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worn down

chicks_dig_dogs in narukorp

Sleepy Tiems Nao [Sachiko, Kakami, and Kiba]

Set the day after gala asplosions.

The day after the gala was not a quiet one, of respite and recovery after a hellish fight. It was the beginning of picking up the pieces and trying to put them back into place. Countless had been injured, a few had died, and it was a total mess. Chunks of stone were everywhere and the acrid smell of smoke and soot hung heavy in the air. Kiba could smell blood as well, and someone's body rotting somewhere. It was impossible that everyone had gotten out alive, not with civilians.

Kiba hated that smell.

Kureno had been badly injured and Rin too. The Inuzuka had visited both and done all she could until she simply couldn't take anymore. There hadn't been any time to change and she was still in her under-kimono from the day before. Wearily she headed to where she knew Sachiko was being kept (... poor Sachiko, she hadn't even done anything this time) and didn't bother to knock. She simply pushed open the door and stepped inside.

A wearied grunt was given to Kakami, but she headed towards Sachiko with a single minded focus. Her voice, when she spoke, was rough and exhausted. "Hey." When Sachiko responded, she continued. "... can I sleep?"

Now was not a time to be alone.


Sleepy Sachiko is sleepy.

Sachiko grunted some when Kiba poked her, then opened one bleary dark eye to behold weary slitted ones. She didn't question the blanket over her, just accepted it.

"Sure," she yawned, moving to the side enough to accommodate. The bed wasn't small, and could easily sleep two people. Why one person needed so much room Sachiko didn't know or particularly care. The day/night/whatever had been shitty enough to ignore details.

"Glad y're okay."
The door opening did make Kakami wake - just enough to see that it was Kiba and give her a nod in response to the grunt - before she laid back down and closed her eyes to doze again.

Kiba looked in as much need of rest as anybody else that Kakami had seen - probably more since she hadn't even had a chance to change into more neutral clothing. But at least her presence, as weary as it was, would possibly be good for Sachiko.

She had been asking after the Inuzuka after all, before she'd fallen asleep.
Kiba had crawled halfway into the bed before she chanced a glance (and a whiff) of the clothes she had on now.

Oh hell no.

Trying not to make a disgruntled noise, she managed to find what was left of her clothes, strip off the mess she had on, and pull on a shirt. It was slightly better and she padded back to Sachiko, finally crawling into the bed. The sheets felt wonderful and she curled up tightly, a few inches away from the other- she wasn't entirely sure how much space Sachiko needed when she slept.

"Sorry," she eventually added in, in that croaked whisper. "Still kinda dirty."
Sachiko had closed her eyes again when Kiba crawled in, only to winch the eyelids back up when she felt/heard Kiba crawl out again.

The explanation as Kiba got back into the bed put to rest any further confusion as to what the Inuzuka was doing.

"'s fine." She nuzzled half of her face in the pillow. Whatever else, the palace didn't stint on the beds. She could forgive the hassle of having to come here in the first place. Mostly.

"Are you okay?" she asked. Dirt aside, Kiba's voice sounded terrible. At least Sachiko could see that Kiba looked to be all right. Much better than hearing secondhand--or not at all.
"I'm alive," again came the croaking voice. "That's more that can be said for some poor folks."

Dead bodies were not something new, to Kiba. And they were all lucky that the bodies they had now were not bloated and giving off the noxious gases that corpses did. But there was still the reek of death and smoke and no matter how much they all tried to ignore it. The Inuzuka had wanted to tear her nose off or stuff it up, somehow, but had been unable to. Much like a Hyuuga's eyes, and Inzuuka's nose and ears could help find the trapped and injured. It wasn't the worst she had ever seen.

But it wasn't the best, either.
"Alive is good," Sachiko mumbled sagely. "I'm glad you're alive." Still more asleep than really awake, she pulled Kiba into a one-armed hug. And left her arm there, too sleepy and comfortable to move it away.
Kiba was more then happy to have the arm around her and she took a shuddery breath, relaxing. It was a relief and she finally felt a little better. After a few seconds of listening to Sachiko's quiet breathing, and reassuring herself that Hinaji was okay, Kiba closed her eyes.

In a few moments, she was asleep.