Tsurude sat back in the small wooden chair, his green jacket laid across the back of it.  He rubbed small towel on his arm, removing the last traces of ink, and then let it drop to the ground.  With a yawn, he laced his hands above his hand and stretched his back, hearing a series of unhappy popping as he did.  Lovely.  Nothing like a marathon session of healing to deplete the chakra completely and screw up the muscles too.  With both Sakurai and Rin under strict rest orders after their work and Shizuya trying to cover for all three, there was little chance he'd get some relief soon. 

Unless he called in a masseuse.  Like the pretty one that always offered a free back rub when he passed by her shop.  Sometimes it was good to be the Hokage.

But that was for another time.  Now, he concentrated on the prone form in front of him.  It had taken a lot to convince the ANBU with him that it would be better if they weren't there when she woke up.  After all, she was as depleted as he was when it came to chakra.  And even though the ANBU captain pointed out that she was still dangerous, Tsurude quite enjoyed pointing out that so was he.

So now, all he could do was wait.  The room was small and windowless, there was barely enough room for a bed.  The air was stagnant, a mix of sweat and ink.  By all accounts the procedure worked (as best as it could considering who was responsible for the lock) and now it was just a matter of seeing if she would wake up.

Oct. 29th, 2007

worn down


[Log] Talking the Talk [Tsurude and Kiba]

Kiba wished that she had mentioned to Tsurude she'd prefer to be on the roof, and not in the cramped quarters of the hallway. It wasn't very fair to the rather large ninken behind her, but she certainly wasn't going to leave her behind, not when she needed her. Rationally she knew she could have brought her teammates, but right now she didn't know if it would be good. Hoshino spoke so much with body language that when she tried to get out what she felt, the words got twisted around and Hinaji... well, his mother had been involved with the whole mess and though she doubted it would happen, she hadn't wanted to get him into trouble.

Part of her didn't even really know what she wanted to say and the Inuzuka moved along the hallways silently, face carefully neutral for once. There were a few glances and looks, but she didn't say or respond to them, simply kept walking, and fisted a hand in Akako's fur. The ninken's rumble was quietly soothing and she closed her eyes for a moment, when they reached the door to the Hokage's office.

Now or never.

Reminding herself that she was going to need to be calm for this, she quietly knocked on the door, and waited.Collapse )

Oct. 19th, 2007



Your new rank is Community Service Bitch [Sachiko, Tsurude]

[ooc: takes place approximately one week since Tsurude returned from the jounin exam]

''In light of recent events...''Collapse )

Oct. 2nd, 2007

Whatever is left of me...


Standing Trial [Hiashiko, Ibiki, Kureno, Tsurude]

ooc: For the sake of the sanity of our mod who will gnaw on me through cyberspace if I wait on this anymore please assume this will occur right before meeting with Team 8 i.e. Tsurude'll break part of this to them personally

When Tsurude turned twenty-two, he asked his sensei whether it was worth it.

"What?" Sarutobi had asked.

"You know, the whole thing. Hokage. Ruler of all."

Sarutobi had raised an eyebrow. "Ruler of all?" She had huffed. "I don't think of it like that."

Tsurude had sighed. "Yes, I know, you're simply a custodian and protector. I had a few relatives in the job, you know."

"So then you should know everything you want to about being Hokage."

"Not really... they always said I was too young."

"You still are."

He had tried not to pout, but he always hated being referred to as a child. "I am not."

"If you think that Hokage is 'ruler of all' you are."

"Well, you are in charge."

"But that's not what Hokage is about. You are a custodian, you are a protector. Those are the things you hold on to. Because yes, you are also ruler of all, the absolute power, the final word. But if you think that's the judge of whether this job is worth it or not, then you don't understand the job at all.

"Who do you think they come to for approval on those zero-chance missions? Who do you think bears the responsibility of making that choice, of informing the families when ninja you do end up sending don't come home? Who do you think has to decide the fate of those who fail at their mission, who break the law? Who do you think passes judgment on captured enemies, who orders the executions or interrogations of friend and foe alike?

"If all my days as Hokage could be spent as a custodian and protector, I would be the happiest woman in the village. But there are times that all the days I do get to play those roles barely balance out the ones when I have be 'ruler of all'."

Let the punishment fit the crime.Collapse )

Sep. 28th, 2007



Spirits Walk the Halls of Konoha Hospital... Honest [Tsurude, Rin]

ooc: This is an 'In the Past' post from nineteen years ago... still working out Tsurude's time line but it should work.

This is about... Room 302Collapse )

Sep. 27th, 2007

are you serious?, huh?, look back


[log] Fighting Spirit [Sakurai, Tsurude]

So you know what you failed...Do you know why?Collapse )

Sep. 23rd, 2007

its been a long day


[Action Thread] Needed Answers [Team 8 and Tsurude]

Once Kiba had gotten word of the Hokage's return, she had wasted no time in asking if there was anything more he could tell her. She had expected another no, not yet, keeping waiting, I will when I can... but instead she had gotten a yes and an instruction to find her team as soon as she could. Hoshino had already been close by when Kiba had gotten the news and the Inuzuka had leaped upon her quickly.Now all they had to do was gather Hinaji.Collapse )

Aug. 30th, 2007


The final test [Jounin Exam]

ooc: As this seems to be in style, I share the music used to write this.

Even though Hidden Rock was the host for this jounin exam, they didn't get to decide on the individual tests by themselves. A committee with members from all the villages had met several months ago to agree upon how the exam would be organized. The mental part was easy, each village submitted a question that was designed to test either the intelligence of the applicant or his ability to spy on his neighbor. Everyone expected this part of the exam, it was there primarily to weed out the applicants who were no where near ready to be jounin.

The second part varied based on the location of the exam. Hidden Rock was nestled against a series of treacherous mountains, where temperatures varied dramatically from the frozen summits to boiling mineral springs that carved niches throughout the base. However, again this exam was relatively simple. Applicants were dropped somewhere on the mountain chain and given a rendezvous point. It was never said you had to fight anyone but very few people made it to the end point without at least one battle. Despite the air of cooperation that accompanied the exam, village rivalries ran deep.

The last part always proved the most difficult.Collapse )

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