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tobiisagoodgirl in narukorp

[Gala, Week 1, Day 3] Doom Post is Full of Doom [Tobi, Deidara, Everyone at the Gala Foo']

Uchiha Madara knew that, sometimes, some things worked out really really well. It had taken some nudging and manuvering but it seemed that someone was going to act on Sasoriza's... tragic... death all those months ago. It really wasn't surprising that it was the hot headed Deidara; TobiMadara could care less. She was just pleased that SOMETHING was going to happen. And while Tobi was freaked out by Deidara's 'art'... Madara thought it was funny as hell to see people screaming and on fire.

No one ever said she was stable~

The masked woman sat on the back of one of the giant clay birds, humming as they came upon the Daiymo's palace. It was large, sprawling, with a lot of places and a lot of rooms. It was even possible that they could hit one place and the other end wouldn't know it! And somewhere in there was Sarutobi Asuka, the shinobi who had managed to fell the always dangerous Sasoriza. As Deidara swooped down, dropping a few bombs, her plan was obvious: blow the shit out of everything until she found the woman she was looking for.

Throwing her arms up, TobiMadara smiled. "Wheeee!"


Kiba had been minding her own business, just trying to avoid people and wondering ifs he could get out of her stupid furisode. She had paused to look around, to see if Ibiki was around and whether or not she could get away with it when the first explosion hit.

The Inuzuka staggered on her feet, and looked around wildly as people started screaming, body tensing. And then the second explosion went off and she was off like a shot.

... only, not.

The shoes on her feet and her kimono made her trip and stumble. Frustrated, and with knowledge that this was serious, she did what she felt she had to do. Kicking off the shoes, she quickly yanked tugged and pulled until there was only the thin undergarment of the kimono left and her own bindings and underwear. Not thinking about how this was indecent or could look badly, she simply bolted, following Ibiki's scent.

She needed to be warned, they needed to know!
The explosion nearly made Hinaji lose his footing, and he had to push himself off the wall to get a running start down the hallways. It took moments to engage the Byakugan as he ran, and what he saw only made him move faster. Everyone was running around chaotically, and the ninja were few and far between on his way towards Ibiki's room--they were either running there themselves or already had orders.

He did pause, however, when he noticed a half-naked figure fly down the corridor ahead of him.

There was a million and two things going on, people screaming, ANBU flipping out, Ibiki going down (Ibiki could go down?) a flare of chakra from Chiriku- it was enough to drive a person to distraction. But now that Kiba's target was out of commission, she dove back towards a second target.

"Hinaji!" It was almost barked and she leaped to skid beside him, claws already sharp. "Where's your brother?!"

True, there were civilians running around in a total panic. But it was like Asuka had said- sometimes you had to chose. And protecting the heir to the Hyuuga clan was one of the most important tasks, especially with the bloodline at stake. If he was safe... then they could deal with the panicky civilians.
"I'm on it," he said, although he took enough time to put his hands on her shoulders to assure himself she was alright. Hanabi could easily take care of himself, but it was his duty to defend him. "I'll come back and help afterwards, alright?"

Or more likely he'd end up following Hanabi into battle. The boy liked explosions a little too much for his own good.
"I'll come with you," Kiba said, already sniffing out where the other Hyuuga boy was. "He'll need help and I work best with you."
Hinaji smiled softly. "Thank you." Having help would definitely be welcome. And with all the chaos around them, he didn't want to lose her in the crowd. He was there as her escort, after all.
As the ground shook and people panicked, Sakurai found himself asking two questions in the following chaos.

"What was that?!" was the first, scanning for the danger. The second question was a result of that scan. "...Did Kiba just run in here naked?"

The answer to the second never came, as the sheer oddity of that was pushed aside as a corner of the hall's roof was blown off. Some of the Twelve were already at the Daimyo's side, protecting him and his family, but guests were still running creating a frantic atmosphere. He turned to Sachiko and any other ninja near. "We need to get these people out of here now!"
Sachiko already had her Sharingan activated when Sakurai spoke.

"Yes," she replied as she formed the chakra-claws and used them to slit the sides of her kimono from thigh to ankle so she could move, "that indeed was Kiba running in her naked." She flexed her fingers, the chakra still sharp around each digit. Bi-colored eyes scanned the room and she mentally cursed the smoke that choked the air. Now would be a lovely time to know some futon.

But more importantly, the civilians needed to get out of here. The chakra disappeared from her hands before she made a handseal that Sakurai would know all-too-well from the years with Naruko: "Kage bunshin no jutsu!" Four Sachikos shimmered into existence before leaping off, each in a different direction. The original glanced to Sakurai. "Tell me you've got weapons on you."
Kunai, one for each finger, was pulled from his sleeves, effectively answering Sachiko's question. But Sakurai just had another one of his own.

".......Since when have you been able to use kage bushin?"
"Since I copied it from Naruko years ago," Sachiko replied. She fished coils of metal filament wires from the inside of each sleeve. She hadn't quite figured out how to carry weapons and be able to reach them easily while wearing the furisode, but wires practically lived on her. "I don't use it because of the chakra requirement, and out of respect for Naruko--who doesn't know I can do it, either."
"...Oh." Well, that certainly made sense. Although with all the fellow witnesses here to see all the Sachiko's running around, if this was meant to stay a secret, it likely wouldn't for much longer. Not that that's what was important right now.

"Right." He turned and looked back around. "We need to find a safer place and secure some exits, and get everyone on the same evacuation plan." He left the security-nin who were scrambling to intercept deal with their mystery attackers. "We should find Asuka-sensei or Ibiki-san. They may know the layout of the palace better and have a plan."
Sachiko hoped they had a plan. Else things were gonna go from crapshoot to clusterfuck. "If we follow the wall, we should find them more quickly. If we run on the wall, we'll have fewer chances of civilians getting in the way."
One of the ANBU stationed on the palace roofs was already talking via Ibiki's earpiece about odd shadows when the first explosion shattered the air. The head of T&I began talking quickly herself, directing the ninja around her while also listening to the radio chatter as ANBU moved in. Some of the Twelve, she noted, were converging on the Daimyo and his family while others swarmed to engage the threat.

Ibiki grabbed the Sarutobi's sleeve and ordered her back. "You're in no condition to be fighting," she continued before any protest could be voiced. "And you need to make sure to see to your niece." Ibiki herself was almost useless--she wasn't a field agent; hadn't been in over a decade. She was a commander, and since (most of) the Twelve could well protect the Daimyo, Ibiki concentrated on other matters. Like getting the other formally-dressed shinobi to get the civilians the hell out of the hall where they were currently gathered.

"You--Chiriku-sama," she amended when the orange robes spun to face her. "Make sure both Sarutobi, and any civilians you can wrangle, get to a safer point in the palace." A quick glance to the embroidered sash before meeting serious dark eyes again. "I presume you know where?"
Chiriku gave the Morino woman a thin smile. "My place is here, Morino-san, but I can be sure to cover the exit for you and yours and the civilians as well.

"Asuka," she continued as she faced her friend, "I need you to give me as much chakra as you can give me."
The Daimyo had promised her that the last day in the gala would go out with a bang. Asuka had assumed he meant fireworks. She was pretty damn sure this was not caused by fireworks.

Instinct kicked in without thought. Though she was seated further down from the Daimyo this night, it wasn't by so much that she couldn't reach him in four steps. The chair she was sitting in was knocked backwards by how quickly she stood, but Ibiki's hand tangled in her god forsaken too fucking long gah sleeve before she could get anywhere.

Screw my niece, she about said. Konohako didn't need looking after; even a civilian knew what the hell to do in this situation - run the hell away from the big booms. It was an insult to the girl to assume that she needed looking after. Thankfully, a more potent explosion that literally rocked the foundation of the hall would have covered the words even if she hadn't managed to hold them back.

She shrugged her sleeve out of Ibiki's grasp as the woman turned her attentions to Chiriku, who had been sitting closer to the Daimyo this time around. Yorie, the courtesan and sole member of the Twelve who always stayed with the Daimyo, was already well in control of the Daimyo's (and his family's) situation; between her and the giant bulk of Tsuneari (and the axe he somehow pulled out of no where), it was unlikely anyone would be getting through anytime soon. The two others who were on patrol this year were swiftly following.

The Daimyo was the first priority, but he was in good hands right now. That left the civilians, many of whom had already found the exit but some of whom were still reacting in various states of shock. They would need some herding and some protection, especially depending on where the attack came from. And between this stupid kimono and her lack of weapons - those forks and chopsticks on the table would never hold up in a good fight - the only thing Asuka had left was chakra. And that -

As much chakra as you can give me, Chiriku said. Asuka cursed in response.

"I can't," came her irritated response over another explosion. "I haven't channeled chakra in half a year, doctor's orders." The fight with Sasoriza had screwed up more than just her body; to be on the safe side, Rin hadn't wanted her to even practice little chakra techniques, giving her coil system plenty of time to completely recover from the trauma she'd put it through. But like all muscles, lack of use caused problems, and the last thing she wanted to do was add to the explosions.

But she wasn't the only source of chakra around here. Asuka turned to Ibiki. "Channel as much chakra as you can."
In political situations, as the gala had been up to this point, Ibiki was clearly the one in charge. When it came to a battle, that role was no longer needed. She became then a special jounin who received orders from a shinobi of higher rank.

Sarutobi was a full jounin, after all.

No time for any sort of acknowledgement, but she did managed a slightly puzzled look as to just what the monk and Sarutobi were talking about before she brought her hands up, index and middle fingers together and pointing upward while the remaining fingers and thumbs were curled against her palm. Charka surged inside her and flowed to her hands--
--only to flow out of her in potent streams visible to the naked eye. Chiriku's gaze regained focus as the chakra Morino-san had called upon answered the monk's own summons. Blue-white light flowed around her, licking at her robes and blackening them already. Wow, but the kunoichi had given her a lot.

"Get out of here, Asuka," Chiriku ordered, her voice strained as she had to maintain half of her attention on keeping the chakra she could now use as a most versatile weapon.

......and Ibiki's out of the fight.

Ibiki could only stare in shock at what just happened---what had just happened? And then her vision swam. Sarutobi had said "as much chakra as [she could]". So Ibiki had complied and summoned approximately every bit of chakra besides what she needed to stay conscious and still be able to fight.

However, having the very chakra stolen from her body negated any advantage to not utilizing all of her chakra at Sarutobi's command, and along with Ibiki's vision went her balance. She thought she had started to fall, and was only dimly aware of someone catching her. Probably the ANBU who had been assigned to seeing to her, personally, since she had the potential to be a liability in an intense fight.

No longer "potential to be".
It wasn't an ANBU. It was, instead, a rather worried young man with purple hair that really wasn't supposed to be there.

Aki decided that backing away from the currently glow-y monk was a good idea. Getting Ibiki somewhere where she wasn't liable to get trampled or smooshed by falling derbis was also a good idea.

"Oi, you with me?" he asked, moving out of the main room along with a smallish crowd of civilians that were hoofing it as fast as they could.
That voice, she realized distantly, wasn't supposed to be here. Maybe she was hearing things? Her eyes fluttered open and she saw a flash of purple.


He was...helping her? But why was he here?

"Why aren't you...," she half-mumbled, trailing off on a soft breath of air. "Baby-sitting ...the Hokage?"
He rolled his eyes and grinned, relieved more than he'd ever admit that she'd open her eyes and spoken to him. And demanding why he wasn't doing his job already!

She was definately going to be just fine.

"Thought I'd drop in and let you know about the uninvited guests." Grin slightly faded. "Looks like I managed to be a tad late."
Ibiki's eyes gained a bit more life for a few moments, then they closed when she nodded. Nodded in understanding (though her thoughts were growing more and more scattered each moment) as well as agreement.

And then all thoughts were dust on a fast wind, as was consciousness. Stone-cold asleep, her head fell to rest on his shoulder.
Well, best to let her rest then. Aki followed the crowd he'd left the room with for a little ways, pretty sure that they knew where safety was.

He split off eventually and headed to the storerooms. It wasn't much trouble to find one that would do and safely put Ibiki out of sight. Then he stood, turned and left.

Looked like he'd have to kick ass for himself and Ibiki. Oh well. She'd just owe him one.
"Get off, un."

There was a slight squeal from Tobi as Deidara unceremoniously pushed her off the bird and into a tree below. There was a tangle of limbs for a moment before she fell to the ground with a slight squeak. Carefully, she righted herself and carefully brushed off her nice, black and red coat. When she looked up, she realized a woman was watching her in a rather lovely kimono. The two stared for a moment and then Tobi smiled behind her mask, chirping a cheerful, "Hi!"

... as the woman ran away screaming, Madara laughed.

Deidara, however, had other targets. She swept the buildings again, unceremoniously dropping a few more bombs, as she looked over the panicked and running people. After a couple circles, the artists finally zeroed in on what- or who, to be specific- that she wanted.

Grinning maniacally, she dived down towards one of the on fire buildings, muttering. "Wanna see my art, Sarutobi Asuka, un?"
Light tore Rin's consciousness back to life, a diluted shaft of sun searing against his closed eyes, causing pain.

No. It was the waking up that had done that. Waking up... standing up... talking... his hand was empty.


Rin's whole body seized up as he tried to move, and it was then he realized he was pinned under a weight of rubble and wood. He also realized something was broken, but didn't give a damn because before the explosion and the crush and the dark--

"Kakami?" he coughed on rock dust, felt one of his hands co-operating as he scrabbled for where she'd been.

There was the sound of movement knocking the tinier peices of derbis to the floor as Kakami shifted again. She'd managed to avoid the worse part of the collapse and although various limbs would loudly proclaim their displeasure at being knocked around so, she was fairly certain she was alright.

"Hold still; don't try to move just yet." Kakami took a breath and formed some seals. Several new Kakamis appeared, helping first her to get out from under the heavier pieces before they all went to help Rin out.
"....'kay," Rin's voice was quiet, and everything seemed still for a moment as he let his eyes close again. Just for a moment.

Nearly a minute later he regained consciousness a second time, just as one of three versions of Kakami pulled the last piece of wall from his chest. He wondered for a second if he'd hit his head (and he had) until he realized it was kage bunshin and furthermore, that they were under attack.

He braced on his arms and tried to sit up, only for one of them to screech in pain straight from wrist to elbow and raise a pained gasp. "Ngh! Where's the attack coming from?"
"Not sure, just that there's a lot of confusion." Kakami stated as she helped Rin sit up and get away from the already weakened wall. There were fires somewhere nearby-she could smell it and not because she talented in that area. This was bad and very possibly was going to get a whole lot worse - there wasn't much time consider anything but a plan.

Her bunshin had taken care of the more restrictive nature of the kimonos before splitting off into different directions to try and gather information. Kakami took a kunai she'd hidden under her fancy clothes - she hadn't brought much in the way of weapons, but she hadn't felt comfortable with none after all - and sliced through the obi, letting the more decorative kimono fall. It was mostly in tatters anyway.

A slit up each side of the lighter yukuta underneath took care of her legs and a strip quickly cut from the original kimono helped her tie her sleeves back. "Are you alright to move Rin?"
He wasn't sure, so he got to his feet anyway. A look down told him his arm was broken in two neat breaks. Fractured. That was the correct medical term. He silently snapped at himself that he was not that out of it, he was going to do his job right.

"I'll be fine, what's the plan?" he asked, looking at her as he wound the obnoxious thick sleeve of his formal wear around his broken forearm to stabilize and hide it. He could hear screaming. Sound more explosions. See blood and bodies. They had to get going, they had never been more needed and he had never been so stupidly dressed for a fight.
Plan. Right. Kakami's lips thinned just a tad under her pale mask before she blinked.

One of the bunshin had dissapated and passed on some information. "Outside, something's in the sky going around. Its probably the source of whatever's happening right now."

She looked at Rin. "We need to get outside."

The mess of the explosions and the mess of the fleeing civilians - not all of them even fleeing in the right direction, if they were fleeing at all - prevented Asuka from reacting in time to realizing Aki was the one who caught and dragged Ibiki out of the fight.

Aki was here? What the hell was he doing here? Hadn't he stayed at home in Konoha? Had Konoha somehow heard about the attack and sent re-enforcements? All questions she needed to know, but he was gone before she could ask - and the screaming and other sounds of fighting would have made the process too difficult and time consuming anyway. That information would have to come later.

Asuka took a step back to assess the situation, all of the unnecessary emotions of boredom, anger, and futility wiped away in the face of what was happening. The Daimyo and four of the Twelve were gone with him. Chiriku remained, bursting at the seams with chakra and no one to aim it at - not yet, anyway; the enemy was likely still outside. Three more Twelve were in the process of herding civilians outside, digging through the rubble of the collapsed roof in the far side of the hall; the others were likely already outside, or also caught under the rubble. Konohako and Hanabi had just rushed into the scene here on the near side, and if she was right that was Kakami and Rin by the rubble. The others were outside or lost in the mess of rubble, fire, and explosions.

"You get outside," she said to - well, ordered, really - Chiriku, knowing she couldn't do much with all that chakra while indoors with nothing to fight. And then she took her own advice (after kicking off her geta, anyway, they were impossible to walk in), then bundled up her far too fucking long sleeves and shuffled as quickly as possible to where Konohako and the Hyuuga heir had just stumbled onto the scene.

[Moving the fighting with Deidara outside]

[And more fun with the heirs and Suzumo here]