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cigarette break

asuka_sensei in narukorp

So I have this friend.... [Sachiko, Asuka] [chat log]

Sachiko: *waits until the other two leave* Taichou, can I ask a few questions?

Asuka: *smoking usual after-practice cigarette* *cocks brow* About?

Sachiko: I've got a friend who's lousy at a specific element when it comes to jutsu, but whom still insists that they have to be able to use that specific kind of elemental jutsu. Do you have any suggestions on what they could do?

Asuka: *raises brow higher in a dubious look* A friend, huh.

Sachiko: *looks back levelly* Yes.
Sachiko: *not being a smart-ass, though does want to*

Asuka: Has this friend of yours been tested for elemental affinity?

Sachiko: No.

Asuka: Then I'd suggest this person get tested. If the element they want so bad isn't their affinity, it's going to be harder to master.

Sachiko: Work on the basics and build on it, that sort of thing?

Asuka: Mostly. Unless it's not one of the four general elements, in which case they'd best go talk to a master.

Sachiko: It's one of the four.

Asuka: Then testing and going back to the very basics, yes. Preferably under the tutelage of someone with more experience with the element in question.

Sachiko: *is glad to know she gave Hinaji the right advice, about going back to the basics* *nods* Thanks, taichou.

Asuka: *nods in return* Just make certain this friend of yours doesn't do anything stupid. There's a reason why elements aren't much gone into until chuunin-level.

Sachiko: *smiles a little* They're smarter than that. Oh, and taichou? Is it possible I could get a couple of the element test papers?

Asuka: *blows out lungful of smoke* Nope. They won't hand out the testing papers to genin. I could test you---r friend, though.

Sachiko: ... I've already been tested, taichou. But I could ask my friend if they'd be willing to have you test them.

Asuka: *makes a vaguely agreeing but still dubious sound* Let me know when so I'll have the papers.

Sachiko: *keeps from rolling her eyes* Hai. Thanks, taichou.