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hyuuga_hinaji in narukorp

[Gala Day 3] Meetings in the Chaos [Kiba, Hinaji, clone!Sachiko]

There was a lot of running. Even with all the training he regularly went through, Hinaji was beginning to feel out of breath. The dodging, worrying, running...everything was merging together to push against his still-fragile respiratory system.

But he had to find his brother, and seeing all the wounded around him only made that much, much clearer. Between both Kiba and him he was sure they would find the young Heir soon, but he couldn't help the fear beginning to tug at him.

"Kiba-chan, have you noticed anything at all?" His eyes were beginning to strain from filtering out the various different groups, and Kiba's sense of smell was just as helpful here as his vision.


"I'm having trouble," Kiba admitted, eyes watering. "There's so much smoke!"

For awhile, the Inuzuka had Hanabi's scent easily. But then people started screaming and people started getting hurt and fighting started and smoke poured in and suddenly it was a lot more difficult. Her eyes were watering and her nose burned from the smoke that was affecting her sense of smell. She was pretty sure that she'd be blowing out sooty snot for the next couple weeks. But right now, they really needed to find Hanabi.

"This sucks," she hissed angrily, wiping at her eyes and her nose, forcing herself to inhale deeply; very faintly she caught Hanabi's scent. "This way I think. If we can't find him, we should resort to helping victims."
Another of Sachiko's kage bunshin was running about, and like the others keeping to bouncing from wall to wall. The smoke was something of a problem, so she had improvised a mask from one of her sleeves so she could still breathe. The stinging eyes would simply be endured as she decided ease of mobility trumped clearer visibility.

She paused at one junction, spotting Konohako and Hanabi, and Asuka. They looked to be all right, and no discernable enemy was about, so she kept going. The original's command to the bunshin had been locate the enemy, so that's what she would do. Unfortunately, she had no way to know if the enemy had been found by the others. If a bunshin poofed the other bunshin would not get the poofed-bunshin's experiences. That was reserved for the original caster.

'Sachiko' glanced down and spotted two familiar faces. Might as well find out what they knew--if they'd seen something of interest, they could point her in the right direction. A flash of movement before she stopped abruptly, still above the 'water line' of people rushing about.

"Kiba! Hinaji!" she called through her makeshift mask to get their attention. "You two okay?"

[ooc: spaz, I don't think she smells different as a kage bunshin, but ultimately that's up to you ♥]
Hinaji squeezed his eyes shut tightly to block out the smoke before opening them again to continue looking around. He understood why Kiba said to change tactics, but he couldn't leave Hanabi without knowing his brother was safe. He didn't care how futile it might seem; he had a duty.

Sachiko dropped down into his vision suddenly, and he cursed the fact the Byakugan was growing more and more difficult to keep up.

"Sachiko-san." He turned to face her and let the Byakugan lapse. He needed the rest. "We're looking for my brother right now."
"Hanabi? I saw him almost two minutes ago--he's with Konohako and Asuka," 'Sachiko' told them. Sharingan-eyes flicked between the pair. "Have either of you seen anything or anyone to indicate who's behind this mess?"
"I heard explosions, screaming, and saw smoke. But beyond that, I don't have a single clue as to what's going on." The Inuzuka coughed as a thick plume of smoke wafted their way, hunching over and covering her face so that her nose wouldn't be burned so badly. It helped decidedly little.

"Hanabi is with Asuka, and she's capable," slitted eyes flicked up to Hinaji. "Do you want me to take you to them, and then start helping survivors? Or should we stick together and do that?"
While waiting for Hinaji to respond, 'Sachiko' just then let herself realize that Kiba was, for all intents and purposes, running about in her underwear. 'Sachiko' parted her lips, about to ask where Kiba's clothes had gone, then decided better of it. Sometimes (especially in the middle of a battle) it was simply better not to know.
So Hanabi was safe. Relief swept through Hinaji to hear the news, but he still wasn't sure what to do. If he was with Asuka-sensei he was technically in good hands...but she also wasn't at her best right yet. Not that Hanabi was wanting in abilities, but he was his brother's protector.

But there were many, many more people without any help at all.

"...I'm not sure." He frowned and glanced at the destruction around them. The fastest way to protect Hanabi was to end the fighting, and that meant finding the aggressor.

"Maybe we should head towards the smoke. If Hanabi is safe, we can keep him that way by ending the fight."
"If I might offer a suggestion: my doujutsu can't see through smoke. Yours can," 'Sachiko' said to Hinaji. "So instead of us heading blindly into it, might you Glance ahead to see what may or may not be awaiting us?"
He nodded. That made the most sense, although he was slightly worried about stressing his eyes too much. The smoke had already done a job on his eyes already. But he was needed, and no ninja caved into exhaustion in the middle of a battle.

"I will." It stung to activate the doujutsu, but he made no sign as he scanned through the smoke and haze in search of their destination. Bodies littered the area and he could see shapes in the distance, too far away for his eyes to make out more than the shape of their chakra.

"There's some fighting to the southeast and west, but we can easily skirt past. There's a large fallen structure to the north." He focused in to look at Sachiko and Kiba, although he never stopped seeing out beyond the smoke. "Most of the smoke is from the south. I think we should head that way."
Kiba listened to the two talk, snorting now and then to clear her nose as best she could. Nervously she moved from foot to foot, constantly glancing around. It was impossible to stay still and she felt too high strung to stop moving completely. Realizing they were coming to a decision, the Inuzuka refocused on both the clone and Hinaji, lips pressed into a grim line. Something just gnawed at her and turned her stomach sour about this...

"Then lets go south and take care of what we can."