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[Thread] Wait...WHAT. [Kureno, Aki, Asuka, open]

[[Set immediately after this thread.]]

It hadn't gone past Kureno's notice that he came home much earlier these days. Beforehand he'd sometimes stay all sorts of late hours out, whether at the offices or just wandering around town likely drinking and running errands. But lately he hadn't felt any sort of pressing need to go out unless it was with a certain kunoichi, and quite frankly, lately they'd come to prefer simply staying in.

And that's what Kureno was getting ready for just before Aki came running in through his front door (there may have been some knocking as it was being opened, hard to tell). Kureno blinked at the other man from his stove where he was currently working on a stir-fry for two, staring a good minute to let himself accept the fact that that was not Asuka standing in the doorway of his kitchen despite him really wishing it was.

"Something better be on fire or under attack, because otherwise I'm busy," he deadpanned, wondering how fast he could get rid of Aki and if it would be before Asuka came over.


"What? Oh, no, nothing like that just I think I heard something really weird and I figured you might know something about it since you know Kakami better than I do. But if you don't know about it yet I'm not sure if I'm supposed to say because I'm not sure if I was supposed to hear or know-" Aki's words came out in a jumbled rush (indicative of confusion, or too much sugar or too much pent up energy or all three really, since Aki tended to think faster than he could talk in those circumstances), before he stopped short. "Oh, hey, you're cooking. A lot."

Which likely meant Asuka was either coming over or she was already here. Ooops - Aki hadn't really meant to intrude on any private time but he was so used to intruding on Kureno at all hours for any reason that it was a hard habit to break. He tried to give a sheepish grin, mussing his already askew hair. "Ah, well, I mean, I just sorta...this is I mean, you know, I don't know really just, ah, I kinda have to tell someone something. Er, tell you something. Possibly."
Not everyone could keep up with Aki when he got "rambly", but Kureno had lots of practice. He still liked to take time to make sure he had the proper grasp however, so he just stared at his friend for a moment or two afterwards, letting a handful of seconds pass before responding. (It gave Aki some time to slow down as well.)

Kureno sighed. "So it's just gossip, huh. And it couldn't wait?" But it hadn't escape his notice that Aki had mentioned Kakami, and honestly, Kureno had been wondering about her lately. Especially lately. Might as well take advantage of the opportunity while he could. Besides, even if Asuka did show up, Aki actually already knew about it.

Still didn't mean he'd be trying to shuffle the other man along after hearing what it was he'd come to say.

"Alright, get it off your chest. Try to keep it short though, okay? I'm expecting company later."
Short. Right. Aki shifted a little, trying to clamp down on the rambling - but ended up resembling some sort of overgrown toddler who probably had to use the bathroom instead - before he took a breath. Right, how had Rin put it?

"Kakami's got a bun thing in the oven." he said, almost more rapidly than before. "Y'know...she's pregnant."

It somehow sounded stranger to say than it had to hear.
Normally, Asuka was fairly loathe to just walk into someone's house without announcing herself, but Kureno had repeatedly insisted she do just that tonight. He had given her a key after, hadn't he? And besides, he didn't want to accidentally burn her supper while getting the door. Which was so Kureno. Honestly, who cared if her dinner was just a tad on the well-done side? That's how most of the food at the yakiniku joint turned out.

So when she did finally come by, bundled up in a sweater and a jacket over jeans (she really needed to learn how to layer better), the kunoichi hesitated on his doorstep for a long moment before finally using that shiny new key. On opening the door, the wonderful smell of home-cooked stir-fry assaulted her senses, which made her feel a little better about the whole letting-herself-in thing. Maybe it would be better if the food wasn't overcooked.

But as she kicked off her shoes and took off her jacket, the sounds of conversation also assaulted her senses, which was not expected. Was that the television? No, whoever was speaking was going a mile-a-minute, like an auction house or something, and as far as she knew Kureno didn't watch anything like that. In fact, it almost sounded like-

"... she's pregnant."

"Aki?" she blurted in curiosity as she peeked around the corner into the kitchen, totally forgetting to scuff her heels or otherwise announce her presence. (Hopefully they heard the door?) "What are you doing here? And who's pregnant?"
It may have been too early for Asuka to stop worrying about overcooked food as Kureno's attention had, by now, completely left it and instead focused entirely on staring at Aki with a surprise that only lacked the jaw drop. Did he just say Kakami was...was...?!

Asuka's voice made him jump not a minute later when she popped her head in. When had she gotten hear? He didn't hear her come in, but if it was any time during Aki's ranting it's entirely possible he missed it. Especially after that last tidbit.

Kureno's brain kicked itself back into gear, but still didn't quite know who (or what) to address first. Somehow it seemed explaining Aki's presence was the first priority, but then it kept changing its decision along the way so he sounded like this:

"Uh, Aki was just-- He stopped by to-- He's gonna leave after--" Clearly that part of the conversation was going nowhere, so Kureno turned back to his friend. "Where did you even hear that?"

Because this was the kind of thing that was going to be a lot easier to deal with or ignore depending on its credibility.
Aki whirled around when he heard Asuka's voice, but fortunately, Kureno saved her from getting another flood of words as an explanation. Well...at least a partial explanation anyway. Aki was still feeling a little stunned himself and the fact that Kureno couldn't seem to finish a sentance meant the other man was likely in the same boat.

"Rin." he told Kureno. "We spent the day sparring and uh -" Right, Asuka had asked who it was - although she might have guessed from Rin's name? - "Kakami. Rin said Kakami's pregnant."

Well, it *is* an open thread... ;)

[ooc: pity I can't think of a reason to have Izume come over... ;) ]

Aki's statement was punctuated by the sharp knocking of someone at the front door.

Sachiko huffed a little at the cold as she stood outside. She knew a bunch of people were in the house as she could discern the chakra presences (all of them familiar enough to recognize; was Kureno having some kind of party?), and therefore hoped to simply drop off one of the books Kureno-sensei had given her. By now she had read the book so many times she'd almost swear to have it memorized - without Sharingan. And since the mindwalking training sessions were generally held when Kureno had the time, she didn't think anything of stopping by.

Yes it is.

Rin said that? Well, being a doctor he'd probably even be the first to know. Unless Kakami went to another doctor, but Kureno doubted she'd be planning for a child, so maybe she didn't. It probably didn't matter because if Rin said it...

This couldn't possibly be right. He wasn't sure if that was his instincts talking or just his brain giving up on wrapping itself around the idea and throwing him that line instead. He didn't get a chance to ponder it too deeply before he realized someone had just knocked on his door. Who the heck could be coming around at this time? (Okay so it wasn't late, but it was just bad timing, that's all!)

Kureno looked between Aki, Asuka, and then in the direction of his front, obviously torn on which to address first. Then he glanced at the stir fry and grumbled.

"Hold these and keep that stirring," he told Aki, handing him the chopsticks he'd been using to keep things moving. "We'll continue this and clear everything up when I get back." Whispering, "Sorry," as he passed Asuka on his way to the front door, yanking it open rather gruffly without meaning to. He was still...handling things.

Kureno blinked down at a very unexpected person. "...Sachiko. I didn't schedule any training today, did I?"

*mwa ha ha*

Sachiko blinked right back up at him. "...Ah, no, actually." She held up her current borrowed tome while swiftly taking in his appearance, for it was odd for her to see him out of uniform. Button-down shirt and khakis. Top two buttons of said shirt not buttoned, and no sign of an undershirt that she could discern.

....Not that she was really looking, but there was no telltale bit of white cloth showing in the shirt's opening. The whole thing was very un-Kureno-like. Meaning he and Asuka were probably planning on having a just-them night. No wonder he looked gruff when the door was yanked open. First Aki's interruption, now hers. Oops? "I was just coming by to drop this off. I've pretty much memorized it the old-fashioned way."

What was Aki doing there? Unless maybe Kureno was irritated at just her interruption because of plans for a threesome?


Aw, gawd, she didn't want that mental image. Too late. Argh!


A book? Well, he had given her a bit of reading material a while ago, hadn't he. He took it from her and turned it over to read the title. Not the longest one he gave her--at least he was pretty sure--but still a decent volume. Memorized, eh.

"Good work. Still studying the others, huh."

*aims to kill--er, I mean: please~*

Sachiko concentrated very hard to keep her eyebrow from twitching at the imaginations she did not wish to be having. Because...no.

"Yeah," she replied, happy to have something else to focus on. "I'm purposely taking my time because as we both know, this isn't something to be rushed, really."

Or, maybe she hadn't interrupted anything? Anything vital, anyway, if he was willing to make some small talk with her.

*is both*

"Ah. Well I'm glad to hear you understand that."

He paused then, wondering if there was something else he was supposed to say or not. He still wanted to shuffle Sachiko along (soon to be followed by Aki once this "Kakami pregnant" issue was cleared uo), so whatever was to be said should be short and to the point.

"Well. Thank you for dropping it off, Sachiko. If you need help, let me know." Um. "Tomorrow." Better.

*is awesome like that*

"Uhm. Sure."

See, now, having an active imagination was good for students and practitioners of genjutsu. It made the process of creating convincing illusions a bit easier. It also made the most random images pop into one's brain when they lacked the whole picture.

Not that Sachiko wanted the whole picture. It wasn't her business what Kureno and Asuka and Aki did in the privacy of Kureno's bed home.

If nothing else, she had ammo for future potential tormenting and/or blackmail of Asuka?

"--what time tomorrow?" she asked quickly. After all, she didn't want to show up if they were in the middle of something.
Kureno was just about to step back and close the door when Sachiko slipped in her question. She wanted a specific time? Jeez. Uh...

"Late afternoon would be best if you felt you needed to come over. Between three and five."

That would leave enough room to help her with anything she needed and cleared up his night for Asuka again.

[[Let's continue this thread below with Aki~]]
Aki had taken the spoon and poked the food a little doubtfully (he wasn't really a cook but stirring wasn't exactly hard...)

"So uh...hi..." he said, just a tad sheepishly to Asuka. "I uh, well, y'know, had to talk to someone and Kureno seemed...logical."

Seriously, this was probably one of the juicier tidbits he'd had in years and Aki was still almost bursting from it. Still, he hadn't meant for anyone but Kureno to hear first because Kureno being well...Kureno meant that he could slow Aki down before Aki got too ridiculous.

Still...he was going to have a story to tell Izume tonight!
Asuka, for her part, was just on this side of shock. Kakami? Pregnant? Rin said so? How was that even pos - well no, of course she knew how that was possible, but Kakami, of all people, getting herself knocked up completely turned her world upside down. Or at least made it suddenly very, very, very surreal. Kakami wasn't the type to have kids. Kakami wasn't the kind of person who could be a mom. Seriously, what the hell?

"Yeah," she said absently, more to indicate she was listening than to agree with Aki's statement, gears obviously grinding in confusion.
Huh...and the brain breakage seemed to be continuing. Not that Aki was surprised really; because seriously, who saw this sort of thing coming? After giving another absent minded stir to whatever it was Kureno was cooking, Aki frowned. Who was at the door and why was it taking Kureno so long to get back?

"Here." He handed the spoon to Asuka and left before there could be any real refusal and quickly went to the front door. There was Kureno. And there was...


"Hey!" Aki peered around Kureno best he could. What was Sachiko doing here, of all places? And did she know this bit of news? Aki wasn't sure how close Kakami was to her students; and he wasn't even sure how much of one's personal life you shared with said students because no one had been crazy enough thought to ever assign him any. Anyway, if she did know, Aki was fairly certain she wouldn't have really told anyone. Sachiko wasn't the type to tell people things about other people unless you really had to know.
Blinking, Kureno turned to look behind him where Aki was coming up. Wait a minute...

"Didn't I leave you to do something important in the kitchen?" Seriously, if he left that stir fry to burn...
Sachiko blinked when Aki's head peered around Kureno's. Sure, she'd known he was there already, but she wasn't expecting him to make an appearance to the front door.

"Hi," she said in reply, and watched the by-play between him and Kureno.
Aki absent-mindedly waved back at Sachiko, before he looked at Kureno.

"Asuka's got it. I think, I mean, I gave her the spoon an' stuff but she seems to be kinda stunned. Which is understandable, I mean with the...um...news and all." He eyed Sachiko again. Now he was just plain curious to see if the girl did know. And maybe a little bit of him wanted to see how'd she react if she didn't.

"Oi, Sas-Sachiko, has Kakami been acting oddly lately?" Maybe if she was aware of the situation, Sachiko could not only provide back up but more details. (Somehow, details seemed very important right now).
"Aki..." Kureno growled warningly, not wanting to create too many misunderstandings here. Aki's news was, as of yet, still just a rumor. They hadn't even had a chance to talk about it properly amongst themselves yet, and there was no need to go spreading such gossip around to people, even if those people were the students of the rumor's subject.

And he sure hoped Asuka wasn't burning their stir-fry.
Sachiko fought the urge to fidget. Something was going on, something she didn't know and wasn't sure if she wanted to know. And yet a part of her very much did want to know. Was something wrong with Kakami? She didn't think so; Kaka-sensei had looked fine when Sachiko saw her training the puppies about a week ago...

And these were Kaka-sensei's friends, right? They might know more than Sachiko herself if anything wasn't normal.

That didn't keep the sudden protectiveness regarding her former sensei from surging up.

"Well..... She seemed a little bit under the weather last week, but she was working with the puppies and she said she'd been on a few missions, so she may've just been tired..."

She focused her slightly narrowed black eyes on Aki. "What's this 'news' you mentioned?"
Aki gave Kureno a rather ill-disguised annoyed look - right okay, whatever with the whole 'not-spread-a-rumor-unless-you-are-pretty-sure-its-real' thing but seriously, the source was Rin. How much more honest could you get than that guy?!

His attention turned to Sachiko as she spoke, first with an interested expression as the girl answered Aki's question ('Under the weather'? That sounded kinda promising, other explanations or no) and then went to a bit pensive as Sachiko gave him that look asked about the 'news'.

Two things made Aki pause. Firstly, in spite of his curiosity about how Sachiko would react, this could be something Kakami would eventually want to tell the girl. Kakami displeased was normally a little frightening, a potentially hormonal, displeased Kakami seemed like a much bigger deal.

Secondly, Kureno was standing close enough that he'd probably be able to physically stop Aki from saying anything inappropriate if need be and after a long day of training, Aki wasn't sure he wanted yet another set of bruises to follow.

Still...oh hell, it'd probably be worth it to see Sasa-chan's face.

"Kakami might possibly be pregnant." Aki blurted out as quickly as he could, watching Kureno out of the corner of his eye in case a quick escape was needed.


Two whole seconds of pregnant silence as Sachiko stared at him, incredulous, mouth falling open a little with her eyebrow twitching in short, rapid bursts over her left eye.

"What!?" Not that it wasn't possible--Kaka-sensei and Rin-san and hello, biology--but the thought of Kaka-sensei, pregnant? What?? "Who the hell told you that?" she continued in that tone of disbelief that only a teenager could pull off so well. Because if Kaka-sensei herself had let it be known, then they wouldn't be acting so secret-y, right?

And she couldn't wholly squash the hurt that Kaka-sensei might've told them and not her, despite only seeing her not too long ago...


Escaping may indeed have been needed for Aki, but he couldn't do it quickly enough to avoid the elbow Kureno sent into his chest. "Idiot," he hissed, not bothering to chase him down further.

"It's just a rumor he heard," he told Sachiko, trying to keep this little spark from becoming a wildfire.


Sachiko eyed Kureno very shrewdly. "...Riiiiiight," she finally agreed, though clearly unconvinced.


--she sniffed.

"Is something burning?"

Exit, stage left!

Kureno didn't appreciate people not believing him. Especially when it was his word against Aki's (no offense, man). Of the two of them, he didn't feel he should ever be seen as the more outlandish one.

However, that was quickly forgotten when he too sniffed the air.

"Oh sh--!"

Leaving them both at the door (something he'd later realize was probably not the smartest move), Kureno dashed to the kitchen.

And Aki catches his breath...

Rubbing his chest where Kureno's elbow had connected, the purple haired man muttered something not entirely complimentary as Kureno dashed back insided. Not that Aki hadn't been completely surprised by it (greatly expecting such a move actually) but damn it had hurt. Kureno must have been really annoyed.

Aki turned back to Sachiko and shifted. So...the first part of her expression had been kinda amusing - it was fun to get people to gape even if it was small gapage - but there'd been something in her eyes, just a flash of well...hurt that made Aki feel a whole lot more guilty than a dozen of Kureno's well deserved lectures.

"Kakami didn't say anything. Not as far as I know." His voice was slightly awkward, and just a tad apologetic.

...while Sachiko's still confuzzled.

Sachiko continued to frown some in consideration after Kureno's hasty departure, then looked back to Aki when he spoke.

"Then who?" Her brain provided an option. "Rin-san? Rin-san said she was pregnant?"

Shoot, if anyone would know (besides Kaka-sensei), it would be Rin-san. And yet--huh??

Re: ...while Sachiko's still confuzzled.

"Uh....well, yeah. Somethin' like that." Aki brushed back loose bangs from his face and shifted. Okay, maybe exactly like that (as far as he was concerned anyway) but still...maybe he should just leave it at that so that Rin and Kakami could tell Sachiko themselves and before Kureno came back with more sharp elbow thrusts...

"You a'right, Sachi?" he asked, abandoning the normal nickname for a simple abbreviation of the girl's name.
"Ah? Yeah," she said, a little distracted. "Sorry to interrupt...whatever you three are up to."

Enter, stage right.

Kureno came skidding back into the kitchen where the distinct scent of something burning was coming from.

"Asuka, what are you doing?!"


For a moment she'd stared blankly at the spoon Aki had handed her, wondering why the hell she had a spoon and what the hell Aki had been doing with it previously. And then she had remembered the stir-fry, and kicked her brain into action enough to poke at it with said spoon.

The problem with Asuka and cooking was that it needed to be simple. Simple as in, say, stir two ingredients together, microwave, and serve. If it wasn't simple, things turned ugly. Fast. And seeing as stir-fry had more than two ingredients in it and required they be kept moving, Asuka swiftly found herself in trouble.

Thankfully, the smell was less from the food burning and more from a piece of carrot she'd accidentally stirred out of the pot and onto the burner. By the time Kureno made it back into the kitchen, she'd decided to err on the side of caution, take the pot off the burner, and turn the burner off. Surely sitting for a few minutes and cooling a bit wouldn't hurt it, right? It looked done, anyway. Sorta.

She gave him her best innocent look. "Nothing?"
Not entirely sure how far he could trust Asuka with cooking yet (stir-fry was not pancakes nor riceballs), Kureno still walked over to take a look at the food himself. No harm done, really, and she'd actually taken it off in time to let the hot pan do the rest of the cooking. So what was burning?

Spying the vegetable that had dropped down below the stove surface, Kureno sighed a little relief and retrieved a pair of chopsticks to fish it out and throw it in the trash.

"It smelled like it was burning."