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they are twins you know

hizashiko in narukorp

[log] Momma [Hizashiko and Nejiko]

Set right after Yuugao and Hizashiko meet.

White eyes watched the man go, and waited until he was gone to continue down the hall. Shaking her head, she started to move again easily towards where her daughter was waiting. Not bothering to announced herself (Nejiko would know it was her), she didn't bother to hesitate in asking, "Does your superior always drop of mission assignments to you personally? Or to every member of your team?"

Nejiko looked up, glad to see her mother, and the questions weren't really unexpected given Yuugao's timing. "Only if the mission is important or has some extenuating circumstances that need to be addressed beforehand, and as for the second question, he and I are the only members of the team for this mission. We leave in four days."

Hizashiko grunted slightly in reply, looking back to where the boy had been just a few minutes before. There was a brief debate to use the Byakugan to see if he had actually left, but she let it pass; it was a waste of energy. As transparent as he had been, he hadn't seemed like a stupid person and, really, ANBU didn't hire the stupid- just the sometimes suicidal. Her daughter-

No. She wouldn't go there.

There was a shake of her head before she looked back to Nejiko. "He's..." There was a pause, before she continued, "... well, he's something. Nothing I have to say will come out sounding nice. As long as he is a good leader, I suppose that's what matters. I trust you will return safely?"

It was a bit much, to ask Nejiko to confirm something. And really, she wasn't asking her to confirm it, but it was more for her own piece of mind. Hizashiko had missed much of Nejiko growing up, and as a result, it was still hared to reconcile the small girl in her mind with the very smart, very lethal, very good shinobi that was her daughter now.

All Hizashiko wanted was for her daughter to keep coming back, a dangerous thing to want when she was ANBU.

The younger Hyuuga paused, just a moment. Hizashiko knew better than to ask that. A shinobi could die on any mission assigned them, and anything classified as to be done by ANBU meant chances were good you weren't going to come back. Still, Nejiko could also understand. Hizashiko was still only newly returned after being gone so long, and though grown Nejiko was one of the few remaining touchstones. "...You may trust I will do my best to return," she answered. The subject of Yuugao was not one Nejiko wished to discuss unless her mother pushed it. Even then she would do her best to downplay anything as necessary. And if they had run into each other on his way out and Hizashiko's way in...

Obviously, whatever her mother had read of him, she did not like it but was willing to trust who he was on basis of position.

"I was wondering if you would like to go through some kata with me before we eat?" A faint smile; even with her own mother Nejiko was still plenty reserved when it came to emotions.

It was a lot to ask, Hizashiko knew that it was. Nejiko likely wouldn't come back some day and Hizashiko would be left alone with only her sister and her memories. Whether she would live after that was something she had yet to decide, but it wasn't important at this very moment. Nejiko had promised to do her best to return and Hizashiko wouldn't ask for more from her daughter; doing so would almost be cruel.

A smile curled her lips though as Nejiko offered to go through katas with her. There was an almost shrug of her shoulders, as she glanced at her daughter. "I think that would be nice. I warn you though, I am quite rusty."

Nejiko nodded, glad her mother had accepted the offer to do the forms. "There's no rush, Momma. And... it could help build up more of an appetite, too. I have a surprise dessert waiting for after lunch." Leigh had given her a fresh batch of fudge a few days ago, and Nejiko had been saving it for an appropriate time. A reward for doing kata sounded like a good enough reason.

Hizashiko cast her daughter a faintly amused look as she said she had a surprise dessert for after lunch. It was almost like a teacher coaxing a student to try with a reward at the end and it was almost sweet. It probably had to do with the fact that she was still considered a little too thin and her daughter probably wanted to fatten her up. Not that Hizashiko minded all that much; she enjoyed having a much more varied diet then she did while she was a shinobi.

It wouldn't hurt to have some muscle be part of her weight too, though.

"All right," she murmured, rolling her neck a bit. "Lead on, daughter."

Nejiko only lifted an eyebrow in response to Hizashiko's amusement, and there was another faint smile at 'daughter'. The word was still unusual to hear directed at her, but it was a pleasant novelty.

They moved to the center of the room and Nejiko assumed the jyuuken ready stance sans Byakugan. When Hizashiko did the same, Nejiko then began moving slowly through the first basic set while keeping an eye on her mother. She did not want to push her mother too hard, nor did she want to offer insult to Hizashiko by not pushing her hard enough. It would take a delicate balance to maintain the right pace.

Too bad they were inside. Nejiko would love the chance to show Hizashiko that she could do the Kaiten.