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i stole hoshino's glasses

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[Thread] Honesty is the Best Plolicy [Tsurude and Kiba]

The last time Kiba had gone to talk to Tsurude alone, it had ended in... well, it hadn't ended in tears, but it hadn't ended well. She still wasn't all that happy with the Hokage and... that was why she was going to go talk to him. It was only fair to be honest with him and speak to him, not as her Hokage...

... but as her new sensei.

That was a thought she couldn't quite think about yet so instead she headed into the hospital to head towards the area Tsurude had spoke about. She made sure to take hallways where Akako wasn't minded and then headed into the courtyard, glancing around.



Tsurude had taken a seat on a bench nestled under one of the large trees of the courtyard. Keeping people out had been easy enough. He just let the ANBU know who was allowed in here and who wasn't.

He raised his hand slightly to get her attention before returning it to hold the cup of tea he had brought with him. Taking a deep breath, he stood up and waited for her to sit down.
Ah, there he was.

Kiba lifted her hand in a slight wave and trotted over to him, Akako just behind her. Once she was over there, Akako flopped down behind her, and she sat down as well, leaning back against her ninken slightly. Tsurude could have the bench, she was comfortable where she was on the ground. Akako did make a rather wonderful backrest, after all.

"... I'm still kind of pissed at you," Kiba finally said after awhile, looking down at the ground, before looking up at him. "I'm not sayin' it to cause problems, I just... you're my Hokage and now you're my sensei too and I gotta be honest, ain't far to you otherwise. And I don't wanna hear anything back, I don't need an explanation. I just... want you to listen. Really listen, to me, Kiba... not your student, or your shinobi, me.

"... and I'm still kinda pissed at you." The Inuzuka smiled faintly, no malice or anger in her gaze. Just honesty.
"Well..." Tsurude started, taking a sip from the cup. "In all honesty, this is my break after spending two hours in the medical clinic where I had to extract kunai from... tender targets, shave one girl's head after she got stuck in her teammate's trap and... well, no one wants to hear about that last one. Needless to say, there is a long line of people angry with me today."

He took another sip of the tea. "Your reasons are better then most though. So you're at the front of the line. Talk, but if you want to be on equal level, it is Tsurude and nothing more."
"Good. Been shitty tacking that -sama on lately." Kiba said, stretching slightly. After a moment she sighed, looking up at him again. "... part of me feels like I'm betraying Kureno by accepting what is. Hoshino did it easy, well... it only looked easy. We got into a fight the other day. Ain't fought like that in like... four years. Was okay in the end just..."

There was a shrug and a shaky breath. "Everyone keeps looking at us to act like adults and, you know, we've done pretty good I think, 'specially for me. But when everyone interacts with us, they treat us like kids, even you. You don't mean to, but you talk down to us and it's... it's frustrating. Can't really have it both ways there. You say things and they don't mean to be, but they're really condescending. Like when you said you'd be our sensei and you said something like "You may not like it".... do you know how that sounds to us?"

Quietly, she wiggled her toes in her sandals, watching them. "... you know Team 8. As you've seen as, and as we are on paper. But you have to get to know us, just use. You need to learn how Hoshino does everything non-verbally, because her words get all twisty when she says them. And Hinaji sometimes twiddles his fingers when he's nervous, and I hate needles with a passion. You know?"
He nodded a few times and frowned. He hadn't meant to talk down to them but... well hearing it from the other perspective, he could understand the reasoning. Learning non-verbal communication from Hoshino would take time but then, he had that now. And Hinaji hadn't seemed nervous at the time but then Tsurude had been nervous enough himself. He almost laughed at the needles but made a silent point to not include senbon training any time soon.

It had been easier, in some ways with Shizuya. Tragedy had eradicated a lot of the initial barriers put in place when a sensei accepted a student. They had a common ground in mourning and were a world away, separated from the rhythm of Konoha and able to just learn on their own terms.

He nodded at the last bit, mindful of her request to be heard fully this time. Besides, unpleasant as it might be to be forced to realize your own mistakes, it was necessary. For a Hokage, talking down to people was about all you did... but he couldn't be Hokage and sensei at the same time. Sarutobi-sensei had handled that masterfully when she had taught them. He'd just have to learn how to do it as well.
This... was oddly nice. It felt better to have him listening and not having a comeback, a word of advice. He was just listening and seeing it from how they were seeing it.


Flopping back against Akako, she grinned slightly to him. "See? Ain't so bad." There was another pause and her look softened, a little. "Thanks. For just listenin' and letting me put that all out there."
He nodded once and looked back at the mug, noting it was almost empty. No doubt someone would be looking for him soon enough. He tapped the side of it with his fingers.

"It's... easy to be Hokage sometimes," he said, deciding that she had finished for the moment. "People tell you exactly what you need to know and then just nod when you tell them what to do. So if I have to learn you and Hoshino's and Hinaji's personalities more then what I've seen on paper, you'll have to tell me what I've missed and when I've done something wrong."

He looked back at the mug. "There is something else and I'll need your advice. Something has come up and... I think it's only fair to tell you three privately first. But I want to make sure it comes out right this time so I'll need you to listen now and then tell me how should I tell your teammates."
"I can be good at telling you when you do things wrong," Kiba said, grinning a bit. "I'm good and loud at that kind of thing."

Her grin turned into a confused expression at his second statement and she cocked her head just slightly. There was something foreboding in how he phrased that, but she forced herself to shake it off. This was going to be okay now, Team 8 was going to be okay, and they call could move on.

"Sure," she finally said. "What's up?"

It would all be fine.

He took in a deep breath and searched for the words to be describe the situation. After all, there was a lot, about Naruko and Sachiko that just couldn't be told to anyone.

"There's a situation," he said, "that is difficult to explain because of the people invovled. But to sum it up, there is only one solution for this problem and it involves Yuuhi teaching Sachiko a technique only he knows.

"It's not fair to you or Hinaji and Hoshino that you have to endure having your sensei being taken away, having to listen to me tell you over and over he can't teach you anymore and then to turn around and do this. But..."

He didn't bother to say anything. After all, saying it was the only way again wasn't going to make it any easier to hear.
Anything that could have resembled happiness fled from the Inuzuka's face and she blinked slowly up at Tsurude as if, for a moment, his words didn't make sense. After a moment, she stared at the ground, still blinking slowly. It was.. it was really it; this was the proverbial straw that broke the camels back.

It wasn't that she hated Sachiko now but... but it was so unfair. Every time Team 8 started to pick themselves up and become stronger, they were curb stomped back to the ground. And she couldn't... she couldn't even be angry anymore. But now, all she felt was numb and sad and... and she didn't even know all the words. Empty was probably one of them, though it was doubtful she'd ever be able to put a name to that feeling.

Akako nudged her a few times, a worried whine rising up in her throat at the sudden shift in emotions. Kiba absently petted her head before she remembered that she was supposed to help him with this, tell him what was wrong with it. When she finally did speak again, eyes rising to Tsurude, her voice was.... faint almost, utterly lacking in that robust tone she so normally had.

"... you can't just tell them that," she said quietly, blinking slowly. "... you need to explain it to them, explain why or... or it sounds like some weak cop out. I mean... if you don't tell us, we'll go lookin' for the answers anyway. You know? And... and maybe I should tell them..."

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Tsurude put a hand through his hair, the free one still holding the cup and tapping at it. "I would explain if I could. And even you go looking for answers yourselves... they won't be here. Telling you it is better not to know sounds like, well, a cop out."

He frowned. "I want to fix this," he stated firmly. "But every time I think I've found a solution, there's just more problems." He held onto the cup with two hands again. "All the knowledge and power of the Hokage and the inability to use it when it really counts."

He sat back in the bench. "I should tell them myself," he said. "It's not fair to you to have you be the one who does it and then offers them nothing as far as explanation."

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"If it can't be fixed it can't be fix." Kiba said, voice still very faint. She looked back down and then slowly stood up. Akako followed, nervously nudging her hand; she didn't cease until Kiba placed her hand on her head and didn't move it. Even the ninken looked defeated, tail low and ears drooped as far as they could be, her head bowed. Most of her actions came from her worry about Kiba though, not that Tsurude could understand that quite yet.

"... it's not about fairness," Kiba finally responded, half looking at him. "It's that they'll take it better from me than from you. I'll go... I'll go tell them right now."

Better to get it over with. And speak to Sachiko. Tsurude couldn't tell them, she might hint more. With an almost dazed look on her face, she half bowed to Tsurude and then started to wander off.

She had to tell her Team...