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redeyedavenger in narukorp

[thread] Orientation [open to: Sachiko, Konohako, Moegi, Tentsuke]

[ooc: I tried to add an "october year 17" tag, but it didn't take. *gives zuul puppy eyes* ♥ ]

Sachiko couldn't help but feel acutely embarrassed as she leaned against one of the front row desks. Seventeen years old and still a genin. Not that she hadn't shot herself well and good in the foot for several years running, but... it was still embarrassing. Sakurai had made special jounin, Naruko was a chuunin but arguably jounin-level, and Sachiko herself... Yeah. But, Tsurude seemed to think that not only could she pass the next chuunin exam Konoha held, but actually make rank. Unfortunately, in order to participate in the chuunin exam, one needed to be part of a three-man team.

It would be nice to make rank. Better pay, for one. She hated that she had to live off of savings for everything her D-ranks didn't cover. Which was most of the important things like rent and food. She doubted any other genin realized just how much their pay was gouged because of the services the village offered at no charge. Most notably, medical services. 'Free' for all shinobi at the cost of a rather high percentage taken out of mission pay. She assumed the percentage was different for each rank, which would only make sense. And, well, the larger majority of genin usually had a family to fall back on. Not everyone went it alone like she and Naruko.

She shook her head, refusing to get melancholy. She was still irritated by the scene she'd caused in Kakami's apartment some weeks back. The only saving grace was that it hadn't been public.

Sighing, she unfolded her arms to brace her hands against the desktop. Her eyes traveled about the room, remember her own time in this place as a student, and more recently as a mentor. That, probably, would be put on backburner now that she was on a genin team again. She wondered who her sensei would be. It would actually be nice to have Kakami again, but Sachiko's gut thought otherwise.


Bloody hell, did this mean she had to go through that damned bell-test again? Gods.

Her attention snapped to the door when she heard footsteps approaching, and she waited to see who she would be working with for the next six or so months.


Moegi wondered about why they had to meet in the classroom. His team had already passed the test that Ebi-sensei gave them. The Konohako Corps proved that they worked well together. The return to the Academy made it seem as if their efforts did not matter.Moegi really missed their teamwork.

He realized that he had asked for this. He would have preferred to have Ebi-sensei, but she was still gone and he needed missions. He wondered who would replace his sensei.

He entered the classroom and Sachiko. He had mixed feelings about this. Sachiko was leagues above him in skill and everything else that mattered to a shinobi. She was rivals with Naruko-neechan. Moegi also once had a crush on Sachiko, but he had a good excuse. He was 8 at the time. Most importantly, seeing Sachiko meant that the Konohako Corps would be incomplete. Most likely, Udoko-chan would be the one left out. His nearsighted friend's obsession with numbers and figures has led her to get more specialized missions.

Well, a ninja had to learn how to adapt. He offered a friendly smile to his new teammate and raised his arm in greeting.

"Looks like we'll be working together," Moegi said.
There was a clatter and Konohako rushed in, long scarf trailing behind her and cheeks flushed from her run. Seeing no obvious teacher, she gave a cheery grin and stepped in, freely slamming the door behind her as she did so.

"Moe-kun!" the girl squealed and hugged the boy enthusiastically - she was always happy to see him nowadays. Moegi-kun almost never changed, the one constant in her life she could count on.

Konohako turned and leaned her head to the side. "..." Well this was just wierd. Someone as old as Uchiha Sachiko being paired with her and Moe-kun? This wasn't going to be fun - how was she going to manage the older girl to take place in the usual pranks and fun (on and off missions)?

Why'd Udoko-chan have to be so darn smart? It just wasn't fair. But, this was her lot and Konohako was determined to be friendly and happy.

"Hello, Uchiha-san." she said politely, but still stayed next to Moe-kun. Even that horribly stuck up Hyuga Hana-bit would have been better really - at least Konohako was sure she could kick his ass.
Sachiko's faintly annoyed (aka her usual) expression didn't change. Outwardly. Internally, she was agog in sheer disbelief that Tsurude had decided to make her work with Naruko's little groupies. The boy--Moegi?--wasn't so bad; he could have a level head, but Konohako reminded her way too much of how Naruko had been at that age: hyperactive and loud and irritating.

Oh, this was going to be so much fun. Why them? she wondered. Surely there had to be other genin in the village she could work with to get ready for the exam. So why these two?

Annoyance aside, she still acknowledged the pair of them with a nod. "Moegi. Konohako." She looked at them and gave a small, internal sigh though again her expression remained constant. "If we're going to be teamed together, you may as well go ahead and call me by my given name."

She wondered who the jounin-sensei would be. Though, given her teammates, she was justifiably tense as it could be anybody.
There was silence after Sachiko's acknowledgement. Konohako glanced at Moegi out of the corner of her eye, waiting for him to say something - he was the one supposedly good with girls right?


It was quiet. Too quiet. Konohako's habitual need for noise to break her boredom began to take over, as her sandaled foot began to tap erractically. She glanced around the classroom and then the clock above the door and nearly growled. Only a few minutes had passed.

She balanced on the balls of her feet, then back down and up again, stifling the urge to hum or...

"So why are you here? Aren't you too old for this?" Unfortuanately, stifling humming meant that blurting out the wrong questions was a go. Konohako didn't even wince however; she was curious and getting vaguely annoyed with Sachiko's expression.
Moegi returned Konohako's hug just as enthusiastically as she gave it. When Sachiko told them to call her by her given named that seemed to only add tension. Moegi wasn't sure of what to say. He knew that none of his techniques would work on Sachiko(not that there were ever as effective as he thought they were). He doubted that he could get away with calling her "onee-san". Naruko-neechan and Sakurai-niisan were probably going to be amused by this current teamup.

"She's still a genin like us and we've been without a sensei for far too long," Moegi said. "Do you have any idea of who our new sensei will be, Sachiko-san?"
"Not a one," Sachiko answered Moegi while giving gave Konohako a sharp glare at the 'too old' comment. There were plenty of genin her age - this was about the time most people took their first or second chuunin exam. "And I've seen older genin. At my first chuunin exam, there was a middle-aged woman with glasses taking the written portion of the test. She didn't make it through Forest of Death." She never did hear what happened to the lady, but then other things were going on that demanded considerable attention.

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"Hi there, I'm Tentsuke but you can call me sensei...No, that's not right. Yo! I'm... a total loser."

Tentsuke put his head in his hands and tried to regain some semblance of calm. Pull it together, he lectured himself, you've been here for twenty minutes and you're already late to meet them. He stared at his reflection in the mirror and stood up straight. He could do this. He could totally do this! Gaia-sensei had been a great mentor. All he had to do was remember everything she taught them and then he'd have three genin running away from him screaming for their lives.

He put his head down again and pondered perhaps taking a side trip to a liquor store and get properly smashed before attempting this.

No that was irresponsible. He had to be responsible now. He had three genin he was responsible for. That is he... who was a jounin for all of two days... was now responsible for molding into fine upstanding shinobi.

He paused. And then laughed. And then laughed some more because honestly... he was starting to thing Nejiko's whole Fate thing might have just turned its attention to him to see if it could get a laugh. He turned the water on and let it fill the sink before splashing a few handfuls on his face. He used a towel to dry it off and then took in a few deep breaths. It was useless to stay here any longer. Better to get it over with quickly. All he had to do was remember the words of his sensei...

"Youth will overcome all!"

Right, let's go with that, he decided, exiting the bathroom and walking down the hall towards the classroom. Youth would overcome everything. He could do this. He could totally do this!

The door opened. "Hi!" he half squeaked, half choked on. "I'm..." He trailed off seeing Sachiko and two of Naruko's fan group there. "I'm not in the right room." He looked outside of the door up at the number. 41-B. "Huh, that's odd. I was supposed to meet a genin cell here. Did you guys see them?"
Sachiko looked up when the door opened again, surprised to see Tentsuke there. She thought perhaps he had come to relay the message that their sensei was late, and then...

Now she stared. He was their sensei? True, she couldn't say she minded too much as he had been helping her with throwing weapons, but at the same time... He must have only just passed the jounin exam. Was Konoha so stretched for jounin-sensei to give them to a fresh-cut rookie jounin?

...looks like. Great.

She uncrossed her arms from where they had been folded up over her chest. "Since there's been no one else in this room, I think it would be safe to say you've been upgraded from 'sempai' to 'sensei'."

Well, if nothing else, this would be quite interesting. And hopefully Tentsuke being her sensei instead of just sempai this go-round wouldn't mean a package deal with Hyuuga.
Sachiko's comment was true but still...Konohako looked over and saw a guy enter, who wasn't much older than Sachiko-san it seemed.

Konohako cocked her head. Interesting.

She put a bright smile on her face and waved. "Hello, sensei!" This could potentially but lots of fun or a total bust. She wasn't sure which but that didn't matter so much now.

'Sides...he was kinda cute
Moegi noticed that the new sensei was rather young. Wasn't he a student of Gaia-sensei? Was he going to push them? They were training for the chuunin exams, so they probably needed to go beyond their limits. He seemed cool anyway.

Moegi grinned broadly and said,"Hiya, sensei. We're your adorable students!"
Well, him and Kono-chan were adorable.
Just as well that Moegi didn't include Sachiko on the "adorable students" bit. The boy just lost a few points in Sachiko's eyes even as she remembered something about Gaia. And Leigh.

"...You're not going to make us wear that green spandex, are you?" Sachiko asked warily.
He almost missed her question. By that point, he had gotten rather caught up in the excitement of being called 'sensei' by the two kids. In fact, he had turned a slight shade of red and tangled his hand in his hair in embarrassment. The whole 'sensei' thing was going to take some getting used to.

"Huh?" he asked coming back to the present. "Oh... eh... no, not unless you need special training," he said with a smile. Special meant disciplinary actions which thanks to her obvious wariness he already had a good idea of what that would be.

"So... this definitely explains why the scroll said I should concentrate on getting you guys ready for the next Chuunin exams. Che, you're probably already to go just need to get the mission count up and get you guys used to being a team.
Konohako grinned broadly. She was sure ready; it would be great being on a team again - no more having to amuse herself or trying to train on her own. This would be great! Especially with the Chuunin exam!

Konohako was determined to pass.

"How long do you think that'll take, sensei?"