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Nov. 28th, 2008

head tilt


Snake, snake, ohhh it's a snake~ [Sachiko, Kakami, Aki]

[backdated to October]

When Asuka-taichou finally released them for the day, Sachiko made sure to put away the hard-to-move-in-padding back in the general supply area. Any new deep tears she made note of and left a message with the supply desk that a few of the holes were rather deep and would need mending. Konohako and Moegi weren't throwing toy weapons after all, and Sachiko was still learning to compensate adequately for the lack of mobility because the padding didn't allow her to bend as she wanted. (The weight was negligible.)

It'd been a long day and she was grateful for how the weather was starting to change. The sun could still cook some you but in the shade and in the wind, the air hinted more of autumn. May the cold come quick, she thought as she pushed her hitae-ate up to wipe her brow. She had a minor self-assigned trash detail to attend to (as the continuing saga of proving she was a part of the village plodded on, though at a much slower pace considering Asuka-taichou'd been assigned as her latest jounin sensei) before she went on a run. A small lot between apartments that was frequently littered with crap as it was convenient was a place she simply couldn't leave to go to crap. It was right by her building, after all. And she did have some pride. She sighed internally as she readjusted her hitae-ate on her way to grab a trash bag. A senbon could be utilized for stabbing refuse. ...or not. Tentsuke'd kill her if he found out. Trash pole it is, then.

Ten minutes later she was scowling at a pile of scrap wood, natural rocks, paper food containers, plastic bags of varying size and shape, and lots of aluminum cans. A mixture of soda and beer, so harder to tell if the culprits were adults or kids. How did whoever it was manage to pile up the junk so high? She came by here every two weeks, and it was almost always the same. Idiots, she thought as she began spearing the cans that lay in the tallish grass.

And then nearly jumped out of her skin when she saw something green and scaled slither quickly into the dark beneath a wooden plank.Collapse )
cigarette break


So I have this friend.... [Sachiko, Asuka] [chat log]

Suuuuuure it's a friend.Collapse )

Nov. 26th, 2008

looking back (short hair)


Lunchtimes is goodtimes. [Sachiko, Kiba]

Why /do/ all the best discussions happen over food? Or involve food? Or both?Collapse )

[ooc: 100th post log! woo-hoo!]

Nov. 24th, 2008

knit hat


Not in trouble, yet. [Sachiko, Hinaji]

[backdated to October]

He would definitely master the fuuton, no matter what it took.Collapse )

Oct. 22nd, 2008



[closed thread] Testing Day 6 [Sachiko, Kureno, Asuka]

Day 6 of Kureno's genjutsu exam started as pretty typical for Sachiko. She rose, went through the usual morning routine with a bit of leisure as Asuka-taichou had been kind enough to work the team's training time around the 6-hour block the test required. Granted, team training usually took place immediately after when (depending on the genjutsu utilized by Sachiko and/or Kureno) she was at her mental and sometimes physical worst. Complicated genjutsu cast several times a day in conjunction with long Sharingan use made her brain tired, while the tight focusing of chakra and the crafting of details designed to ensnare with the efforts of trying to keep a mind ensnared on top of that, were wearing her body out.

And then when she failed, depending on Kureno's mood, she could end up with a backlash that while she wouldn't physically be hurt, her mind believed otherwise. And she couldn't always break through the illusion solely with Sharingan. That Kureno's illusions could still fool her even with her doujutsu active annoyed immensely, but it also upped her respect for him. So far, the only one who could pull a stunt like that was her sister. Sachiko counted herself fortunate that Kureno was teaching her, and promised herself that she would work even harder to better her own genjutsu skills.

Yesterday had been slightly different. Yesterday, she had decided to experiment with a different scenario to inflict upon Kureno early on in the day, only to get 'slapped' and then wake up six hours later flat on her back. (Under a tree, at least; Kureno had been kind enough to leave her in the shade to avoid sunburn.)

But that was yesterday. Today she would acquire the rabbit. Checking herself in the mirror one last time, she grabbed key and cap before heading out the door. Step one, do some practicing before pouncing. Step two, find Kureno.

Her hands in her pockets and feeling no particular rush (six hours was a long time, and the start time wasn't for another hour), she walked to her preferred grounds to begin.

Oct. 20th, 2008



[Rp Thread] Doujutsu 2.0 [Sachiko, Hinaji]

[This predates Hiashiko meeting her sister.]

Hinaji was a bit nervous as he made his way to the Uchiha compound, but he pushed the feeling down. Kiba had seemed upset at how irritated Sachiko was to be locked in the town, and Hinaji couldn't entirely blame her. The Uchiha had done a lot to prove herself, and he thought this was taking things a bit too far, especially if it really wasn't Sachiko's fault.

He also felt a little guilty, because he wanted to continue talking about their doujutsu like they had at the gala. He'd even gone through the clan records to find out things he couldn't answer last time, and was curious about some things he'd found. Like missing histories and ones that suddenly cut off.

He was nearly to the compound when he spotted a person running and paused. Had he come at a bad time? Sachiko seemed alright from what he could tell.


Oct. 19th, 2008



[backdated] Being sick sucks [Sachiko, Rin]

Sachiko opened eyes, stared blankly at the dimly-glowing curtains blocking out the sun, and rolled over into a tight ball. She was exhausted, she could feel all four bloated sinuses in her face, her throat burned, and she wondered why the hell she was so cold when it was June. It certainly had been hot the day before when she was training; hot enough that when it had started pouring she had welcomed the relief the cold rain had brought. The rain had also provided her with a new vigor, encouraging her to keep training until she was ready to drop.

When she had finally trudged her way home, soaked through and shivering, she'd managed to peel off her clothes and shoes and toss them into the corner before crawling beneath her covers. Neko had meowed loudly at her, grumbling for her dinner Sachiko supposed, but the human had simply shoved the cat away when she began walking up and down on Sachiko's back. And then, finally, she had fallen asleep.

But she was awake now, and the cat realized it. The cat was also curled up in a ball by Sachiko's shoulder, green eyes intent. Sachiko regarded Neko unthinkingly for an indeterminable amount of time before thirst made her pull herself to her feet. Her apartment was freezing, so she grabbed the coverlet and wrapped it around her before slowly making her way to the kitchen. Neko followed, ignoring her human's grumbles to shut the hell up.

The first thing Sachiko did was gulp down several glasses of water.Collapse )

Oct. 15th, 2008

I'm not laughing


[thread] The First Test [Sachiko, Kureno]

Kureno stood at the training grounds he met Sachiko at from time to time to help her with her mindwalking training. It was a bit unusual for him to be waiting for her, as he'd come to have a routine of letting her get warmed up before he showed. It had come to feel not so much like he was late, but that she had a responsibility to be ready for his mental exercises, after all he always tended to arrive just as she was in a proper mindset.

But today was going to be different. Today he'd called her out for a different reason: a test. Sachiko's progression in her control had shown impressive results, but Kureno had to be absolutely confident about them before moving her into the next stage of her training.

When she arrived, Kureno reached up to one of the front pockets in his flak jacket and withdrew, of all things, a small origami bunny folded from a shiny, pink paper. There was even a cute, happy face drawn in for emphasis.

"This," he said gravely, "is your objective."

Sep. 6th, 2008

head tilt


Call him "Sir". He likes that. [Sachiko, Tsurude]

set the day after Joke's on you, suckers

Who likes what?Collapse )

Aug. 23rd, 2008

knit hat


A very merry... [Sachiko, Aki]

July twenty-third. Morning. Konoha.

Specifically, Sachiko's apartment.Collapse )

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